Volkswagen CEO ‘not sure if Apple will actually bring cars to the market’

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said on Wednesday he’s not sure if Apple would ever produce actual vehicles but that the tech giant certainly wanted to provide CarPlay software for automakers.

The next generation of CarPlay goes even further by deeply integrating with a car’s hardware, providing content for multiple screens within the vehicle.
The next generation of CarPlay goes even further by deeply integrating with a car’s hardware, providing content for multiple screens within the vehicle.


“I’m not sure if Apple will actually bring cars to the market in the end. It would be a big effort,” Diess said at the start of the technology conference in Berlin, adding he was certain Apple wants to enter the car cockpit market with software.

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Apple is, if anything, known for producing software for other companies’ hardware.

CarPlay does not equal Project Titan.

Diess is indulging in wishful thinking.

Apple is working on actual vehicles, not just some “vehicleOS” they’d license out to others (which was always a stupid proposition, as anyone who’s studied how Apple works for more than 3 minutes knows implicitly).MacDailyNews, August 28, 2018

I’ve always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do.Steve Jobs, October 12, 2004

• In order to build the best products, you have to own the primary technologies. Steve felt that if Apple could do that — make great products and great tools for people — they in turn would do great things. He felt strongly that this would be his contribution to the world at large. We still very much believe that. That’s still the core of this company.Apple CEO Tim Cook, March 18, 2015

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  1. As I have said for years……….Apple providing the “CarPlay” instrument panel in cars will be awesome. The thought of Apple producing an EV is not a good idea. Low margins and tooooo many headaches.

  2. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, where boys were boys and girls were girls. Period. And the only rainbow colors were found on a fruit logo and not a flag. There was this corporation that made some splendid items. The king of this company issued his decree that they wanted to own the primary technology In everything they do. And so with that, the good people all across the Kingdom, for a time, thought this company was going to build actual TVs, where the subjects could purchase as easy as one might purchase a Sony, Samsung, LG, VISIO, etc. And all the tech blog commenters were anxiously gossiping about it with every news post coming from said tech blogs. But alas, the TV was never to be. Ended, no doubt, by the evil prince Dark Vaporware. The End.

  3. For years been saying Project Titanic will not set sail. Couple reasons: Tesla, Ford and many other manufacturers are already so far ahead don’t see how Apple can begin to catch up. What, with snazzier thin design and flat icons software? Apple does not manufacture the overwhelming amount of its products, then there’s maintenance, warranties, parts storage and availability, supply chain issues from where, China again?

    Agree with MDN, if you are going to do it and do it well — Apple needs to control the whole enchilada. That said, Cook can’t even stomach project executives he hired as we have seen with the revolving door of hires and resignations over the years. Also, Cook the one-dimensional bean counter the board just keeps around so as not to disrupt the money train, does not have the stomach and creative expertise to manage the project himself.

    I could be wrong, but the project has been going on nearly ten years now and as of today – zip, zero, zilch, nada. Remember the Apple TV and Liquid Metal?…

    1. GoeB: And don’t forget the synthetic crystal company they poured money into as well. I bought that stock with high hopes Apple would continue to create the products we aren’t even able to dream about. We got nothing and that company shafted Apple. I did the same investing in LQMT (Liquid Metal) and thus far all we’ve seen are watch stems and SIM card removal (that paper clip looking thing) tools. I guess I was a romantic and a sucker. Not any more…..

    2. Other companies are the least of Apple’s worries with Project Titan. If Apple gets in, it will be because it is totally disrupting the market with a new business model that is unlike the current auto market.

      If Apple doesn’t get in, it’s because they couldn’t figure out how to enter the market with the margins that make Apple shareholder happy.

  4. People making compelling cases here on both sides. Obvi time will tell.

    That said, I don’t think it’s final that Apple won’t enter the TV market. If there is a good entry point like 8K and some opportunity for differentiation/higher margins they still might. They have been reported to be developing their own Micro LED technology. In the same vein, an Apple car may take more time for things to develop. But I don’t buy the idea that just because current car businesses are challenging and low margin that Apple’s would be. Certainly they would introduce something with a new business model and new technology that would deliver higher margins, while handling the operational complexities. They have proven the naysayers wrong too many times not to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    This is why its so important to keep new products secret. If you fail, you can save face and pivot.

  5. Have said it every-time this comes up, and I think VW is right and its MDN in la-la land..

    Apple will never ever ship a car, what they are doing with CarPlay enhancements and perhaps some driver safety enhancements, a car with an Apple logo will never be rolling down any road..

  6. Nobody ever thought Apple would make a phone and sell millions off them. Nobody ever thought Apple would become a bank (basically, when BNPL launches) obody thought Apple would have a streaming subscription (35 Emmy noms and 2 wins) Nobody thought Apple would make a watch, that outsells all other watch makers combined. Are they perfect? No way! But every time they do something it’s usually a fucking run away smash. So have your opinions but invest in APPL not any company that makes stuff for Apple. And just wait and see. Have the patience that Apple has. They’re in no hurry, why are you?

    1. Yes, but none of the smash hits you mentioned involve HUGE infrastructure. Cars are not worn on your wrist or fit in your shirt pocket.

      Manufacturing, guessing stocking thousands of parts (supply chain), repair shops, insurance claims, lack of nationwide full coverage charging stations, etc., etc.

      So much to wade into for a tech company, this is a completely different enterprise and I just don’t see it happening…

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