Apple said to be exploring ‘Apple Car’ manufacturing internally

A sketchy Korean language report claims that Apple has restarted its internal Apple Car development after it failed to partner with third parties for parts manufacturing and assembly.

vehicle under wraps


The report from Maeil Economic Daily acts as a summary of Apple’s car plans so far, but indicates a renewed commitment to internal development. One source says Apple has revived its vehicle development lab that closed in 2016, one that previously housed over 1,000 Project Titan employees.

The refocused effort comes after months of failed negotiations with companies like Hyundai, Nissan, and BMW. Apple had seemingly hoped to outsource the actual production of its Apple Car to an established manufacturer but encountered headwinds due to existing competition in the industry.

Apple has reportedly been in contact with various companies since, attempting to find a Foxconn-like partner for its Apple Car project. No major brand wanted to conform itself to Apple’s standards, so negotiations have ended.

MacDailyNews Take: Nope.

Apple doesn’t work that way (anymore).

They may be putting together one-off prototypes, but, no, we very highly doubt that Apple’s going into bulk assembly.


    1. Apple doesn’t have manufacturing capability outside of CCP control (except their token Mac Pro factory). They’ll claim as “innovative” anything the CCP wants to provide. It’s not unconventional, it’s actually been going on for some time.

      This is like the stage in the “PC Revolution” just before people realized IBM was irrelevant and MS-DOS compatibility was the real product. IBM has never recovered from the loss of prestige. Apple won’t either.

      To IBM’s credit they never gaslighted us about user data privacy only to suddenly insert warrant-less search and illegal transmission of user data. If someone gave me an Apple product I would return it if I could, and if not, I’d some flavor of Linux or BSD running on it asap. If that were not possible I’d give it away.

    1. CCP China owns Apple’s means of production. “Internally” is code for “we’ll let the Communists tell us what they want us to sell and we’ll slap our logo on it and hope they let us stay in business.

    1. Now with their corporate decision making obviously compromised by the threat of CCP China halting production of their flagship iPhone, it seems more likely that CCP pressured or cajoled Apple into killing their Wifi products, the only ones left with proprietary firmware as I recall. The industry seems to have migrated to which makes it easier for CCP to kick out counterfeit or cheap knockoffs. Their emphasis is quantity over quality.

      I can remember in the early 1990’s when Apple requested a range of frequencies to use to create what would become WiFi. Apple has really lost their way.

  1. I could honestly care less about an Apple Car. As with Tesla, it may appeal to California or to well to do walking affectations in other places that have myriad cars that don’t actually do much for them practically. The rest of us are yawning. The day Apple decided it needed to compete with google was pretty much the day the idiots took over the company. Yaaaaawn. There’s a youTube video of a young and dumb couple running a Tesla with a gasoline module they had to add themselves because they drove too far. That pretty much says everything to me. Perhaps someday, but at present we are simply not smart enough, particularly the ‘best and brightest’ in the Valley. Yaaaaawn.

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