Apple preparing iOS 14.8 release ahead of imminent iOS 15 launch

Apple appears to be readying a major point release for iOS 14 ahead of an expected iOS 15 launch this fall, as references to the update have recently appeared in an Xcode beta.

Widgets are beautifully redesigned in iOS 14, giving users timely information at a glance, and are more helpful than ever right on the Home Screen pages.
Apple’s iOS 14


Spotted by developer Brendan Shanks, the latest Xcode beta version lists iOS 14.8 as an available or soon to be available operating system version. The supposed update is accompanied by existing iOS 14 point releases, but the list does not make note of minor revisions like the most recent iOS 14.7.1.

Issuing an eighth major point update would be an unprecedented move, as Apple’s past mobile operating systems have capped out at seven point revisions, at most.

That said, the company is for the first time modifying how it handles major iOS updates. At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple said it would continue to supply users of past operating systems with security updates following the launch of a major release.

MacDailyNews Take: This one goes to .8, at least!


  1. Great Rufus wrote:

    “At this point, suggest you be careful of any updates from Apple on any device. Sad to say.”

    I’d totally agree but have questions that I’d address to all:

    Will “the backdoor” also be in 14.8?
    And after (unless Apple relents) how do we safely upgrade iOS on future devices?
    Will Jail breaking with “privatized” software be our only solution.

    I’m sorry that Apple is doing what they are doing. Like many others, I trusted Apple to maintain their privacy strategy and the theory that ‘a backdoor for the good guys will eventually end up in the hands of the bad guys.’

    I hope I am over-reacting and that I’ll see a statement from Tim Cooke accepting the will of the Users to end that plan.



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