Apple CEO Tim Cook says he owns cryptocurrency and he’s been ‘interested in it for a while’

On Tuesday at The New York Times’ DealBook conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he personally owns cryptocurrency. He said that he had been interested in cryptocurrency “for a while” and that he had been researching the topic as his interest was from a “personal point of view.” Cook dismissed suggestions that Apple might take cryptocurrency in exchange for products as tender or buy it with corporate funds.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

“I do. I think it’s reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio,” Cook told Andrew Ross Sorkin in a recorded interview. “I’m not giving anyone investment advice by the way.”

Cook said that he had been interested in cryptocurrency “for a while” and that he had been researching the topic.

Cook also rejected the possibility of Apple buying cryptocurrency with corporate funds as an investment. “I wouldn’t go invest in crypto, not because I wouldn’t invest my own money, but because I don’t think people buy Apple stock to get exposure to crypto,” he said… Cook said Tuesday that while Apple was looking at cryptocurrency technology, it’s “not something we have immediate plans to do.”

MacDailyNews Take: In May, Coindesk reported that Apple was looking for cryptocurrency experience in an “alternative payments” job post. More here.

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  1. I’d be willing to wager, no, he pays someone to be interested in it for him, because he has a personal investment on keeping thumbs on certain necks, and he is privileged enough to run the hardware to keep up. He is the anit-Jobs, totally disconnected from actual people. Though i do not see him as a bonafide sociopath like Zuckerburg etc., this is all very good for profits, I guess, regardless. Sad that understanding people and making decent money have become disconnected at Apple, likely on an unstoppable scale. We just aren’t getting that saner world back. I no longer respect this company. They are the least-worst. If this kind of tech were not an honest-to-goodness necessity in the 21st century, I wouldn’t bother. There is nothing interesting about it anymore. It’s a shame that so much of it is basically also stomach churning and that even using an iPhone is a hold your nose experience.

    Eric Schmidt was basically Bill Gates bad ethics on steroids, and that is just how business is done now in the Valley. Sad.

  2. For those somewhat aware of the basic tenants of BTC and some other cryptos, personal sovereignty and decentralization are foundations. The fact that Tim and Crew ascribe and are pursuing methods of observation of iPhones users, shows Cook is unaware, or disregarding of the critical tenants mentioned.

    My guess is he likes the investment gains, where the blockchain tech is going, but he’s unaware, or cares little about the essential principles of BTC.

  3. Hmmm. My guess is as the cryptocurrency craze continues and interest further increases, Cook will be singing a different tune and investing more into the apple technology that accommodates crypto. It’s all a money/numbers game and I’m interested to see how this plays out in the future. Thank you for sharing this.

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