Apple TV epic series ‘Metropolis’ to shoot in Australia with government incentives

“Metropolis,” Apple TV+’s epic-scale series inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic silent era science fiction film, is set to be produced in Australia.

"Metropolis" - Fritz Lang 1927
“Metropolis” – Fritz Lang 1927

Patrick Frater for Variety:

It is expected to make extensive use of a new ‘virtual production’ structure that is among the largest in the world.

The project has been approved to receive grant funding from the Victorian Screen Incentive, administered by VicScreen, the screen industry support body in Victoria State. It will likely be eligible for federal production incentives that are administered by Screen Australia.

The Victoria state government is additionally backing “Metropolis” by supporting the building of state-of-the-art virtual production infrastructure, including one of the largest permanent ‘LED volumes’ – high-tech digital screens that display background environments and visual effects on set.

Such virtual production techniques were used on “Star Wars” spin-off series, “The Mandalorian” and infrastructure is being established in production hubs around the world. Following use by “Metropolis,” the Victoria LED space will remain in place for use by other international productions and for local films and series.

MacDailyNews Take: In a statement to the media, Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, Paul Fletcher MP, said, “I’m pleased to welcome these productions to Australia, creating more than 2,100 jobs for local cast and crew, more than 7,200 extras roles, and utilizing an estimated 2,100 businesses across the country, supporting our ongoing national prosperity and further strengthening our creative and cultural sectors.”

Victorian Minister for Creative Industries, Danny Pearson MP added: “Metropolis will be among the largest productions to ever film in Victoria, providing thousands of secure local jobs and delivering a massive skills boost.”

To date, the Australian Government has distributed more than $372.9 million under the Location Incentive, which has attracted 32 international productions to Australia. New productions like “Metropolis” will push private investment generated by the program to over $2.84 billion, add to the more than 20,500 employment opportunities for local cast and crew, and create further work for the over 19,500 businesses that support these big productions.

Here is Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent film masterpiece “Metropolis,” completely restored:

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