Apple Music to hold ‘Special Event’ today, immediately after WWDC keynote address

In a video posted on Apple Music, Apple is promoting a “Special Event” called “Introducing Spatial Audio” that will take place on June 7 at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT, right around the time the WWDC keynote address is expected to end.

Apple Music to hold 'Special Event' today, immediately after WWDC keynote address

Apple in May announced that Apple Music would be bringing industry-leading sound quality to subscribers with the addition of Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos. Spatial Audio gives artists the opportunity to create immersive audio experiences for their fans with true multidimensional sound and clarity. Apple Music subscribers will also be able to listen to more than 75 million songs in Lossless Audio — the way the artists created them in the studio. These new features will be available for Apple Music subscribers starting this month at no additional cost.

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

Currently not on the WWDC schedule, this event is related to Spatial Audio for ‌Apple Music‌, which Apple has said will launch later this month…

The company has been promoting the new features across social media and within the ‌Apple Music‌ app; however, the mention of a special event dedicated fully to it had previously remained undisclosed.

MacDailyNews Take: Currently the video link return an “Item Not Available” dialog box and resolves to Apple Music’s main page with no mention of the “Special Event,” so your guess is as good as ours. Perhaps it was meant to be officially announced during the WWDC keynote address.

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