Tim Cook discusses M1 Macs, COVID-19, App Store regulation, and more at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting

Apple held its annual shareholders meeting today, virtually due to COVID-19. Apple CEO Tim Cook took questions from investors the Macintosh, dealing with COVID-19, Apple TV+, and more.

Tim Cook discusses M1 Macs, COVID-19, App Store regulation, and more at Apple's annual shareholders meeting
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

This year, things were even drier than usual because the virtual setup of the event allowed Apple to screen questions easily, so nothing outlandish ended up being asked directly to CEO Tim Cook. In the past, the shareholders meeting has been held in-person at Steve Jobs Theater.

During his opening remarks, Apple Cook touched broadly on Apple’s performance throughout 2020. This included Apple’s record-setting holiday quarter, the M1 Mac lineup, Apple TV+ receiving award nominations, and the company’s focus on privacy.

Following the opening remarks, we moved into a question and answer session.

MacDailyNews Note: Read the transcription of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s responses to the more notable questions during the Q&A session at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting here.

AAPL shareholders with their unique control number can access the meeting playback after 24 hours by visiting www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/AAPL2021.

(AAPL shareholders: The bank, broker, or other organization that holds your Apple shares has issued proxy materials to you that should include your unique control number.)


  1. Nothing “outlandish” was asked, like why Tim Cook decided to transform the positive, free expression loving Apple of Steve Jobs into a Marxism supporting, Big Brother censor which attacks the First Amendment and America every day.

    Outlandish is what Tim Cook has done to Steve Jobs’ Apple.

    1. Kent, we care about you, man. Get some help, okay?

      I know it’s hard to tell sometimes, but this is not your Facebook wall, my dude. This is not a political forum and the vast majority of these issues are not partisan. Apple fans are everywhere on the political spectrum from Rush Limbaugh to Karl Marx. They both worshiped Stevo.

      Call your doctor and start those meds again.

      We’re all rooting for your recovery.

      1. Not that it will sway your belief system, but here’s what Timo had to say about political contributions.

        “Our policy on political contributions is a very simple one: we don’t make them. We don’t have a political action committee, we never have, we never will. Our approach to engagement, now and always, is about policy, not politics. There are places where that means we will speak up and speak out. We’re not in the business of making political contributions and that’s the right approach.”

        1. All you do Kent, using the ad hominem approach, is prove their point. Please keep your “brain dead” politics off this site. Step away from the conspiracy theories (you never met one you didn’t like) and gullible tendencies. That way lies madness.

      2. Who the hell are you? Everything has become a political forum since the totalitarians at places like Apple have made it so. Tim Cook and his prog buddies wants their critics and political opponents silenced, the next step is arresting and disappearing them, works like clockwork throughout history. And to put Rush and Marx as two extremes of the political spectrum is clueless, who is off the meds dude?

    2. Kent demonstrates everyday that he has no effing clue what Karl Marx’s economic theories were. If Kent knew anything about economic systems, he wouldn’t incessantly try to stick a label for a strong pro-labor economic model to the capitalists’ pride and joy, the richest corporation in the world, which is famed for outsourcing practically all manual labor positions so that it could focus on the true purpose of a corporation: to transfer cash from the customer to the corporate executive as quickly as possible.

      Kent is all bent outta shape because gay Timmy is at least 500 times more successful as a capitalist than Kent is. Not that Kent would be willing to share his income for an accurate comparison. Kent is all about self-victimization just like his hero the orange one term loser hero he and his buddies mindlessly support.

      1. President Trump is living rent-free in that prog bubble head of yours ain’t he? You don’t sound too happy that your favorite dementia patient and Willie Brown’s mattress “won”, all you had to do was kill democracy with a fake election, smile boy!

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