Apple CEO Tim Cook faces significant employee unrest

Apple, known among its Silicon Valley peers for a secretive corporate culture in which workers are expected to be in lock step with management, is suddenly facing an issue that would have been unthinkable a few years ago: employee unrest, DNYUZ reports.


Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
On Friday, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, answered questions from workers in an all-staff meeting for the first time since the public surfacing of employee concerns over topics ranging from pay equity to whether the company should assert itself more on political matters like Texas’ restrictive abortion law.

Mr. Cook answered only two of what activist employees said were a number of questions they had wanted to ask in a meeting broadcast to employees around the world, according to a recording obtained by The New York Times. But his response was a notable acknowledgment that the workplace and social issues that have been roiling Silicon Valley for several years have taken root at Apple.

Over the past month, more than 500 people who said they were current and former Apple employees have submitted accounts of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination at work, among other issues, to an employee-activist group that calls itself #AppleToo…

Asked what Apple was doing to protect its employees from Texas’ abortion restrictions, Mr. Cook said that the company was looking into whether it could aid the legal fight against the new law and that its medical insurance would help pay for Apple workers in Texas if they needed to travel to other states for an abortion.

A common theme is that Apple’s secrecy has created a culture that discourages employees from speaking out about their workplace concerns — not with co-workers, not with the press and not on social media. Complaints about problematic managers or colleagues are frequently dismissed, and workers are afraid to criticize how the company does business, the employees who spoke to The Times said.

“Apple has this culture of secrecy that is toxic,” said Christine Dehus, who worked at Apple for five years and left in August. “On one hand, yes, I understand the secrecy piece is important for product security, to surprise and delight customers. But it bleeds into other areas of the culture where it is prohibitive and damaging.”

MacDailyNews Take by SteveJack: A fish rots from the head down.

Apple pirate flagYou want to spend years touting privacy only to cave to governments worldwide by building obvious backdoor surveillance into your computers and devices? And try to use the eminently transparent Think of the Children™ ruse as your trojan horse either because you’re desperate to try to hide your betrayal to the company and its loyal users or you think everyone else is stupid, that we don’t see you selling out Apple and Apple users?

Get lost.


Take your nauseatingly vast overpayment and your cloyingly sanctimonious twaddle and go pound sand.

Time for new blood at Apple. Enough with the insipid, spineless, morally bankrupt caretaker.

After what Steve Jobs built, a chimpanzee could run Apple profitably for many years. (Yes, even Steve Ballmer could do it.)MacDailyNews, April 10, 2017

Will I shed a tear when Tim Cook finally exits Apple? Take a wild guess.

Let’s face it, Steve Jobs’ track record of picking Apple CEOs was less than stellar.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, April 2, 2019

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


      1. Yeah, the cool and smart guy that’s had trouble being profitable almost the entire time he’s been Tesla’s CEO!

        For the life of me, why do people so often default to this guy? He may be smart, but he’s not true CEO material…unless one likes sensationalism and pumping assets.

  1. Yes, Tim Cook is a weak disappointment. Imagine how much bigger – AND BETTER – Apple would be today with a charismatic, courageous, innovative leader!

    But, hey, what about asking what Apple is doing to protect the basic human right to not be murdered by being scrambled to death then sucked up with a vacuum?

    There’s a reason why America is suffering: 62+ million murders since 1973. That is evil. Do evil, expect retribution.

    If you don’t protect all lives, particularly those of the most vulnerable, society’s value of life decreases dramatically.

    Police reported 41 deaths of children under 18 on Chicago streets this year.

    Life devalued begets more death.

    (BTW, hysterical overreactors: In the entire state of Illinois, deaths of children under 18 from COVID-19 totaled 25 this year. More children in Chicago have been murdered than died from COVID.)

    1. Obligate parasites like SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are not geared to kill, but rather to draw energy from the host. In doing so that causes the COVID-19 disease, which rarely kills. What the article doesn’t state are the number of “victims” of COVID-19, i.e. total number of cases.

      I went to the Chicago governmental web site. They have a nifty COVID dashboard and I found out that the under 17 group this year there are 213 hospitalizations (close to the 261 Chicago victims of gunfire) and 15,313 cases.

      From that perspective, that’s over 15,000 victims of COVID 19 compared to 261 victims of gunfire for the under 17 group this year. Some people do take that feature seriously.

        1. Fox News is a propaganda outlet and so hardly qualifies as any trustworthy source.

          The number of deaths due to gun violence is irrelevant with regards to fighting COVID. And certainly nationwide far more have died from COVID than gun violence.

          Also the amount of deaths due to gun violence is simply a sign that we need better gun control laws nationwide, not just in Chicago.

          1. Enter stage left totally clueless Wade with ZERO GRIP on REALITY:

            CNN, MSNBC is a propaganda outlet and so hardly qualifies as any trustworthy source. There, I fixed it for you.

            Hey brainless, need better gun control laws? You mean more than the 220,000 already on the books in the U.S!

            Breaking News for a simpleton parrot of the Left: CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS, hello?!?!? What part do you not understand?…

  2. As much as I agree with MDN on it being time for cook to go (and replace with Craig F), I think we all know what Steve Jobs would have done here.

    The right thing. FLAME THROWER FIRINGS of everyone that peeps a problem, and hire ONLY people that believe and bleed the mission stay or get hired in place of the butt burnt bozos.

    The vast majority of apple employees now are filler and fluff, and far from core.

    Hatchet to these losers. Go work for some loser company.

    Buh bye.

  3. MDN, Steve Jack…..hellooooooo. At last a proper “music to my ears” MDN take!

    Been saying this to you for years and everytime you belittled us and stood by Tim. You even cheered that stupid (what’s her name) from Burberry….Burbury or what ever, as “the next CEO”.

    Thank god you come to your senses.

    We need a real Engineer in charge. Apple is not a gay rights platform. Nor is it any other political platform. We need a Jobs, and in his absence, he chose two people to drive the products and Tim to drive the logistics and business. That didn’t happen. Tim fired one for not apologizing.

    My experience is that once non engineers take control it hard for engineers to get back in. Yes, I know Tim is supposed to be an engineer. But is he really? I think not.

    Crossing my fingers.

  4. Peasants with torches and pitchforks. Oh my!
    Sorry guys, can’t join the mob. Cook has had a steady hand on the tiller. He grew the franchise and didn’t screw things up. He also has committed to stepping down in less than a decade.
    These are “interesting” times. I’ll go with the “steady hand” for the time being.

    1. The grown ups left the room long ago.
      Just more raw meat thrown by MDN to the rabid dogs to get page views and voila!Up pops serial sociopath GoeB ….and gets played.
      The very idea that the Apple board as it stands – a board that has repeatedly rebuffed all efforts to rebuke Tim Cook and his handling of the company, would toss their assets in the bin by firing Tim Cook is beyond laughable except to two bit dim wit basement dwellers of course.
      Apple is in uncharted territory constantly because it’s at the top of the pile and thus under attack by everyone below. Add to that, anti business law suits and legislation, world trade wobbles, supply line problems, the pandemic…it’s downright amazing they have been top of the heap for so long.
      So yeah, let’s fire the navigator and hire a blind speed freak to man the tiller!

      1. “sociopath GoeB and basement dweller”

        Seriously? My, my, schoolyard name calling from a pseudo intellectual adult? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Folks, don’t you just love the disdaining ARROGANCE and SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS of a know it all Far Leftist? That would be you Tennersworth.

        NO, the adults that deal with REALITY are still here.

        NO, Apple will do infinitely better 3X with clueless Cook out and gone. Long overdue and just read all the posts clueless he betrayed privacy protections and terms of service.

        NO, nothing to fear but then Leftists are afraid of everything and have zero solutions to fix ANYTHING.

        You don’t like the posts all well and good — so what the hell are you still doing here?… 🙄

  5. GoeB:
    The road is littered with failed CEOs. Cook diversified the firm, built out its reach to the extent that it is the most valuable company, by market cap, on the planet.
    Perhaps you would prefer a sugar water salesman at the helm.

  6. Not long after Tim Cook took over as the CEO, I made a public call here at MDN for him to be fired. I never once dropped that belief. I KNEW this day was coming. Tim Cook has been an appalling APPLE CEO. I stress APPLE because Apple NEEDS a special kind of CEO. Of course, Steve Jobs was that CEO. And also of course, NO ONE can replace Steve Jobs. But regardless of that someone is out there than can do a far better job at innovation than Tim Cook. Cook is a bean counter and nothing more. He’s an aspiring amateur politician and nothing more. Cook has been a horrific Apple CEO. The list of miss executions on various products is legendary.

    Years ago I called for the firing of Tim Cook and today I make that statement again.

    FIRE Tim Cook!

    Jeeve Stobs

  7. What Apple really needs is a product obsessed CEO who settles for nothing less than perfection and can also lead the rank and file on the same mission.

    Scott Forstall was the closest we would’ve had to Steve. But that ship has long sailed.

    1. HAHA; agreed. Dump the non-work focus too…with the f’m attitude that Cuuk had with those that were displeased with his SJW focus.

      Tim, you aren’t a savior…being a SJW requires you think you are.

  8. Being involved in serious creative work_screenplay, who’d want to come back to lead a company at its zenith?

    Besides, who’d want to be the person that would have to fend off the SJW groupies, if/when one would dismiss what Cuuk promoted?

    Time to put Scott to bed.

  9. IIRC Scott Forstall refused to apologize to Apple Customers/Followers when Cook told him to get that letter out. Cook fired Forstall and signed the letter himself. I might have fired Forstall myself if I was in Cook’s position at the time.

    I always have to smile when I see complaints on Cook. Cook has obviously been open to new ideas and products from people at Apple. Everything from the Watch to Services. With Apple Silicon developed and delivered it is hard to say Cook is not aggressive in long term growing of Apple. Cook’s experience in Operations has been a major benefit for Apple in ongoing operations when the global issues of silicon shortages hit industry. Drive by some car dealers these days and see how empty their new car lots are. (The nearest Toyota dealer has some trucks and that’s about it.) The auto industry is suffering and Apple is breaking records.

    Apple is the most valuable company in the world – that should mean something when evaluating the company. Like having the cash positions that has let Apple function almost full speed during a brutal Covid Pandemic, with protection ahead for the second pandemic starting up big time.

    The other I remember when Cook is under attack is that Steve Jobs had years to look air his executive talent and picked Cook to follow him – not only for the 6 month run while Steve recovered from some brutal surgery, but also for the long term when
    he was later dying.

    1. Yes, Steve’s biggest mistake, picking clueless caretaker Cook.

      Scott was SETUP and thrown under the Cook bus by Tim he threatened to replace as CEO and giant ego Jony Ive co-conspirator who could not sit in the same room as Forstall. Ahhhh, that’s called a THREAT.

      Poetic justice Scott returns and fires Cook and severs any ties to Sir Ive…

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