Disney+ hits 94.9 million paid subscribers

Disney reported earnings after the bell Thursday. Disney said it now has 94.95 million paid subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service as of the quarter ended January 2nd.

"Baby Yoda" (Grogu) from Disney+ "The Mandalorian"
“Baby Yoda” (Grogu) from Disney+ “The Mandalorian”

Lauren Feiner and Sarah Whitten for CNBC:

The stock was up around 3% after hours.

Here are the key numbers:
• Earnings per share: 32 cents adjusted vs loss of 41 cents expected, according to Refinitiv
• Revenue: $16.25 billion vs $15.9 billion expected, according to Refinitiv

Average monthly revenue per paid Disney+ subscriber, however, dipped 28% between compared to the same quarter last year, from $5.56 to $4.03. That’s because this number now includes subscribers to Disney+ Hotstar, which launched in India and Indonesia last year. The service has lower average monthly revenue per paid subscriber than traditional Disney+ in other markets, pulling down the overall average for the quarter.

On Disney’s earnings call, CFO Christine McCarthy said that excluding Hotstar, average revenue per paid Disney+ subscriber would have been $5.37 in the quarter.

McCarthy also said Disney will not regularly report streaming subscriber numbers in future quarters as it’s now more than a year out from the launch of Disney+. But, she said, they may disclose some milestones.

MacDailyNews Take: Disney+, as expected, is posting strong numbers.

Of course, Apple TV+, at just $4.99 per month, doesn’t have to disrupt Netflix and/or Disney+ by taking subscribers; it’s additive. Most people who already subscribe to Netflix and/or Disney+ will simply add Apple TV+, not drop Netflix and/or Disney+ for it.


  1. Yea, hate to say it, once they fired Gina Carano for her political opinions, I instantly cancelled Disney+. Tired of this totalitarian fascism and I wont support it, no matter how much I enjoyed the mandalorian. It’s cancelled.

    1. A significant proportion of the American public does not regard comparisons between Wokeness and the Holocaust as just a political opinion. They regard it as trivializing the murder of at least twelve million people. Specifically, they regard it as a form of Holocaust denial, which is a not-particularly-subtle form of anti-semitism. Disney cannot appear to tolerate that, because many of their customers would interpret it as an endorsement of her opinions.

      1. TX the racist is back this time defending the astonishing ignorance of cancel culture. That proportion of American culture you speak of barely knows the Holocaust happened. What do they give it in public schools these days, a paragraph?

        Othering was the process used by the Nazis to make the German population accept the heinous atrocities being perpetrated against Jews and others. Carano is absolutely spot on to point out the blatant othering that is occurring in the United States right now.

        Idiots on MSNBC discuss drone strikes against Trump Supporters on American soil, and no one bats an eye.
        The never ending hobby of the left… aka cancel culture. They find something they don’t like about you and you’re targeted until you’re gone.
        Congress people suggesting that conservatives be placed in deprogramming camps.
        People being blacklisted to prevent the, from working again if they supported Trump.
        Congress people saying Trump supporters are dangerously mentally ill.
        Congress people saying that Conservatives are the new ISIS and represent a greater terrorist threat than external threats.

        7.People living in fear of speaking their minds.

        Corporate flunkies crushing companies because they cater to other points of view.

        9.,The first amendment rights of conservatives being violated at every turn.

        10.:Late night entertainment used to other Trump supporters as well as mainstream news media.

        I don’t care what your leftist friends don’t like because they are dancing the dance of fascism with glee.

        Gina Carano is 100% correct.

        “… Othering is therefore a process that denies the humanity of targeted individuals, and promotes inequality, discrimination, and persecution. The term “othering” is more commonly used in English, where it literally means to ‘make other.’ “

        The left is out of control and they are dragging the nation into the gutter with them. There is no excuse for this behavior. It is sickening and it is totally reminiscent of how the Nazis dehumanized Jews.

      2. the first rapper to be censored is a long time. Apple music and Spotify remove this song. regardless of what you think about the track, we have gotten to censoring art and burning books. Classic marxist playbook. The CCP must be so proud of the control they have over corporate America.

  2. All your examples are questionable, but let’s focus on #9. You say that conservatives are having their First Amendment rights being violated at every turn. Please give at least one example of a governmental agency taking an official action that violates the religion, speech, press, assembly, or petition rights of conservatives but not non-conservatives.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion. However, your answer is unresponsive to the question, which called for facts. After 22 hours, nobody has been able to come up with a single example of these First Amendment violations that are “happening at every turn.”

    1. She threw her career away with working with shameless and evil Disney. No loss for her, She keeps her personal convections, integrity and her freedom of speech. And not dealing with a company that promotes racial genocide, salve labor and organ harvesting is just some of the benefits she gets for not working with the devil mouse.

  3. Look it’s quite simple. Disney is a private company and they can do what they want. If, rightly or wrongly they think Carano’s comments are unacceptable and are a bad look for the company then they can terminate her from their employ, end of story. If there are viewers who don’t like it then they can terminate their subscriptions to Disney.

    Now to sum this up let me me make two points:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech it’s a corporate decision and,
    Walt Disney was known for his anti-semitic views and the modern Disney has for decades been trying to create space between Walt’s opinions and where they are now so I can understand why they made this decision.

    Now as we sometimes say in the land of Oz: “Have a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down”. End of story!

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