Apple postpones office return by at least a month over COVID-19 concern

Apple is postponing its deadline to return to the office by at least a month – to October at the earliest – citing to a resurgence of COVID-19 across many countries, Bloomberg News reports Tuesday, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

CEO Tim Cook originally said in a June company memo that employees should begin returning to offices in early September for at least three days a week.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The iPhone maker becomes one of the first U.S. tech giants to delay plans for a return to normality as COVID-19 persists around the world and cases involving a highly transmissible variant increase. Apple will give its employees at least a month’s warning before mandating a return to offices, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing internal policy.

Corporations across the globe are grappling with how to adjust to shifting work demands in the post-Covid era. Apple’s decision comes as its own employees criticized the September deadline as too early.

Even before COVID, the company had grappled with a potential loss of talent as workers — despite being relatively high earners — complain they can barely afford the extraordinary cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just a few years after completing the multibillion-dollar Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple is now ramping up efforts to decentralize out of Silicon Valley.

MacDailyNews Take: Overabundance of caution is par for the course in highly litigious times.


  1. Tim Cook’s spineless non-leadership is on full display here. With non-confrontational Cook “in charge,” Apple may never go back to work.

    COVID-19 primarily affects non-vaccinated people over the age of 75 with comorbidities – in other words, basically nobody Apple is actually asking to finally return to actual work. It’s just an excuse to continue being lazy “working” remotely (running personal errands, watching children, doing yard work, at the beach, etc. – we all know what really goes on).

    1. Exactly. Spineless Cook bowing to snowflake pressure and over hyped media reports of Covid. You’re vaccinated, what is the problem bedwetters?

      Never go back to lockdowns, media scare tactics and DISCREDIT Fauci — we are free from all of it…

    2. Perhaps somebody should tell the 1300 people in the hospital in Missouri, most of whom are either vaccinated and over 60 or unvaccinated and under 60, that they are just lazy folk trying to get out of working.

      I hope most of your patients are ducks who can understand your language. You clearly have no grasp of the human language used to describe all the safeguards that employers have in place to ensure that people working from home are really working.

            1. You are either a liar or lack basic English reading comprehension.

              None of the children are on ventilators, despite your transparent insinuation or poor parsing of a shoddily-written (perhaps intentionally) paragraph.

              Again, in general, COVID-19 is not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65. All of the rest is simply fear-mongering.

            2. I didn’t say the children were on ventilators. I said they were in the hospital, among 134 people in one hospital, many of whom are below 65. Real licensed physicians would not be hospitalizing those patients if Covid were not dangerous enough to justify it.

            3. The COVID-19 vaccines, developed and produced in record time thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, have dramatically reduced the frequency and fatality of COVID-19, exactly as it was intended.

              The people insisting we continue to put our lives on hold are setting unrealistic and decidedly anti-scientific goals because they like control and want to use fear to “work from home” forever, force public funding for pet projects, etc.

              Don’t allow power-hungry authoritarian Democrats, lazy Apple employees who want to continue their endless overpaid “remote work” vacation, or anyone else to ruin your life.

              Live your life, like a real American!

            4. And, why are those children in the hospital with COVID-19?

              Because they are obese, have diabetes, asthma and/or other comorbidities.

            5. TxLoser,

              We’ve already been through this nearly a year ago, dullard:

            6. Truth Detector,

              Sure I remember our discussions eighteen months ago. You were attacking me as wildly alarmist for suggesting that there might be more than a few hundred American deaths from the new virus.

              What I find amazing is that you are still making exactly the same argument 624,998 American deaths later.

              No, it isn’t “weak flu,” any more than World War II (407,316 American deaths over 45 months) was a minor squabble.

        1. The problem is that Senator Paul should not be talking to an immunologist. He actually needs a proctologist—someone with expertise in dealing with flaming anuses.

          Despite his professional training, Paul just does not seem to be able to wrap his mind around the concept that scientific knowledge, and hence scientific advice, evolves as more data is gathered and more hypotheses are tested. I say “seem” because I think he knows exactly how science works, but is choosing to posture for the cameras.

          1. Bullsh*t!

            The problem is Leftists, that would be you, attack anything Republican this time Senator Paul. We all know you have NO RESPECT for the truth, only Demonrat spin. Here’s a big dose of reality.

            The problem is Fauci is an arrogant unrepentant accomplished LIAR and flip flopped repeatedly EARNING ZERO credibility. Although their exist many examples, the most egregious flop early on essentially indicated masks don’t work and a year later advocated wearing two masks. The highest overpaid D.C. Swamp creature insider been there too long and too old. He was not a household name until President Trump appointed him to his task force, then he turned on Trump, mocked him when he left office.

            The problem is all Fauci practices is partisan power control advice, like the rest of the control freaks in the Commiecrat Party telling the world what to do with every aspect of our lives. Nothing constructive or new since the pandemic began, except weekly media appearances Fauci struggling to remain relevant for two reasons. Pandemic decline slipping into irrelevancy diminishing his ego trip as Americans are exercising their freedoms from lockdown Democrat control. Two, Fauci has been coming under growing intense scrutiny lately for his LIES and shifting talking point soundbites. Citizens will not go backwards and dramatized scare talk is useless from a discredited swamp LIAR.

            Now on to the solution. If anyone saw Rand Paul on Fox News during the week, he laid out a compelling case againgst the tin God on a golden toilet. Most damning was damage control with colleagues warning of human virus manipulation early in the pandemic as a result of Fauci approved funding used in China labs. For hours lasting until three in the morning the Senator produced damning e-mail excerpts from Fauci. You would not know that because CNN, NY Slimes and Washed Up Post did not feed it to you, they practically ignored the story.

            On to the hearing. Senator Paul respectfully and calmly asked and gave Fauci ample fair chance to retract his statement regarding “gain of function” research funding at his command. Note: remember the 3AM e-mails. Fauci became visibly irritated like we have never seen before, lost his cool and in the most DISRESPECTFUL testimony moment before Congress in U.S. history, pointed his finger at Senator Paul and called him a Liar. NO Fauci, you are the LIAR! Cornered, now covering your ass with a false aggressive display of unrepentant arrogance.

            Critical thinkers have seen this obfuscation sh*t show before with Bill not having sex with that woman and Hillary wiping servers, you mean with a cloth? And the latest tossing an illegally owned firearm (felony) in the dumpster and damning evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Where is Pelosi asking for Congressional hearings? Where is the Justice Dept. asking for an investigation and grand jury? Where is the NYT and the rest of investigative journalism pursuing the story after reports of criminal wrongdoing? Where is Comey on CNN suggesting a Mueller investigation? Answer: CRICKETS : : : : :

            As is totally PREDICTABLE the Liberal media extension arm of the Demonrat Party quick to praise Fauci as a hero standing up and condemning Paul. Three headlines because the
            list is too numerous to post:

            “If anybody is lying here, it is you’: Fauci turns tables on inquisitor Rand Paul”
            — The Guardian

            In latest clash over Wuhan lab, Fauci tells Sen. Rand Paul: ‘You do not know what you’re talking about’
            — The Washington Post

            “Rand Paul accused Anthony Fauci of lying to Congress about COVID-19 origins. Then, it got loud.”
            — USA TODAY

            Fingers crossed the reckoning is coming for this lying charlatan who may be culpable in funding the spread of the virus killing millions of lives.

            “I will be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral, because he has lied to Congress,” Paul added.

            We have scientists that will line up by the dozens to say that the research he was funding was gain-of-function. He’s doing this because he has a self interest to cover his tracks and to cover his connection to Wuhan lab.”

            — Rand Paul, Washington Examiner via Yahoo News

            Full story here:


            If Fauci was a Republican the screaming front page headlines would be deafening and endless calls for investigations and criminal wrongdoing not letting up daily for months. These dishonest days, only Demonrats get a pass from the commingling media. in other words, Justice for thee and not for me.

            Bottom line: An old farmer once said, you don’t have to a chicken to know an egg is rotten…

            1. Hey Eric, deny facts all you want. The EXACT OPPOSITE is true.

              Perhaps far Leftists should all f*ck off!

              Run home sonny, obviously you had defective public schooling and NEVER LEARNED the difference between right and wrong…

            2. Eric, the problem isn’t conservatives as that term was understood until 2016. It is the radical anti-intellectuals who have grabbed control of the Republican Party with their rejection of basic conservative principles like free markets, free trade, international alliances, government non-interference with the First Amendment freedoms, progress through science, environmental conservation, voting rights, etc. They don’t want to “conserve” anything; they want to rip 232 years of American history out by the roots (radix, the root of “radical”) and replace it with their dream vision of a shining white male city on a hill.

              The post you replied to is an example of lie piled on lie piled on lie until those who know better just get exhausted with playing whack-a-mole and shut up.

              The horrifying thing is that they seem to have succeeded in transforming the Party into something that Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would not recognize. In a recent poll, 67% of Republicans claimed that the fundamental right most often mentioned in the Constitution (five times), the right to vote, is not a right at all, but “a privilege that can be limited.” Big Brother is watching us.


      1. Could someone from the Govt’s Misinformation Bureau please chime in here with the correct information…it’s obvious we are faced with some disinfo and or, misinfo?


      2. Perhaps somebody should tell TxUseless to keep on topic without straying into his typical DEFLECTION.

        Less than 1% with Covid died and around 70% were over the age of 65 with preexisting conditions. U.S. population figures vary but around 0.5-1 in 10 were Covid positive. Guessing more people got the flu or a common cold.

        So spare us the Leftist righteous indignation, got old decades ago…

          1. I don’t have indignation LIAR! I’m saying less than 1% of people with Covid die and 70% and up have preexisting conditions.

            Certainly any life lost to Covid is unfortunate and sad we grieve for lives lost.

            But you are a partisan pimp wielding a kudgel to make a political point. Well, under Biden is the point you avoided mentioning…

          2. If you are not a liar (and I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt), you are utterly misinformed. Either way, the false information you are spreading is killing people.

            There. I said it. I am tired of talking around it. You, and the people like you are killers. People have died because of your falsehoods. You are trampling on the right to life of millions of your fellow human beings by discouraging them from taking a mortal threat seriously.

            The mortality rate from COVID-19, as reflected by actual death certificates (not the higher but more accurate number of excess deaths over the statistical norm) is 616K deaths out of 35.8M cases. That is 1.72%, not the “less than 1%” that you pulled out of your whatever. For every one of those people who died, an additional three had to be hospitalized (2,436,000–one out of 15 cases) and many of those have suffered long-term impairment.

            Either way, that is a hell of a lot of people. Without any preventive measures for what you compared with the common cold, everybody in the US will eventually catch the virus. At even 1%, that is 3.3M American deaths. On your conscience, if you had one, because you are part of the cabal encouraging the public not to take preventative steps.

            Your claim about preexisting conditions is so wildly out of context as to be a flat falsehood. Such conditions are not a rarity. According to the actuaries who make their living studying the data to set insurance rates, up to 50% of all non-elderly US residents have preexisting conditions. In the age bracket from 55 to 65, it is from 48% to 82%. The proportion gets higher as the population gets older.

            So, even if it is 70%, the percentage of preexisting conditions in people who die of COVID-19 is no higher than the percentage among people the same age in the general population. This repeated slight-of-hand misdirection has lured millions into complacency and thousands to their deaths.


            You can call me a pimp, but I know you are a killer.

  2. Of course, who knows if the real reason is COVID related, or if they actually got enough pushback from employees who figured out that their jobs could be done just as well remotely that management had to take notice and rethink things, and this is them buying some time to figure out what to do.

    More conservative elements probably would want management to take a more alpha superior stance and lay down the law with an iron fist, but in the end, hopefully saner heads will prevail for the mutual benefit of Apple, its employees, and its products.

  3. Apple has been over-wrought on this forever, their video keynotes had at least a minute of what they did to keep people safe.. they’ve kept stores closed in places where most other stores were open and doing fine.. the list could go on..

    Every time the media coughs up another thing about Covid, its usually over done.. saner medical professionals, (there are actually some out there) note that the actual impact is very low, but that doesn’t stop the media from blowing up probably inflated stats some somewhere.
    People have to realize, that people get sick, people die from some illnesses, if this keeps up, you won’t be able to sneeze without someone trying to toss you into quarantine whether you really ill or not. Sure that maybe an exaggeration, but there are inherent risks in life and if all your going to do is look for how to avoid getting sick, your never going to live..

  4. When did society become so soft? Gee..I can’t see any problem allowing those afraid to be around other people control over those who aren’t. Tell me again what the point of these ‘vaccines’ is?

    Perpetual fear…

  5. Where I live in NYC, the people who had to hustle to make money got back to work as soon as they could. If they didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. There wasn’t any way they could work remotely if they worked in the fast food business or supermarkets or pharmacies. If you’re not going to get paid, there’s little reason to just sit home and hope things improve. I’m retired, so I don’t have to go to work but I did have to go shopping for food and all throughout the pandemic, most of the places I needed to buy food from remained open. I always made sure I tipped the supermarket cashiers who had to deal with the public on a daily basis. I always thanked the bus drivers who got me to where I needed to go whenever I had to use the bus. I mainly go everywhere using my bicycle or electric scooter so I rarely use the bus or trains.

    I understand how people who work remotely don’t want the hassle of coming into work anymore. It’s cool to sit around in pajamas all day long and never have to waste time to combat the auto traffic. When I did word-processing, I would have been happy to work from home and only occasionally go into the office. That would have been sweet to save two hours of commuting time each day. I always had a Mac, a laser-printer and an internet connection since the 1990s, so I was set.

    I’m 73 years-old and I’m fully vaccinated but I continue to wear my KN-95 masks in public. I’m just playing it safe. Buses and trains in NYC require riders to wear masks so I’ll keep wearing one until that mandate is changed and maybe I’ll wear it longer. Not sure about that. In Manhattan, many people don’t even bother to wear masks or social-distance anymore. They don’t seem to have any fears of the virus but that’s how young people are. The teenagers at the parks are playing touch sports with no masks and they’re breathing hard. So it’s strange how varied the thinking is. Some people are worried about catching Covid-19 but others don’t worry about it, at all. I believe if you’re vaccinated, there’s no good reason not to return to work at the office. Now those Apple employees are just milking it but I don’t blame them if they can get away with it.

    1. Having lived in Manhattan for several years, I can get where the attitudes around COVID and social distancing come from. That place is a can of sardines. At least when I lived up in Washington Heights and rode the 1/A trains downtown, you could at least breathe. Then the one year I lived in Staten Island and had to ride the 4/5 train up from Bowling Green (after the ferry), we were literally smooshed up against each other.

      In an environment like that, if you go out, you don’t social distance because there’s no room to. But then when that’s the case, during a pandemic, in order to avoid getting sick, the only way to social distance is literally to stay home.

  6. Question: Do tech companies “need” to have workers come to the office? . . . My friend worked for General Electric in the early 2000s, and they were already doing videoconfering at the time, connecting with managers around the world . . . I knew a guy who worked for a firm that subcontracted with Apple– he did jobs like updating the code for an app like Keynote– I don’t think he was even allowed to set foot in Apple Park (as he was a subcontractor) . . . so I think this notion that “people need to go to the office to work” is outdated (especially for tech companies) . . . . My personal opinion is that managers like to have employees in the office, so they can micromanage them, and basically feel like they have a sense of “control” over them . . . but moving forward, I don’t see employees having loyalty to a company (even Google employees have an average lifespan of 3 years) . . . Companies will need to have more flexible work schedules, to compete for the best workers, and I expect to see more new companies (like, owned by Automattic) that create a company structure built around remote workers.

    1. The answer is no, they don’t. This whole attitude of railing against remote work, characterizing it as an “overpaid vacation” and the employees who are pushing for it as entitled and lazy is a notion pushed by managers who want to, just as you said, micromanage and control their employees, while the working class who buy into these arguments are right wingers who want to fulfill their fetish for some sort of moral superiority by simping for managers, and by extension, simping for capitalism.

      Employees don’t want to work remotely because of the pandemic. It’s just the pandemic made them realize that they could, and they want to maintain that newfound freedom over their work process that they’ve gained. Only narcissistic control freaks and the right wingers who simp for them (because they themselves are thwarted narcissistic control freaks) would want to take that freedom away.

  7. I, for one, am excited about this finally picked by mainstream media:

    Thirty freaking nine percent efficacy of Pfizer vaccine! This is the beginning of the end of the RNA vaccine myth. The MSM in the last weeks has been trumpeting “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and now it turns out it is a pandemic of the vaccinated. Folks, beware of getting in contact with the vaccinated because they are the silent spreaders now, with their reckless behavior and sense of invincibility.

    1. More news from the Mirror Universe. The vaccine is about 99% effective in preventing deaths from Covid-19. The 39% includes asymptomatic cases only apparent because Israel has a comprehensive program of frequent testing. Those individuals are substantially less contagious than those with a higher virus load. In addition, they pose a much lower risk in Israel because almost all the adults around them are vaccinated, unlike the situation in some US states where 60% of the population is unvaccinated. Finally, in what part of this universe is 39% protection worse than no protection at all?

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