Microsoft delays office reopening date indefinitely in America due to ‘COVID-19 uncertainty’

Microsoft on Thursday decided to push the dates for the full reopening of its offices in America indefinitely due to “COVID-19 uncertainty.”

Why has Microsoft been carved out of new U.S. antitrust bills?


“Given the uncertainty of COVID-19, we’ve decided against attempting to forecast a new date for a full reopening of our U.S. work sites in favor of opening U.S. work sites as soon as we’re able to do so safely based on public health guidance,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Microsoft had earlier said it will open its Redmond headquarter as well as other U.S. offices on Oct. 4.

Some big tech firms are delaying a return to office, while others like Apple and Facebook are making vaccinations mandatory due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in the country.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple has not made vaccinations mandatory. Apple has to date asked employees to “voluntarily” report their COVID-19 vaccination status.


  1. “Two weeks to slow the spread.” — March 16, 2020 (77 weeks and 4 days ago and counting)

    Take the red pill.

    Mass Psychosis: How an entire segment of population becomes mentally ill

  2. The redundancy with this one is strong. September methinks will be a cruel month for students returning to school. The advantage of most obligate parasites is to not kill the host so the death numbers should be low. The number of people getting sick during this pandemic is of concern, not to mention the variations. Masks are debatable, but they offer some minor protection depending on the flavour. It’s the social distancing that helps in conjunction with the mask.

    This virus is not looking to kill everyone on the battle field, but if it takes two people to treat every wounded one then you don’t have to do so to win the battle.

    More to come…

    1. And just like that the aging hippy population whose iconic “Woodstock” was a love-fest for harmful drugs and disease have been turned into a bunch of frightened hypochondriacs over a CCP enhanced super-flu. It’s amazing what you can do if you control all the media outlets.

      And Apple. Let’s not forget their glib willingness to perform warrant-less searches of user private data and illegally share it outside the user device without consent.

      I’m more afraid of Apple’s malice of intent than any strain of COVID currently in circulation.

      1. I think if you look closely Jay that people across the age spectrum are worried. If this is the case of an enhanced super-flu I’m not overly impressed, especially with vaccines developed so quickly and the fact that the 1918 influenza pandemic did a lot more damage in terms of death rates.

        I’m not keen on Apple toying with people’s data but they haven’t done it yet, let’s hope they listen to reason. I’m on the other side, I’m more concerned of the pandemic situation being just a shot across the bow. After all, you wouldn’t send a human to regulate their population.

  3. This is merely more evidence of what I commented on last week: there’s segments of the economy which rely on people being in offices (e.g., local restaurants/etc) and they won’t be able to start to rehire until they have confidence in their customers returning to said offices.

    As such, these delays in Corporate America office workers returning will continue to be an ongoing “drag” on our economic recovery for as long as these Private corporations hedge their bets …

    … and there’s not much that Governments can do to force them to require their workers to return.

    Businesses make decisions based on the “ground truth” realities, which are able to buck political pressure to make bad/rash decisions.

    Which is why the silly “99.999% survival” memes are irrelevant: businesses have decided that the risk … regardless of if its 99.999% or 90% … is still unacceptable to their corporate interests.

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