10% of current iPhone users plan to upgrade to ‘iPhone 13’

Savings.com conducted a study of more than 1,500 iPhone users and found that 10% of iPhone users plan to upgrade when the “iPhone 13” is released; 26% aren’t sure yet, and 64% said they have no plans to make the switch, “iPhone 13” sight unseen. A large percentage of those planning to upgrade have relatively new phones; 33% have phones less than a year old.

'iPhone 13 Pro Max' dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)
‘iPhone 13 Pro Max’ dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)

Annie Kim for Savings.com:

Satellite connectivity, camera improvements, and larger battery capacity are the rumored upgrades people are looking forward to most.

With an estimated 116 million iPhone users in the United States, [10% of iPhone users] could equate to almost 12 million surefire sales if the phone launches, and another 30 million if undecided users end up making the switch.

Twenty-seven percent of people who said they would buy the iPhone 13 said satellite connectivity was the single rumored feature that appealed most to them, followed by 22 percent who are most looking forward to camera improvements. Some leaks have indicated that various models across the iPhone 13 line would feature improved camera depth perception capabilities, portrait mode video, and ultra-wide lenses.

Twenty percent said larger battery capacity would persuade them, followed by satellite connectivity (17 percent) and camera improvements (11 percent). Holdouts appear to be more motivated by battery capacity improvements than those definitely planning to upgrade.

About seven percent of people who aren’t planning to upgrade said they had “other” features in mind that could convince them to switch to the latest model. By far the most common answer from this small group of people was affordability.

Which iPhone 13 rumored new feature is most exciting and appealing to you?*

MacDailyNews Take: 10% of 1+ billion iPhone users worldwide equals 100+ million upgrades to “iPhone 13.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. That 10% is pretty good, all things considered.

    2021 marks the first year since 1985, that I recommend AGAINST buying ANY Apple Products or services. Since joining the “Woke” Tech crowd, and their advocacy of warrant-less searches of personal customer information, Apple Inc. has lost its way.

    And they couldn’t have picked a worse time to show their true colors. I’m overdue to upgrade my iPhone 6s. Samsung has never looked better.

      1. To believe the wumao turning out to defend Apple’s selling us out with warrant-less searches and sharing of our personal data, we should want the gilded cage because…well it’s gilded. No thanks!

        Steve Jobs is the one who put the Chinese Communist Party in charge. We now know he traded his customer’s privacy so he and his overblown ego could “show them” by staging a comeback using cheap Chinese slave labor.

        But you keep repeating the FUD about leaving the Apple plantation. Apple uses Samsung screens, and other components because Apple frankly can’t manufacture anything. Apple’s hardware was never their selling point, it was always the software. And now that software spies on us and performs orwellian warrant-less searches of our data.

        Good job!

        1. Apple apparently prefers to spend money on R&D instead of factories. They are, however, pretty successful in funding manufacturing by their better component suppliers. Who operating the M1 foundry?

      1. U mean android? Ha Google come out and blatently stated that they will embed a mass survaialnce code in android?
        Are u comparing your speculation against a fact?….Fact being Apple’s blatant, in your face announcement! and absolute Hypocrisy!

        1. Lately, I have been looking outside of Apple garden too. It’s so easy to replace and get out of the bind of iCloud on as-needed basis. There might be samsung wrong with Samsung’s devices but I am seriously looking at Google Pixel phone out of curiosity and what Android apps can do etc. This after more than 35 years with Apple. This is not about protesting Apple (they do not care one man’s protest anyway), but my curiosity on the other side of the fence to see what they have to offer. I am free to do so of course notwithstanding iCloud. Recent commotions in Apple just gave me a push in my back to trigger this. I will still keep my iPhone but will use Android phone and apps to see if I like them. Google with all tracking and ads, do have a nice business package and I see many people started using them (Hello, iWorks?). If you think about it, Apple is heavily biased toward devices while Google is everywhere including excellent AI S/W, very convenient and capable business offerings, business mail package, well designed GPS map app. and all that.

      2. I can audit Samsung’s Tizen or even Google’s Android. Tim Cook already admitted Apple plans to perform warrant-less searches of my data without permission. That doesn’t sound like any Apple I know.

  2. So a website called Savings.com has run an informal poll that says only 10% of current iPhone users will upgrade to the iPhone 13. Hmm, Savings.com. MacDaily News constantly talks about how premium iPhone and Apple shoppers are, so why would you be running “an informal survey” from Savings.com, which clearly is not a destination web site for the vast majority of iPhone users. Choose more wisely, please, when printing this crap!



      1. James… it is beyond just frustration…
        Its down right anger.
        I feel manipulated and played with … both in my investment in their products/platform and investment in their shares!
        If they go through with this.. im out!
        And if the shares get a material hit..ill be looking into suing on grounds of disinformation, manipulation and misleading publicity of Privacy ( only to see a blatant overnight 180 and a knife in the believers back )

        1. It’s not just new iphones, old iPhones that upgrade to the newer version of iOS will have the back door installed. Turn off your auto update feature.

          Apple also has said Mac computers will get the back door install next so disable auto update on those machines too.

          Make no mistake, the Chinese government is requiring Apple to do this, no amount of lost sales will stop Apple. It’s amazing how Apple’s, the most social enlightened woke corporation in the world, number one business partner literally has millions of ethnic minorities in slave labor camps.

          Apple is done, the fall from Apple’s epic raise will be painful to watch but do business with the devil and sooner or later he will come for your soul

          1. I wonder if hit was China’s pressure or the gag factor of folks who are processing kiddy porn. Maybe the challenge is to have the folks who are anti back door to come up with alternative approaches to shutting that vile industry.

            As for me, I’ll remain an Apple customer. My iPhone 11 continues to be fine for me – and will do well for some time to come. My wife does need a new MB Air when the new version comes out, followed by a MB Pro for me – or maybe an Air like my wife’s.

            1. So tell me how you turn off warrant-less search and illegal sharing of user photos if the the phone’s owner is a child? That is its own special kind of creepy.

              Keep rationalizing tho’. Apple’s going to need the sales to make up for all of us who will never buy an Apple logo product or service again.

  4. Looking at the photo comparing iPhone 12 camera bump with iPhone 13, why do the circular sub-bumps need to be that large? It’s not like the lens extends to the edge of the circular extensions. The lens is tiny. I’m thinking it’s just for show, to visually distinguish between 12 and 13. Look how fake big, these new camera lenses…

    1. You mean like putting my decades of investment in their backstabbing products into contributing to the efforts to jailbreak and load Samsung’s Tizen or Google’s Android on their newest devices within days of release? Game on!

      Warrantless searches of customers’ private data without consent isn’t just a dumb corporate decision, it reveals the contempt Apple’s management and board have for us.

      When people realized that it was Microsoft’s DOS that made IBM-PC and compatibles run, IBM’s industry dominance evaporated overnight. If Apple doesn’t do exactly what the Chinese Communists tell them to, they know Apple has no fallback manufacturing capability and will implode once the general public finds out. Let’s make sure everyone finds out.

      1. I hear you..yet the BS code is only intended for US for now!… Not China

        Yet , like u, hope Apple can reduce its dependence on China..
        Easier said than done though.. and its not just Apple!
        90% of products manufacturers are in the same conundrum with China.. hence China’s ever growing power!
        At the end its not a one way street..
        But I agree.. China has the upper hand for now.. unless tte workd wakes up!

        Or lost in your LALA land of power… leading to CORRUPTION! And Apples DEMISE ???

        1. As a 35+ year customer, former Apple developer, and someone who spent hundreds of hours in Mac evangelism when they almost went broke in the 1990’s, this is personal. It is thanks in part to my efforts that Apple is now in a position to sell us out to the ChiComs with warrant-less searches.

          As I spend ridiculous numbers of hours migrating all my personal information off of Apple branded products and cloud, it’s been a source of consolation just how many fellow former Apple fans share my indignation.

          If you don’t want to read comments from those who realize the depth of Apple’s betrayal, quit pretending there is some CCP slave labor produced Apple product that will make warrant-less searches and illegal transmission of user data ok.

    2. I’m pulling my money out of AAPL as fast as I can, but aggressive tax laws prohibit a fire sale, I’ve owned aapl longer then Tim has been at Apple so as far as I’m concerned he works for me. I will exit on my timeline, but I will absolutely not spend/invest another dime into AAPl.

      AAPL is at an all time high/ 2.5 trillion dollar market cap is most likely a great time to exit. The impact of Apple’s new policies will take time to effect the market price. The MDN audience is the the canary in the coal mine, once the sales numbers show any weakness then the price will drop fast.

      But who knows maybe aapl will continue to go up from here but regardless, I’m getting out.

  5. I urge everyone who cares to Write to Tim/Craig/Apple
    And let them be aware of your objections!

    It will oy take a few minutes of your time.. yet it can make a WOLD of difference!!
    🙏🙏🙏 take the few mins yo to write..
    And if u are anywhere near the stores where the protests against this absurdity are going to place.. please attend
    Sept 13th


    1. I wrote to Tim Crook about lesser privacy violations. Either he doesn’t care or is afraid CCP will yank his chain and show how much power they have over him. It’ll be like Microsoft and IBM when folks realized it was MS-DOS making the IBM-PC work and IBM was dependent on them. IBM has never recovered their prestige.

  6. Tim paid 3 billion for a bogus brand with no valuable proprietary technology…(Beats)
    3 billion… and the name is all but totally gone!
    3 billion.. for a bogus headphone company..
    Biggest accusation to date in Apples hostory!

    You know how… ??? Jimi played him like a teenage pawn..
    Tim justified it as a no brainer deal! Lol

    Yet Tim rejected a deal with Canoo..fir 1.5 billion.
    A super innovative EV company.. that in four years is ready to launch their cars in 2022 !


    Yet Apples rumored car is no where in sight.. and Tim’s attention is on surveillance rather than technology and the laser focus on it! ( His repeated words when he took over.. to solidify the perception if his stance… not his real intentions! ) As its obvious when he uses Apple platform to politicize and invoke political agendas!

    This is beyond F-ed up.
    You.. the future gen… are u ok with this ??
    If so.. u are naive.. very !

    Open your eyes…🙏🙏🙏
    Write and share and ask those u think would care …explain to those who my not be aware….. be Vocal about this!
    Specially to Apple!

    They are backstabbing all who believed in them.
    Power to Corruption!

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