Fight for the Future to hold protests against iPhone backdoor surveillance at Apple Stores on Sept. 13th

Fight for the Future will hold protests against iPhone backdoor surveillance at Apple Stores on September 13th. Apple has currently delayed the ill-conceived scheme to scan users’ photo libraries, ostensibly for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), but which could easily be bastardized by authoritarian governments and agencies to scan for political images, words, etc.

Fight for the Future to hold protests against iPhone backdoor surveillance at Apple Stores on Sept. 13th

Fight for the Future:

On August 5, 2021 Apple announced that its next iOS update will include new surveillance features that will scan all photos uploaded to iCloud Photos and all iMessage images sent or received by child accounts. This announcement, which the company claims is meant to prevent child exploitation, creates a backdoor that actually endangers children, threatens human rights, will especially impact marginalized people, and destroys privacy and security on Apple devices.

There is no question that child abuse is a crisis that needs to be addressed, but broad surveilance of peoples’ devices is not the solution. This sort of monitoring is a shocking departure from Apple’s former commitment to privacy and security for its users. Because these scans happen on the devices themselves, they would bypass end-to-end encryption and establish a new precedent for law enforcement to access information on personal devices. Apple is the only major tech company to take this incredibly dangerous step—but once they do, others may be forced to follow…

There is still time to stop this — Apple could reverse course and decide to not push this update. Sign the petition and email Apple leadership to tell them to drop these plans and recommit to never opening any sort of backdoor to monitor our communications.

Join a #nospyphone Protest
Join a #nospyphone Protest

MacDailyNews Take: We encourage everyone who can to join a #nospyphone Protest at one of the following Apple Retail Store locations (additional locations may be added; you can host a protest (more info here) on September 13th at 6:00pm local time:

• Boston Protest, 815 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts
• Portland Protest, 450 SW Yamhill St., Portland, Oregon
• Atlanta Protest, 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, Georgia
• San Francisco Protest, 300 Post St., San Francisco, California
• New York Protest, Address TBD, New York, New York
• Washington D.C. Protest, 801 K St. NW, Washington, DC

More info, and the opportunity to add your name to the following petition here.

Tell Apple: No Spyware on my Phone

Apple is abandoning its commitment to privacy with iOS 15 by creating an unprecedented backdoor it can use to scan everything on your Apple devices, including photos and messages. They say that this is to stop child sex abuse material, but once the backdoor exists, it will be used to surveil & censor people. Don’t let Apple throw away the privacy and security of billions.

Sign the petition here.


    1. Did Apple Cynic actually pass away? I strongly disagreed with some of his opinions but I wouldn’t wish suffering on anyone. I’ve had Covid twice and am still here kicking. I’m well into my 70s.


          1. TX and AC are friends – they enjoy each other’s intellect. It’s a free world so they are welcome to the culinary pursuits. I mean, in today’s world, we encourage sausages, mince, red meat and more. No discrimination. We encourage veganism, too. Whatever floats your palate boat. Whether you prefer to insert your USB sticks, or eject them, we vote for freedom. Anyway TX and AC have been busy, we’ll hear from them soon though.

    2. I hope AC is ok, I miss his endless cynicism and negativity. It was the lowlight of my day. If he has battled COVID, I hope he gave it a real flight and taught it a major lesson, and is now a real COVIDcynic

  1. A back door is the CCP’s criminal government’s number one feature request. And adding a backdoor for the CCP is not negotiable and there is no way Tim Cook’s apple will stand up to the CCP. Way to much money at stake

    1. Right you are Zombie. Now that Apple is flying the surrender flag for the CCP I am literally losing sleep nowadays trying to divest from Apple data services in preparation to move all my remaining Apple devices to Samsung Tizen, Google Android, Ubuntu, or other code I can audit myself.

      Tim Cook just gave an incredible gift to the open source community, and any manufacturer who’s logo doesn’t look like an apple. I don’t think Cook fully grasps what he’s done.

      Warrantless searches of our data without even consulting us? WTF.

  2. Here, here!!! Fight for your privacy rights!!! I never thought in a million years leftist liberals would carry out spying and monitoring of all their customers — fu Apple…🖕🏻🖕🏻

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