Apple’s iPhone has 56% share of the U.S. smartphone market

According to Counterpoint Research, smartphone shipments grew 10% YoY and 30% QoQ in Q4 2021 as the new iPhone 13 launched, filling channels with Apple’s latest premium devices for the holiday season.

Apple’s iPhone has 56% share of the U.S. smartphone market
Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and flagship 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max

In the premium segment, although Apple grew 67% QoQ due to the new launch, South Korean dishwasher maker Samsung declined -11% QoQ which also resulted in a decline in market share, down to 22%. Wah-wah-wah.

U.S. Smartphone Quarterly Market Data (Q3 2020 – Q4 2021)

U.S. Smartphone Quarterly Market Data (Q3 2020 – Q4 2021)
*Ranking is according to the latest quarter.
#Lenovo includes Motorola.
Source: Counterpoint Research

MacDailyNews Take: Still not a monopoly.

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  1. Unsurprising. Apple is the gold standard iPhone brand much to the dismay of the unhinged Apple haters that swarm chat boards.
    And no, Apple is not even close to a monopoly. There are a number of robust and widely available challengers that make up nearly half of the market.

    1. Market share is a very important predictor of future unit costs, which is a primary factor in future profit share.

      Those companies with small or shrinking market share will be last in line for supplier purchase agreements. You ought to be able to identify the inevitable trends from there.

      You should be concerned if any one entity has dominant profit margins in any industry. When that happens, gone is the competitive free market. It doesn’t matter if the current CEO seems like a limp inoffensive nice person. Unrestrained power and wealth corrupts.

      This all underscores the huge importance of Apple’s App Store monopolies for its i-gadgets. By acting as artificial gatekeeper and tax collector for all 3rd party apps, it has built a war chest to muscle out smaller competitors on the hardware front too. The Mac App Store is a free market, as it should be. Apple still makes superb Mac hardware that is open to user control. See how 3rd parties there can directly serve the end customer and compete on their terms? Freedom.

      This is not so for any of Timmy’s initiatives iOS and subscription ware is as evil as as any other locked garden, even if you think being locked in a pretty garden is okay for you. All the times your trolls whine about Apple, they run off on a political tangent, hypocritically whining Apple is clipping their wings while demanding their political party crush others and assume unending one party rule. Idiots!

      At some point, regulators will have no choice but to break up the cozy situation that Big Tech created, or there will be no real consumer choice. Apple is among those that deserve updated regulations.

      You guys whined for decades about MS leveraging its market power wherever it could. Wake up and see how Apple has decided to do the same. The monopoly or duopoly isn’t a natural outcome for every industry. It is the outcome negotiated by the richest multinational corporations to give you naive consumers the illusion of competition while buying off regulators that are supposed to look out for consumers.

      Apple, which lost badly to Microsoft on the PC by not playing dirty enough, has chosen the mobile phone market to exact its revenge … with consumers paying premiums now for stuff that costs Apple nothing.

      This fanboy page lionizes Apple over and over without a shred of objective analysis. It promotes an unending theme that might/wealth makes right in almost all things. The loyal trolls here contend their personal choice of anything should have infinite monopoly power, all others be damned. Sad to see how many people have no idea the long term consequences of unfettered corporatocracy (which is essentially a pretty oligarchy with nice marketing). Socialize the losses, privatize the gains, hide gains in global tax havens, all with no personal accountability by anybody. Take all benefits of being a person without any responsibility on being a citizen. That is the purpose of the corporation, and Apple has been the most successful yet.

      Then you act surprised when your supposed representatives don’t listen to you. Timmy and Zuck are on speed dial but nobody has time for the working classes. Billionaires get corporate welfare/trickle down tax cuts, poor get token tough guy rallies to distract from the real game. Apple is in on all this. They don’t compete against Google, Apple long ago agreed to split the market with Google and not step on each other’s profit centers. Consumers get a choice between Brand A and Brand B, with superficial differences but the same underlying tracking and monetizing games under the surface. Google preinstalled on every iPhone, tracking on.

      Apple, like all the other overly compensated Silicon Valley fat cats, is long overdue for regulatory correction to restore market competitiveness. It’s a shame that so many here can’t see how your pet company is too fat for anyone’s good. We wait for a real MDN analysis showing all the ways that Apple, like any other domineering corporation, has abused its powers.

      Let me help start off by showing you that Apple today is not the Apple of 15 years ago. Today it is little better than any other slimy Big Tech corporation.

      From day one, the iOS App Store has censored content and ripped off 3rd party software developer ideas.

      Apple’s iOS monitoring, while claiming to be private and anonymous, supports Apple advertising including location based tracking at all times.

      Apple does not give its users the encryption keys to your user data, you are supposed to just trust Tim.

      Apple’s mobile devices and services do not disclose exactly what data they take/share/sell.

      Apple’s media distribution tracks every thing you watch or hear.

      Showing how important location tracking is, Apple even created luxury baubles so you can allow not only your phone and watch but now also your precious stuff to be tracked…by Apple.

      Media outlets, all of them, have errors and mistakes. The fringe outlets have now gone beyond merely misleading suggestions and FUD to outright lies and nonstop slander. Apple, no different than MDN, picks and chooses who gets to be heard.

      Sorry folks. Apple isn’t your buddy, not now, and not when they sit on another trillion dollars.

  2. You call Samsung a dishwasher company? Seriously? What is this nonsense? Sure they make dishwashers (which by the way is a completely separate division/company from their phone division), but that’s of zero relevance to the topic at hand.

  3. Apple’s iPhone has 56% share of the U.S. smartphone market IN Q4 2021

    Why are you comparing quarter on quarter growth? Apple is always strong in Q4 because that’s when they release new devices.

    Apple is down from 65% share in Q4 2020. Does that deserve a wah-wah-wah?

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