HBO Max wins biggest share of new Q420 streaming subs; Apple TV+ holds 6.2% market share for FY2020

AT&T’s HBO Max, which got off to a slow start, drew the largest share of new streaming subscribers in the fourth quarter, according to Kantar’s Entertainment on Demand Service.

In April 2020, WarnerMedia has inked a deal with Apple to distribute HBO Max, its streaming service that launched on May 27, 2020, via the Apple TV app on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD.

Apple to distribute HBO Max

Jon Lafayette for Broadcasting+Cable:

Kantar estimates that [in total] the number of SVOD subscriptions reached 233 million by the end of December, with the average home having 3.5 streaming video subscriptions, up from 3.1 at the start of 2020.

During the fourth quarter, HBO Max attracted 19.2% of new subscribers, up from 13.4% in the third quarter. Kantar said HBO Max got a boost from its parent company’s decision to release the full slate of Warner Brothers films simultaneously in movie theaters and on HBO Max.

In the fourth quarter, Amazon Prime Video attracted 18.2% of new subscribers, up from 17.75% in Q3; Hulu got 13.7%, up from 13.5%; Disney Plus drew 13%, up from 12.7; Netflix got 7.4%, down from 9.8% and Apple TV Plus had a 5.9% share, down from 6.7%.

For the full year, Disney Plus attracted 18.3% of new SVOD subscribers, followed by Prime Video with 17%, Hulu with 13.2%, HBO Max with 12%, Netflix with 12.5% and Apple TV Plus with 6.2%.

In terms of individual shows, Season 2 of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian was the top-rated title during the fourth quarter. It was followed by The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit.

MacDailyNews Take: In a statement, Dominic Sunnebo, senior VP at Kantar, Worldpanel Division, said that 41% of new HBO Max subscribers in Q4 cited specific content as their key motivator for signing up, an increase from 32% the prior quarter. Roughly 20% of those new subscribers craving content cited Wonder Women 1984 as a factor in their choice.

“Whilst Netflix subscribers remain highly engaged, the content slate and current proposition does not appear strong enough to drive continued subscriber growth in the presence of multiple highly competitive service launches,” Sunnebo said. “We are also seeing challenges coming from two other sources; the price rise in Q4 has driven an increase in planned cancellation, with this rise cited as the key reason and the continued blowback from the Cuties release. Whilst overall retention remains solid, in Q4 almost 1 in 10 cancellations was directly as a result from fallout from the Cuties release, or broader disagreement with Netflix’s political leanings. These reasons impact both potential acquisition opportunities as well as retention of existing subscribers.”


  1. Apple+ is a wokefest pile of crap. I unsubscribed from the free trial. They had to extend the free trial jus to keep their crap numbers from looking even crappier. Every single show they have cant help but injecting crap woke ideology. They have no room nor no tolerance for any media that isn’t goose-step with their ideology.

    I’d rather burn my money than subscribe to Apple+ and it seems the market agrees. Even for free, they dont matter.

  2. Apple TV+ =

    – Men are evil
    – Men can’t lead
    – Men are idiots
    – Women are enlightened
    – Women need to lead
    – Kids are smarter and wiser than their parents and adults
    – Gay, trans, something in every show is a near requirement

    Don’t for a moment believe this is JUST Apple. This is nearly all the streaming services in virtually every show. Attempted to watch Lost In Space Season 2 on Netflix. Second episode Dad says “We are leaving.” Everyone looks at him, in kinda shock. I’m in shock also. “Oh my, for the first time since Lord of the Rings I’m seeing a male choose to lead!” Then he turns to his wife “Tell them what we are going to do.” Because you see, he’s just the muscle, she’s the brains and is the true leader all the time in the show.

    On on and it goes.

    Here’s an idea: Turn them off. End the subscriptions (just ended our Netflix, won’t subscribe to Apple TV+ either once the freebie ends). Spend some time with the family paying – get this – games. Talk about issues, what crap they are teaching in public schools. You know, important stuff, vs WOKE narrative TV shows in order to indoctrinate the country.

  3. Wow, there sure are a lot of victimized males here. Well, at least two. I’m guessing they’re more in the woods with drums and spears.

    Listen, here’s the thing for simian males frightened, annoyed, or feeling oppressed by this “wokefest” that has created women as smart leads. It just seems like men are dumb when writers write female characters EQUAL to them on-screen. They’re not any dumber or smarter than they ever were when 90% of all the leads in TV and movies were all male (and predominantly white). There was just no other 3 dimensional gender to compare them to.

    Whadda a buncha snowflakes, I tell ya. [insert ROTFL emoji here]

    Truth is, art, culture, music, fashion, theater invariably grow bored of the same thing. Centuries of theater and film that looked the same…just…got…boring. Zzzzz…The needle is not swinging back. It has never swung this way before. Ever.

    Meanwhile, AppleTV+ has some truly award winning material there and is free for anyone lucky enough to have an M1 MacBook Air on their lap right now. Ask me what I got for Xmas… Go on…

    If you have not seen and loved “Ted Lasso,” you are not human.

    It’s one of the best, heart warming comedies in many years, with outstanding writing, hilariously good acting and a delightful story line. And for the white males begrudging women of their fullness on the silver screen? It about a football coach, okay? Two of them, actually. Lots of award nominations and I’ll be shocked of Tim Allen (a registered Conservative funny man who grunts better than the best of them) doesn’t love it and want to guest star in Season 2.

    “The Morning Show” is not a comedy. Say that 3 times.

    I’ve been begging people to watch it because it’s again, one of the best, most serious dramas on TV in many years. Tons of Emmy Nominations. It had to compete with itself. Billy Cruddup won a well deserved Emmy, but everybody’s favorite male, Steve Carrell is also a star and plays an amazingly complex character. Mark Duplass is a perfect wreck too. And yes, there are at least half a dozen very strong female roles by Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and (seriously) many, many more. It’s a cast of thousands. Every one is EQUALLY good, Silverbacks. No one is 100% evil or good. Just like your relationship status: It’s complicated.

    “For All Mankind” even has “man” in title and some truly outstanding masculine, maley male leads. Some of my favorite actors are in this alternative history space race film with Joel Kinnaman and Michael Dorman. What hairy chested male could not love these guys?! Especially with a great script, direction and story. And yet––wait for it––there are these strong female characters too and they’re not just wives of the astronauts. They’re actually astronauts too! Sonya Walger, Shantel VanSanten, Krys Marshall and Sarah Jones are just as interesting as the male characters. Imagine that.

    If you want to diss AppleTV, confine your comments to the hardware at least. Both of our AppleTVs are now offline and replaced with Roku in our All American Apple household. But AppleTV+, the network, while not having a ton of material online yet, has had a very high quality of home theater.

    [I’m only sorry that WonderWoman’84 was so bad, but that’s not her fault. And it was not produced by Apple.]

    So, really fellas? Are you that annoyed with being slightly more awake in your LazyBoy?

    C’mon, men. Equality is sexy. Entertainment is better when ALL of the characters on-screen get the benefit of 3 dimensions. Wake up. Your woman needs to go investigate that sound in the backyard.


  4. I’m amused you’re able to find some whiff of sexism or racism in my comments, but I guess illiteracy has had its way with you. Just remember that zombies eat brains, but don’t possess them. Common mistake to confuse the two. Same with imaginary “facts” -vs- evidence based reasoning. Ooga booga.

    Too bad you feel so threatened by AppleTV+ programs. You’re missing out on some high quality stuff.

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