Apple pulls ‘iDOS 2’ from App Store

Apple on Monday removed the popular DOS emulator “iDOS 2” from theirs App Store, due to the app not adhering to security guidelines against installing or running executable code that changes an app’s functionality or feature set.

Apple's App Store on iPhone
Apple’s App Store on iPhone

Mikey Campbell for AppleInsider:

Developer Chaoji Li first warned customers of iDOS 2’s imminent demise in late July, saying Apple would pull the title because it fails to observe App Store Review guideline 2.5.2.

Apple’s rule states, “Apps should be self-contained in their bundles, and may not read or write data outside the designated container area, nor may they download, install, or execute code which introduces or changes features or functionality of the app, including other apps.”

A popular emulator, iDOS 2 simulated the DOS system on iOS to enable access to classic games and allow users to code, interact with applications and even run Windows 3.1. Updates to the app enabled PC keyboard, gamepad, and mouse connectivity via Bluetooth.

An update in September brought iTunes File Sharing compatibility, allowing users to import files and run custom games or programs. It was this utility that caught Apple’s ire.

MacDailyNews Take: What everyone knew would happen has now occurred exactly as expected.


    1. iSH allows you to execute shell scripts. It does not advertise the ability to download unvetted executable code from anywhere on the Internet and execute it on an otherwise-secure device. That was the primary advertised feature of iDOS 2. The developer’s own product description was a big red flag proclaiming noncompliance with Guideline 2.5.2.

      The App Store screening process of screening for malicious code would be meaningless if the screening could be bypassed so easily. Until there are alternative app stores, that’s the way it’s going to be.

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