Cyber surveillance firm has been able to break into Apple iPhones for at least six months

Internet security watchdog group Citizen Lab said on Monday that NSO Group, a cyber surveillance company based in Israel, has developed a tool than can break into Apple iPhones with a never-before-seen technique for at least six months.

Cyber surveillance firm has been able to break into Apple iPhones for at least six months


The discovery is important because of the critical nature of the vulnerability, which affects all versions of Apple’s iOS, OSX, and watchOS, except for those updated on Monday.

• Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.6 – September 13, 2021
Apple releases iOS 14.8 and iPadOS 14.8 – September 13, 2021

The vulnerability exploited by the Israeli firm, named NSO Group, defeats security systems designed by Apple in recent years.

Apple said it fixed the vulnerability in Monday’s software update, confirming Citizen Lab’s finding.

MacDailyNews Note: More info via University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab: FORCEDENTRY: NSO Group iMessage Zero-Click Exploit Captured in the Wild


    1. Israel will take out whom they like, and it would have been a lot cheaper to have them find and git rid of a guy named Laden.

      Would have saved the USA 3.5 trillion dollars.

  1. What Apple is known for most these days…..

    -privacy/security lapses and related paradigm changes
    -controlling everything (beyond simply presenting the walled garden)
    -SJWarrior-ism with profound hypocrisy related to China
    -Advanced & broad emoji libraries
    -Iterative iPhone releases
    -TV shows (which I don’t watch and I can only imagine the “messages.”)
    -Excellent CEO bookkeeper

    “Surprise and delight” the customers. That seems like such a long time ago.

    1. Yes, indeed. 👏🏻

      Cook, the creativity clueless CEO has to hire others to get the job done. But what creativity as you pointed out yearly iterations of iPhones with small updates and me too products like the late to the game home speaker.

      Cook placed Apple OSes on a treadmill like a squirrel chasing a carrot. Constantly upgrading all year long several iOS versions and a new Mac OS yearly. Are the OSes that bad they have to be upgraded CONSTANTLY?

      Ticked at Tim for six years allowing the flagship MacPro to fall into a black hole. Then the rest of Mac line removing valuable ports and soldering boards limiting future expansion the stupidest Cook decision outside of dragging Apple and its employees into woke politics.

      His far left politics bowing to woke activists and regressive leftists Cook removed the handgun emoji thoroughly insulting the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and millions of freedom loving gun owners!

      Further insult to gun owners where is the shotgun, deer rifle, duck and turkey decoys, camouflage clothing emojis near and dear to the hearts of millions of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts?

      Cook is yet another cultist out of millions of woke California leftists living in an urban bubble. Their idea of adventure is crossing a busy intersection to get to Starbucks. The great outdoors is sitting on a park bench in a city park a block long watching the local pigeon wildlife.

      I say this to illustrate Cook is an out of touch urbanite like most leftists on both coasts. No tangible contact with real hardworking American citizens such as his home roots in Alabama and the vast heartland of the USA and Wild West. SAME as he is out of touch with Apple customers of all political stripes and older age groups.

      Steve’s biggest mistake the sooner Cook is out, Apple woke politics FREE, fingers crossed the magic and wonder of Apple has a better shot at a comeback…

  2. The biggest problem with Apple is the “woke” activism. When “diversity” trumps talent and dedication, and “woke” activism becomes the main product of the company, quality decline is baked in. It happens quickly. How anyone at Apple ever thought that putting surveillance software on devices of users was a good idea or consistent with it privacy promise is beyond me. Yet, they kicked down all the obstacles and endorsed it. That comes from a changed company culture. Again, it looks like the newly hired “woke” forces have gained the ascendency at Apple. Sadly, they won’t be defeated. The intimidation factor of CRT etc. is just too powerful. However, Apple has forfeited the trust of its most loyal customers/evangelists. I think it will impact the bottom line almost immediately, but I seem to be in the minority. We’ll see.

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