Apple employees say they’ll quit over return-to-office policy

Apple’s return-to-office policy is far stricter than other big tech companies — and some employees say they plan to quit in protest.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Theo Wayt for The New York Post:

While Meta, Google and Amazon are letting at least some employees work remotely forever, Apple CEO Tim Cook is ordering all corporate employees back into the office at least one day per week beginning on April 11. The mandate ratchets up to two days per week on May 2 and three days per week on May 23.

“I don’t give a single f—k about ever coming back to work here,” one Apple employee ranted on corporate message board Blind this week, saying that they planned to resign the day they come back to the office.

“I’m going to go in to say hello and meet everyone since I haven’t since I started and then sending in my resignation when I get home,” the employee wrote. “I already know I won’t be able to deal with the commute and sitting around for 8 hours.”

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

This is the silver lining to the oft-irrational, overwrought, and overboard COVID response as it’s an excellent way to, in one fell swoop, get rid of shitty, lazy employees who’ve already milked this nonsense for an obscene amount of time. Apple should take advantage of this opportunity to bring in some new, motivated blood.

As we wrote last June:

Employees who don’t want to return to work in person should pound sand either of their own volition or via pink slip… Returning to offices in early September is already ridiculously late.

There are literally millions of qualified, talented, driven people who would gladly work five – gasp! – whole days a week in the office for Apple.

Get back to work or get lost.

Successful companies like Apple don’t run on layabouts who’ve already enjoyed a very lengthy year-plus extended vacation and who are now ruined.

If these employees don’t quickly wake and wise up, cut them loose, Apple. Swing the axe, don’t coddle them.

I do not adopt softness towards others because I want to make them better. — Steve Jobs

Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. — Steve Jobs

“A” players attract “A” players. “B” players attract “C” players. — Steve Jobs

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    1. Because COVID, my wife’s company closed their home office and made everyone work from home. In 1992 when they opened that HQ it was an award winning campus design. One of my best friends is moving to the east coast next month because his kids are now grown and it’s cheaper for him. His job (remote except when traveling to do customer installs) is remaining the same. I laugh at MDN’s hypocritical take because it’s not like MDN actually leaves the comforts of his Hudson Valley home to commute to an office.

  1. Tasteless to criticize others when you don’t know the full situation.

    If Apple doesn’t know how to manage remote work teams by now, it may be the only large software company that insists on once a week kumbaya in-office days.

    Management, physical Apple Store, production employees in Chyyyyyyna.,.,, of course you need to be there in person. Programmers? What’s the point?????

    1. What’s there to know? Employees used to have to come in to work. Then they didn’t, for a while. And now it’s back to the original plan. It’s intentional. To say they can’t figure out how to manage remote work is one of the dumbest things I’ve read on MDN for a while.

  2. When you take a job you agree to a contract, if that contract says you must work at a certain area you must work at a certain area. If you don’t agree quit I’m sure you’ll find a lesser lying job to elsewhere

    1. All speculation at this point. I don’t know the contract requirements, do you? It’s not like Apple has been setting new quality standards with its software in the past decade no matter where they worked.

  3. It’s great to see how everyone here enthusiastically supports all those who are now leaving because of this, but in that support, it seems that everyone is assuming that these are not the best workers anyway, and that Apple may well get rid of them, and that there are hundreds lined up to take their jobs.

    Apple has always been know for only hiring the “A” players (check that Jobs quote above). There are only so many top-quality “A” players. And most of them are already working for Apple. It’s perfectly fine when some accounting clerk decides to quit over remote working policy. But what happens if some of those who choose to quit are important “A” players?

  4. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. It’s embarrassing to see people think they get to call the shots about where they work and when. Get back into the office or give your job to someone who will. More is accomplished face to face and the “work from home” bunch needs to get back to putting in their time for the money they receive.

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