Apple preps ‘iPhone 13 mini’ despite lackluster iPhone 12 mini demand

Apple reportedly hasn’t given up on “small” iPhones and will indeed produce an “iPhone 13 mini,” despite various reports from disparate sources that Apple’s diminutive 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini isn’t selling in huge volumes:

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini sales sluggish as small phones see muted demand
Apple switches 2 million units of production from iPhone 12 mini to iPhone 12 Pro
• iPhone 12 Pro Max sees higher demand than iPhone 12 mini

The smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G smartphone in the world, iPhone 12 mini features the advanced technology of iPhone 12 in a compact design with an immersive edge-to-edge display.
Apple’s 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini

Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

It is understood that Apple has not given up on the 5.4-inch model yet, and is broadly expected to include the form factor in its ‌iPhone 13‌ lineup, likely to be launched in the fall.

This belief is reflected in the earliest reports of the ‌iPhone 13‌ series, all of which underlined that Apple would follow the same four-model lineup as the ‌iPhone 12‌ in the same three sizes. Indeed, Apple will have had its ‌iPhone 13‌ production and supply chain operation planned out well in advance, and if the above reasons for poor ‌iPhone 12 mini‌ sales are on the mark, Apple may well be expecting an upturn in demand for the smaller size in its target markets, as vaccination programs roll out and lockdowns ease over the course of the year.

As recently as this past weekend, hit-and-miss Apple leaker Jon Prosser claimed that the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini will indeed materialize later this year, with the accompanying claim that there will be no new “2021” ‌iPhone SE‌, of which the current model may have cannibalized some ‌iPhone 12 mini‌ sales.

MacDailyNews Take: Rejoice, ye relative handful of lovers of iPhones that take up nary a handful!

You know, we’d love to see how sales would be if the 5.4-inch “iPhone 13” were not just an “iPhone 13 mini,” but an “iPhone 13 Pro mini.”


  1. If they do, I hope that the operating system forces phone app developers to take better account of screen size on smaller phones like the iPhone 7. iOS 14 has made about 25% of my apps unusable, they have tiny icons so close to the edges of the screen that they are unuseable. iOS14 is chaos! Mac user since 1988, the list of things that the touch interface cannot do is so much longer than what it does correctly is huge. Web interface designer since 2004. Apple not what it was in user friendly-ness, and has been heading that way for 10 years. No, I do not want a bigger phone!

    1. Yes. The screen does not scale as well as it should. Hopefully iOS 15 will fix that.

      The big problem that has kept many people away from the 12 mini is battery life. I know several potential mini buyers that got a 12 or a 12 Pro (or even a non iPhone) instead simply because of the 12 mini’s battery life.

      If Apple can fix the battery life issue without making the “iPhone 13 mini” that much thinker, it will likely have a winner.

    2. Going from an iPhone 6+ to an X was the worst “upgrade” of a tech product in my life. What was supposed to be a slightly larger screen actually includes a bunch of wasted vertical space and is narrower, so typing and other things are less accurate. They’ve even eliminated the battery percentage ostensibly because of the notch, but it’s just another manipulative move. I’m considering a used 8+ as my next “upgrade” for $400 instead of a $1200+ albatross, if only for the Touch ID instead of the frustrating Face ID!

    1. The actual problem is Face ID, with current iPhone design. The screen notch doesn’t scale in size to match the screen size. If it could be smaller, it would be smaller on all iPhones. Current iPhone mini screen size is as small as it can be without the ugly notch taking up too much of that edge.

  2. iPhone mini should exist, for customers who mainly use an iPad and/or Mac for their computing needs. For that audience, an iPhone mostly need to fulfill their mobile needs and be as small and light as possible. It may not be the biggest seller in Apple’s lineup, but it sells more than a lot of smartphones that are not iPhone.

    I use iPhone SE (2016 model) because it is VERY “mini,” has a good 12 MP camera, and currently runs the latest iOS and software that I use. It’s amazingly affordable as a third-party refurb, about 1/3 cost of new (larger) iPhone SE.

    I’d like the next iPhone SE (maybe 2023) to be a variant of current iPhone mini design, with rumored through-screen Touch ID (or Touch ID on power button), no Face ID. Edge-to-edge screen without notch.

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