Get ready to wait a long time between ‘Apple Car’ and ‘Apple Glasses’ unveilings and actual launches

The amount of time between the “Apple Car” and “Apple Glasses” unveilings and actual launches may rival, or even exceed, the span seen with Apple Watch.

vehicle under wraps

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

When Apple releases the first version of a major, new product, however, consumers typically need to wait. Here are three recent examples:

• Original iPhone: Introduced Jan. 9, 2007; released June 29, 2007 (171 days)
• Original iPad: Introduced Jan. 27, 2010; released April 3, 2010 (66 days)
• Original Apple Watch: Introduced Sept. 9, 2014; released April 24, 2015 (227 days)

Fast forward to the 2020s, and Apple has at least three major new product categories in the pipeline, all of which are likely to cap a two-decade run for Cook: a mixed virtual and augmented reality headset, augmented reality glasses and a self-driving car.

These new products will challenge Apple’s typical launch schedule—and they will likely even stretch the delays we’ve seen with Apple’s previous new categories.

I expect the gap between the introduction of Apple’s first headset — scheduled for as early as next year — to be sizable and perhaps rival that of the original Apple Watch.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, with every new major product, developers need time to prepare.

The gap between unveiling and availability for “Apple Car” may actually be a year or more.

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