Apple’s next-gen, all-new iPad mini said to get A15 processor, USB-C port, more

With Apple widely expected to launch the next-gen iPad mini later this year with a design similar to the latest iPad Air, 9to5Mac, citing “sources familiar with the matter,” is reporting that the new iPad mini, codenamed “J310,” will be powered by Apple’s latest A15 processor, feature USB-C connectivity, and include a magnetic Smart Connector.

Apple's next-gen, all-new iPad mini said to get A15 processor, USB-C port, more
Apple’s next-gen iPad mini said to sport thin bezels and USB-C

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Apple is planning to use the A15 chip inside the new iPad mini, just like the new iPhones expected to be released later this year. The A15 chip will use the same 5-nanometer fabrication process as the A14, and our sources indicate Apple is also working on a more powerful A15X variant that could be used in other iPads down the line.

The new iPad mini will also feature USB-C connectivity on the bottom, the sources say, similar to the iPad Pro and the latest iPad Air. This will open the iPad mini up to a wide array of peripherals and accessories beyond the Lightning connector that the current iPad mini uses.

Finally, the redesigned iPad mini will also feature magnetic Smart Connector similar to the iPad Air and iPad Pro…

MacDailyNews Take: This is going to be the most radical redesign for iPad mini – getting thin bezels, going USB-C, and finally dropping the antiquated, space-wasting Home button, no less – since the product was introduced!


  1. Will there be much demand for such a powerful iPad mini? I sort of figured people who bought an iPad mini were simply looking for a small and cheap iPad. I’m not questioning Apple and just wondering out loud. I don’t have a problem with an expensive iPad mini, but I hope Apple has a good target audience for this product. It’s strange to me why Apple is building small tablets but other companies are building fold-able smartphones that turn into small tablets. I personally would rather have the small tablet than a fold-able smartphone even if it means buying two devices.

  2. There is room on an iPad for two ports! Keep a lightning port on there as well.
    And I see no value in Apple’s war on tactile feedback. The covid mask – facial recognition problem was a good example of why it is a good idea to have multiple ways of getting things done.

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