Apple TV+ ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3 could be its last

“Ted Lasso,” the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ comedy series might be gearing up to bow out on a high. That’s right, season 3 could be the last for “Ted Lasso.”

Apple’s breakout hit comedy series “Ted Lasso” has swept the Critics Choice Awards
Apple’s breakout hit comedy series “Ted Lasso”

Tom Power for TechRadar:

Sadly, it seems that Ted Lasso season 3 will be the final entry in the series. Well, potentially the last part of the mainline TV show’s three-season arc anyway…

And who could blame the cast and crew if they did. Ted Lasso has been a roaring success for everyone involved and, given how brilliant it is, it might be best for the TV series to end after season 3 so it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

So what do we know about the third season of Ted Lasso so far? Well, according to a couple of its main cast members, season 3 is slated to start filming very soon… Speaking to Deadline, however, co-creator Bill Lawrence revealed that he’d like Ted Lasso season 3 to stick to the show’s annual summer release. Providing that there are no issues with filming or post-production, season 3 could debut in late summer 2022…

Lawrence has also confirmed that James Lance’s Trent Crimm and Sarah Niles’ sports psychologist Sharon will feature in season 3. Speaking to Deadline, Lawrence teased: “I can tell you both of them have significant roles next year.”

According to sports publication The Athletic, Apple has agreed a £500,000 (around $682,000) deal with English top flight executives to use of kits, club badges and even the Premier League trophy in season 3.

MacDailyNews Take: In December 2020, Lawrence said that Lasso would likely end after just season 3 because Sudeikis has a family with young children, and likely will not want to be spending half of each of these precious years an ocean apart from his kids.

Ted Lasso is Apple TV+’s main tentpole. Apple will make a monetary offer that Sudekis cannot refuse and the rest is simple: Ted Lasso, after successfully topping the EPL, finds himself in high demand and, lured by big money in America, moves back home along with Coach Beard, Coach Kent, (and possible others) to coach a Major League Soccer team in the U.S. in Season 4.

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    1. Yea I agree with this. Ted Lasso season 1 was good. First episode I was concerned that Ted’s character would be Michael from The Office (too absurd to actually be a manger) but the writers were able to nicely blend Ted’s character between absurd and wise. Add in the fact that they didn’t beat into the ground what most shows do: ‘this is the good guy, cheer. This is the bad guy, boo and hiss’. They tried to make the characters be real, complex while adding in wit and humor. I really enjoyed season 1. Season 2 quickly started losing me. Something had changed with that Sean 1 feel.

  1. I’ve had the free trial of AppleTv+ for about two weeks now. Honestly, there’s nothing to get excited about in Apple’s offerings. Granted it’s only been two weeks. Still, there’s nothing in there that catches my eye.

  2. “Ted Lasso is Apple TV+’s main tentpole.”

    Yep, it may be the only content that caused any tangible number of people to come to AppleTV+. Hopefully Apple realizes this and is working on content that a wider mass of people can enjoy.

    AppleTV+ will have Masters Of The Air coming later this year. This will definitely bring some people to subscribe. Apple needs to offer more than 3 seasons of Ted Lasso to these coming subscribers. They need some compelling content for the people who will be watching this super expensive WW2 drama Masters Of the Air. Apple may not get a better opportunity for a long time to get a substantial number of subscribers.

  3. Remember when ONE season of a TV show usually had around 26 episodes? Enough for half the year, with reruns for the rest of year. Now, the norm is 10 (or less). I suppose production quality is generally better now.

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