‘iPhone 14’ leak reveals iPhone 4-style design with hole-punch display, no camera bump, and more

Just ahead of Apple’s expected unveiling of the “iPhone 13” family at its September 14 event, leaker Jon Prosser has shared alleged details about next year’s iPhone 14 on his Front Page Tech website.

'iPhone 14' leak reveals iPhone 4-style design with hole-punch display, no camera bump, and more

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Key features of the iPhone 14 based on Prosser’s renders, which were created by Ian Zelbo:

• No notch, with a hole-punch front camera instead, in line with information shared by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
• No rear camera bump, with the lenses sitting flush with the rear casing
• An all-new titanium design
• Round volume buttons that look similar to those on older iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models
• Redesigned speaker and microphone grilles with elongated mesh cutouts instead of individual holes on the bottom of the device
• Lightning connector remains on at least one iPhone 14 model

MacDailyNews Take: Death to The Inelegant Kludge™! We’d buy it for the flush camera alone!


          1. You realize Apple’s been getting the iPhone X HideousNotch™ screens from Samsung, right? Apple is just a glitzy marketing company for Asian tech. And now they’re a glitzy marketing company who has admitted wanting to use their OS dominance to spy on users without a search warrant.

            Think about that next time you hear your phone’s modem radio talking to the network (some devices with poorly shielded speakers will pick up the nearby transmission and play it audibly). Before Tim Crook giving in to the CCP I took comfort in their now overturned policy of guarding user data. Guess you don’t want Xi holding up production do you Tim? SMH

            Thankfully Samsung hasn’t fallen to the ChiCom monopolists, but give it time.

            1. Doesn’t Apple specify the design of the parts including the display? Any notch in the iPhone is fully Apple’s request being fulfilled. At this point Apple is thinking the hole punch might be a better idea to retain as much display area as possible and is ‘following’ Samsung.

      1. I doubt it. iPhone 12 sales were going strong without very much “seasonal” decline in anticipation of iPhone 13. So iPhone 13 will just carry on with the upgrade cycle. And most customers don’t pay enough attention to care (or even hear) about rumors.

        iPhone 14 will need sometime significantly new and different because current upgrade cycle will be winding down. For me, I want the rumored new iPhone SE with upgraded specs (5G and A15), but otherwise unchanged. An simply elegant, functional, and affordable design.

        1. Suspect iPhone 13 sales will be lackluster.

          The reason buildings built today do not have a 13th floor and many older buildings 13th renamed, people are overly superstitious of a meaningless unpopular number.

          Regarding iPhone naming conventions, Apple execs with a math problem for years still cannot figure out a sane, logical system. For years MDN offered the perfect solution, but the millionaire egos are tone deaf.

          Reality naming if you follow math on a simple numbering system from the phone debut.

          2007: iPhone 1
          2019: iPhone 13
          2021: iPhone 15

          The sloppiness continues, just sayin’…

      2. Agreed for a couple reasons:

        ~ Another article posted today only 10% planned to upgrade, cannot remember a lower number.

        ~ Major, major news! The clunky camera bumps like a big wart on our backs and the most intrusive and noticeable inelegant “kludge” walking over content is FINALLY history!

        ~ The uncertainty of Apple betraying customers and installing backdoor surveillance in the new phone.

        If SJW Tim BETRAYS customers on security — fire Tim Cook IMMEDIATELY!!!…

        1. We don’t know who inside Apple actually wanted that surveillance. For all we know, the board might wanted it and TIm Cook could have been overruled. Or maybe it was pressure from outside the company.

            1. And what do you know about Apple’s board? Did someone tell you Cook=bad and you just can’t imagine anything else now? Not everyone is an oligarch, you know.

          1. Xi Jingping wanted it. If Tim Cook or Apple’s Board refused, production would’ve ground to a halt. Apple has no other means of production. Do you really think Tim Cook wants to move production back to the U.S. and have to pay that minimum wage that the Wokesters claim everyone (except CCP China) should pay? Think again!

  1. Maybe, but I don’t believe the “no camera bump”. Unless Apple makes the phone considerably thicker, that not going to happen. Even if Apple did get a periscope camera, they wouldn’t have it for everything. And there’s no reason to believe that a periscope wouldn’t need the bump too.

  2. You’re doing Apple a disservice by printing this speculative crap that may harm upcoming iPhone 13 sales. Some airheads may actually take this nonsense seriously and delay purchasing an iPhone 13 because of it, only to discover that it’s only plosuchisqlablooskmenskluba. Shame on you. WTF!

    1. Could not disagree more.

      If the author is saving us from another routine incremental same old, same old upgrade, featuring the usual distraction “kludge” and mole camera bumps on the back — superlative customer service!…

  3. There will be no iPhone 13. Too much of the world population harbors superstitious beliefs in such magical concepts as unlucky numbers. The iPhone 14 is this Fall’s model. There’s no camera bump. There’s no notch. Announcement would be next week.

    1. Don’t know if the camera is just shallower or if they are making the phone a mite thicker. I hope it’s the latter; the extra battery volume could mean a doubling of battery life.

    2. According to another MDN article 10% will fall for the bling. Then there are those of us who think adding warrant-less search and sharing of private user data is grounds to buy another brand and never look back. Ever.

      They claimed they were doing it to protect kids. Does this mean they’ll do more warrantless spying on user data to make sure they’re not surveilling minors using their products? Pft. We all know Xi is making them do it. Cook has to comply or else CCP holds up production until he does.

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