Apple’s all-new ‘iPad mini 6’ to feature larger 8.3-inch display

Apple’s all-new”iPad mini 6″ will feature an 8.3-inch display, up from the current 7.9-inch display, according to Ross Young at Display Supply Chain Consultants.

Apple's next-gen iPad mini said to sport thin bezels, USB-C, and Touch ID
Apple’s next-gen iPad mini is said to sport thin bezels

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

The actual form factor of the iPad mini 6 is not expected to change. This means the 8.3-inch display will come in the same physical size as the iPad mini 5, with the larger screen size being made possible by the removal of the home button, as Bloomberg has previously reported.

In terms of design, the iPad mini will likely resemble the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro with slimmer bezels and no home button. It’s unclear whether the new iPad mini 6 will feature Touch ID in the power button or Face ID support. Bloomberg has described this as “the biggest redesign in the nine-year history” of the iPad mini.

MacDailyNews Take: This thing is shaping up to be a real powerhouse!

Last week, 9to5Mac reported that Apple’s next-gen iPad mini will come equipped with Apple’s A15 processor, a USB-C port, and a Smart Connector. Also last week, DigiTimes reported that the device, expected to launch later in 2021, will get a mini-LED display.


  1. I’m more interested in weight. If Apple won’t give us an eReader, then they should design an ultralight tablet that’s close to a Kindle Oasis in weight so it won’t cause fatigue when holding it for long periods while reading. They’d only need to shave around 100g off. I think it’s doable.

  2. The details of this rumor don’t “add up” 😉 All iPads have 3×4 screen aspect ratio, no matter size or resolution. So a new iPad mini with a thin bezel all around must change its physical size. It’s why newer iPads are more squarish compared to older iPads. Older iPads look “taller” because they have space for a Home Button below screen and equal space above screen.

    Therefore, if new iPad mini retains same physical dimensions as current iPad mini, I’ll bet it also retains its Touch ID Home Button too. 8.3-inch versus current 7.9-inch is not a big difference. There’s enough space for a Home Button with this larger screen. It’ll look like the 10.5-inch iPad Pro (my other iPad), which has thinner side bezel and Home Button.

    I like having Touch ID Home Button. Make it “solid state” (uses haptics instead moving when presses) if possible. I hope it also keeps headphones jack 😏

    1. I just read other rumors that there will be no change to the iPad Mini design. Knowing Apple they will keep it as is and push people towards higher margin iPad Airs and Pros.

      1. I think it’s because iPad mini is used more in enterprise, like for retail and logistics, so it helps those customers (who buy in bulk) to have consistent design. To use the same cases and charging stations, for example, between different generations of device. It also maintains consistent work flow, so keep the home button to not require something new like using Face ID for authentication.

        I’m fine with same design and updated specs. Squeeze a slightly larger screen in there if possible.

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