While blasting Macs in ads, Intel wants to win Apple’s foundry business

New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says he’s already approached Apple CEO Tim Cook in an effort to begin repairing the frayed relationship between the two companies with an aim at landing at least some of Apple’s foundry business.

Recently beleaguered Intel enlisted out-of-work former “I’m a Mac”’ actor Justin Long to talk down Apple Silicon in a new ad campaign, which is an interesting way for Gelsinger to go about repairing his struggling, years-behind outfit’s relationship with the world’s most valuable company.

MacDailyNews Take: Gelsinger’s at the front of the car smearing on the Bondo while his weak marketing team is at the rear trying to lift a sledgehammer to take a few whacks at it. Trying and failing.

How ’bout, before you start making your sales calls, you get your people on the same page, Patty?

Intel snail

Brian Sozzi for Yahoo Finance:

“So obviously you’ve seen some of the competitive energies [in chipmaking] resume because there’s a lot of great innovation to be done, and we haven’t seen PC demand at this level for a decade and a half. The world needs more of that, and there is competitive fun going on with Apple and the Mac ecosystem,” Gelsinger told Yahoo Finance Live.

Gelsinger said he is hopeful that Intel could win back business from Apple. He is focused on helping Apple manufacture its owns chips through its facilities.

“Apple is a customer, and I hope to make them a big foundry customer because today they’re wholly dependent on Taiwan Semiconductor. We want to present great options for them to leverage our foundry services, as well, just like we’re working with Qualcomm and Microsoft to leverage our foundry. We’re going to be delivering great technology, some things that can’t be done anywhere else in the world,” Gelsinger explained.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, you never know, Apple could launch a line of calculators any day now. Intel would be a great foundry for that.

“We’ve got a supercomputer and a calculator. Calculator’d be good for you.” – Tim Cook to Pat Gelsinger

If Apple ever has a need for big, hot, slow 10nm and up antiquated junk with yields from hell, we’re sure they’ll give old inept Intel a call!

Happy repairing, Patty!

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  1. TSMC is what it is today because Apple invested in the company when they were relatively unknown. Why would Apple turn their backs on TSMC in favour of a company who trash talk Apple?

    Intel is running scared …. and with good reason too.

    1. I don’t think Intel could go through a sales pitch with Apple about being a foundry without someone from Apple having to excuse themselves to get their laughing under control. They can only make a larger, slower, more power hungry chip compared with TSMC.

  2. Samsung “stole” Apples ios/iphone ideas from Apple and they were locked in a lawsuit -still. But it prevent them from being one of the largest supplier of ios parts. So i can see Apple using intel to produce chips even as they enter a public forum battle over whose chip is better or faster. Apple wants value in their supply chain so they can feed the investor profit machine.

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