Apple-backed ‘Matter’ smart home standard delayed until 2022

The final specification of Matter, the smart home interoperability protocol backed by Apple, Google, and Amazon, has been delayed. Matter was originally expected to be ready this fall, but Tobin Richardson, the CEO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), said in a blog post that timeline has been pushed out until the first half of 2022.

Image: Connectivity Standards Alliance
A Matter-compliant smart bulb. (Image: Connectivity Standards Alliance)

Stacey Higginbotham for Stacey on IoT:

That means we’ll have to wait until the first half of next year for the software development kit, the start of a formal certification program, and the first certified devices it turns out. When I asked Richardson if he could narrow that time frame down a bit, he declined. For consumers, it means the wait for new smart home devices that support the Matter protocol will be delayed until the latter half of 2022 (I can’t wait for our 2022 Gift Guide!) and for those developing products, it means they will need to hold off on their plans for a few more months.

Richardson gave several reasons why the Matter Working Group (formerly known as the Project Connected Home over IP Working Group) decided to delay the specification. They included the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the addition of another 29 companies to the Matter membership, and the challenge of delivering a high-quality software development kit as part of the spec.

MacDailyNews Take: A few months delay doesn’t really, uh, matter. Best to get the SDK right first!


  1. I’ll be interested as long as I can set it up to NEVER send my data and usage to anyone outside my home. If I want to control my HVAC or lights or outlets or anything in my home or car, I don’t want any outside company to know about it. PERIOD.

    Otherwise, no thanks at all, ever. I’ll get off my butt and walk over to change the thermostat or flip the wall switch.

    1. There may be a time “they” would lock you out of your refrigerator, IF your scale issued an unacceptable weight. Some car insurance companies are a related current example. Rather than weight, their app on YOUR phone signals if one drives erratically, too fast, or too much.

      Smart home is a curious invention…making easy things that are already easy…breeding laziness and creating a situ where outsiders become (unwelcomed, imo) insiders.

      I glad we still have the choice to partake, or not. When the choice is removed, stick a fork in it….

  2. Could working offsite due to Covid be a major reason for the daly?
    I thought there wouldn’t be any delays in software development as we’ve been told that working from home was efficient and didn’t need to be in person.

    Guess we should look at all those claims working for home would negatively impact businesses and work.


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