Apple CEO Tim Cook to appear on ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss Parler, free speech, and more

Apple CEO Tim Cook will appear on Fox News Sunday at 9 a.m. ET (check local listings) with host Chris Wallace, Fox News announced Friday. Cook will talk about Apple’s decision to remove Parler from the App Store, free speech, Big Tech, and more.

Tim Cook to appear on ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss Parler, free speech, and more

Fox News has released a pair of clips ahead of the airing of the full interview on Sunday:

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Big Tech has rules, regulations that people need to abide by

Apple CEO Tim Cook: If Parler got their ‘moderation together,’ the company wouldn’t be suspended

MacDailyNews Take: Again, Apple’s stated reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

Yet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have never been suspended from Apple’s App Store.

Anyone who claims that Twitter and/or Facebook have robust content moderation in place that effectively removes harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity is either ignorant or lying.

MacDailyNews Note: Earlier this week, Tim Cook appeared on CBS This Morning where he also stated that Parler can return to the App Store, but they must first comply with Apple’s App Store Terms of Service.

UPDATE: January 17, 2021, 9:40pm PST: The full interview:


  1. Yet Twitter and Facebook have never been pulled for allowing the same and worse.

    Tim Cook is an insufferable hypocrite. So are Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey.

    1. Man, you’re getting a lot of mileage out of these random old tweets. Most of these accounts don’t exist anymore or the tweets were deleted. Kathy Griffin was famously suspended and investigated by DOJ. Facebook and Twitter are not by any stretch perfect, but Parler was even worse than them.

      Also, you know there there are equally, if not worse tweets from right wingers that I could screenshot for you (but don’t have the time that you do to copy paste the same screenshots over and over again). I’d show you some pretty awful stuff from Parler too if I had screenshoted them when they existed.

      Stop being so intellectually dishonest. Organized incitement of violence was Parler’s downfall. They attacked OUR CAPITAL and killed a Trump supporting capital hill cop.

      I want Parler back on the app store too because free speech and all that, but not if it’s going to lead to more of this type of violence. If you were on Parler, you know that you’re being intellectually dishonest.

      Even MDN can’t defend Parler directly. They have to go the weak “but they did it to”, instead of directly stating how egregious Parler’s failure to act was.

      1. Unfortunately people like “First Then” are utter hypocrites who want everything their way but don’t want any one else to have a voice. They’re like Terminators. They can’t be talked to, or reasoned with, and they absolutely will not stop. If you’re not for Trump you’re a traitor while turning a blind eye to things Trump does that they’d be screaming at if it was a Democrat.

        They love to shout “But, but, but BLM!” as they ignore the fact that thousands were arrested and that BLM is about giving rights to everyone while the right wing movement is about talking rights away as, for some twisted reason, other people (ie non-white) having the same rights they do somehow infringes on theirs. It’s so odd.

    2. You all might want to see yourselves what Tim Cook said. The full 7-minute interview has been online for the last 15.5 hours. As far as I can tell, nobody on this site has provided a link. I tried, but the site rejected my comment with a link to the Fox News FaceBook account.

    3. Let’s singalong instead.
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      1. I’d like to offer another verse.
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    1. “Thought police?” You meant Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, of course.

      So, what is this mythical third option besides “ignorant or lying” that explains Tim Cook’s, and by extension, Apple’s obvious hypocrisy?

      1. The third option would be both ignorant and lying. In this case, Tim Cook is ignorant and/or lying.

        The reason we have the First Amendment is to protect speech with which others (including and especially the government) disagree.

        If we “got our acts together” and only said things with which the Dem/Lib/Progs like Cook, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos agreed, we wouldn’t need the First Amendment.

        The ONLY answer to free speech is more free speech.

        1. So your suggested remedy is for the Texas Attorney General to force Apple to promote speech with which he, as an officer of the State of Texas, agrees rather than speech which Apple voluntarily chooses to support. Big Brother is indeed watching us. As you suggest, the answer to free speech for conservatives is not to deny free speech for liberals.

          Interesting theory that the government can deny constitutional rights to Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook because they are rich; an unusual theory for a Republican.

    2. JC, I am going to strongly defend MDN against your charge.

      To be “thought police” you have to be police. That is to say, you have to be a government employee or be acting on behalf of the government. The police, like other governmental parties, are bound by the First Amendment requirement not to inhibit free expression and the Fourteenth Amendment requirement to provide equal protection and due process.

      MDN is a private party, so it can do anything it likes that isn’t illegal and does not violate any of its contractual obligations. It has no duty to avoid expressing opinions some of its readers might find objectionable. It has no duty to provide the objectors with the means to spread their views. It can ignore them, delete their posts, or bar them from the site at MDN’s sole discretion (subject only to the laws protecting certain classes from discrimination in the provision of services).

      MDN has no duty to avoid what somebody else might regard as bias. It need not treat all its users alike. For example, it can act against the most blatant offenders first, to make an example of them for others. It need not have that rationale, or any rationale at all. The Fourteenth Amendment rules against arbitrary and capricious conduct only apply to governmental parties. There may be legal rules requiring, for example, good cause before terminating an employee, but any law purporting to restrict MDN from holding a particular view or supporting that view would be unconstitutional.

      That applies to Apple too, of course.

      1. Then put it this way: ~If you think or feel this way, then you are that.~

        Maybe a better description would be MDN is engaging in gaslighting its readers.

        In any case, it is distasteful and political. All of which has torn MDN apart as a neutral source of news, analysis and discussion about Apple. It has become more of a place where the official MDN commentary is driven by the political thought and agenda of a few people.

        Maybe that’s what MDN wants, to become a harsh critic of Apple and Tim Cook. And become the voice of conservative and extremist views about technology, society, politics and culture. Not something I’m interested in. I’m only sticking around to see how Trumpism is still tearing apart various segments of our country, and be cognizant about it. And it is ugly, and MDN is doing its best (consciously or not) to inflame it.

        1. JC – I think you’re on to something here. I would add that this kind of divisive and political comments section, not to mention MDN “takes” are mostly to keep people engaged to help their ad revenue.

  2. I know we’re only a few comments into this story but I want to thank everyone for not making Tim Cook gay jokes, then again this is the MDN comments sections, so perhaps I shouldn’t hold my breath.

  3. If you think Twitter has improved its moderation to eliminate hate and threats you don’t get around much. Bottom line is that anyone with eyes and a brain can see that this was a COORDINATED Big Tech Tyranny effort to take down Parler because it competed with Twitter. If Parler had remained up, it would have overtaken Twitter in weeks. Twitter is a cesspool. Big tech decided that Parler, an independent competing platform, had to be eliminated and they stomped it because they could. Sadly, astonishingly, Apple — the once anti-Big Brother — was a key part of it. This will have a slow deleterious effect on Apple. I once trusted the company, now I don’t. It’s not part of the solution to Big Tech arrogance, it’s part of the problem. Just a few weeks ago, I was considering buying a Home Pod mini and I was definitely looking forward to Air Tags. Now, you couldn’t pay me to have those products in my home. I don’t think I’m alone. I respected Tim Cook immensely — now, not so much. I am sorry he got involved in this.

    1. Apple has no stake in Twitter and have publicly feuded with Facebook about it’s egregious privacy infractions. Will you be exchanging your iPhone for a Samsung rip off too?

      Parler was around for 2 years where people on there were free to spew whatever bile they liked with no consequences. Then the capital hill attack happened and they were suspended for their critical role in helping organize the treason. 2 years and they still didn’t take over twitter, what makes you think they were going to do in a couple of weeks?

      If Facebook and Twitter were just as bad then why did Parler even exist? Clearly it was because the big two were doing more to boot out bad actors.

      Private companies don’t owe you free speech. The government does. Neither will allow incitement of violence.

      1. “If Facebook and Twitter were just as bad then why did Parler even exist? Clearly it was because the big two were doing more to boot out bad actors.”

        Wow, utterly stupid. It wasn’t that they were doing more. It’s just that they saw nothing wrong with some peoples way of thinking because it matched their own! Jeezzzzz.

        Get rid of the treason behind the messages, ANTIFA, BLM, not the messenger, Parler.

        1. I didn’t see any BLM people killing the capital hill police officer or threatening another with “kill him with his own gun”. I do not support violence of any kind because we live in a civilized country. BLM ANTIFA or Trump supporters.

          Agreed, it’s a good think stupid speech isn’t banned otherwise we wouldn’t have the MDN comments section.

          1. 🚨🚨🚨 Breaking News:

            Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist John Sullivan has been arrested and charged with federal crimes after attending the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

            Here’s John Sullivan’s mugshot:

            According to an official affidavit released by the Department of Justice Thursday evening, Sullivan had a knife and dressed in body armor. He told others who breached the building that they should start a fire and burn the U.S. Capitol building down.

            “Sullivan stated that he was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, when scores of individuals entered it. Sullivan stated he was wearing a ballistic vest and gas mask while there. He showed the interviewing agent the ballistic vest. He further stated that he entered the U.S. Capitol with others through a window that had been broken out. Sullivan stated he followed the crowd as the crowd pushed past U.S. Capitol Police and followed the crowd into the U.S. Capitol,” the affidavit states. “Sullivan further stated that he had been present at the shooting of a woman within the U.S. Capitol by a U.S. Capitol Police officer and that he had filmed the incident.”

            “After the crowd broke through the last barricade, and as Sullivan and the others approach the Capitol Building, Sullivan can be heard in the video saying at various points: ‘There are so many people. Let’s go. This shit is ours! F-ck yeah,’ “We accomplished this shit. We did this together. F-ck yeah! We are all a part of this history,’ and ‘Let’s burn this shit down,'” the affidavit continues.

            Last summer, Sullivan organized a BLM protest with other leftist groups, including a local ANITFA chapter. The event became violent and one person was shot. He was arrested at the time.

            July 10, 2020: Organizer of Provo protest arrested, accused of rioting, making threats

            One of the organizers of a protest in Provo that resulted in a motorist being shot was arrested on Thursday.

            John Earle Sullivan, 25, of Sandy, was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of rioting, making a threat of violence and criminal mischief.

            On Facebook, its event page was originally titled End Police Brutality but was later changed to Marching for Racial Equality. The Facebook pages listed the event’s hosts as the groups Insurgence, Solidarity for Justice, Salt Lake Equal Rights Movement and the Salt Lake Antifascist Coalition. [ANTIFA, not just an idea, after all.]

            [Facebook, not Parler. Facebook remains in Apple’s App Store. Untouched. because Facebook, like Twitter and AWS, only censors political thought with which It doesn’t agree. Just like Apple under Tim Cook.]

            “The protest traveled on the roadways blocking motorists who have the right of way. John Sullivan blocked vehicles from freely moving lawfully. During the course of the protest, two handguns were brandished and two shots fired toward a motorist traveling to Home Depot. Vehicles were damaged by protestors as well as by John Sullivan,” the affidavit states.

            “As a protest organizer John Sullivan is heard and seen as he is promoting protesters to block roadways, keeping motorists from traveling lawfully and freely.”

            Sullivan was also captured on video threatening to beat a woman in an SUV, according to the affidavit, and then kicking her door, leaving a dent.

            Sullivan was seen with Jesse Taggart — the man charged with shooting the motorist — throughout the protest, the affidavit states.

            “As a protest organizer, John Sullivan is heard talking about seeing the shooting, looking at the gun and seeing smoke coming from it. John did not condemn the attempted murder nor attempt to stop it nor aide in its investigation by police.”

            By now, even less dispassionate observers than I can see this clearly:

            Apple has a cancer within. It’s name is Tim Cook.

  4. Jarhead has limited him/herself to one post. This is nice and proper, as his/her past repetition and fluffy loquaciousness causes unneeded use of energy and loss of editorial space. Also, the comment section should be mostly free of writing for purely self amusement, as seen with Jarhead’s past postings. It seems he/her enjoys observing his/her writing…which results in unnecessary writing and previously mentioned energy loss.

    There’s no denial of free speech…just hoping to minimize dissipation.

    Btw, gay jokes are tiring.

    1. Thankfully, we agree on the gay jokes thing. Those comments (which are bountiful) are not just tiring but as you said dissipate energy and focus. Your comment is well written and thoughtful, even if I don’t agree with it. Wish there were more like you on this site. I think you’re missing the point that my “repetitiveness” is actually about the repetitively obtuse comments that I’m replying to on this site. Like, calls to war and gay jokes and threats of violence. I look forward to seeing you call out those regular commentators too with your precise observational style.

  5. Tim Cook, what a F’ing IDIOT!

    “Apple CEO Tim Cook: Big Tech has rules, regulations that people need to abide by.”

    That’s the problem moron Cook, and the fact that you can’t see it or either choose to ignore it is why you and Big Tech are, in part, guilty of the divisiveness plaguing the land. You and Big Tech are part of the problem, not the solution. When only one segment of the population has had those “rules and regulations” you mentioned applied only to them en masse, THAT’S A PROBLEM. When everyone that hasn’t abided by those “rules and regulations” and yet, hasn’t been dealt with in the same way and same manner, THAT’S A PROBLEM. This is what is angering people regarding the jerks of Big Tech and is what you stepped in. And you stepped in it BIG TIME! It is not Parler you need to be talking to, but who knows who you’ve been talking to and what you’ve been talking about, but the idiots running the cesspools that are Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter should all resign. That’s a start. But being interviewed by some masturbating media type by way of pathetic Lib Chris Wallace on a so called Right Wing News Channel thinking this will absolve you of your stupidity to the GOP and Conservative Right, there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell this will work. CEO’s of Big Tech are about useful as a glass of water on the Titanic. Don’t believe me, see that Censoring Commie Scum @Jack.

    “Apple CEO Tim Cook: If Parler got their ‘moderation together,’ the company wouldn’t be suspended”


    TRANSLATION: ‘Parler, if you marched in lock step with the rest of us Big Tech Goose Stepping Goon Squads that are Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Twitter regarding the correct ideology to believe, then your ass wouldn’t be grass’.

    Give me a fricking break, Apple.

    Some have been told to “Shut and sing”, “Shut up and dribble”, “Shut up and dance”, well, to you, I say, “Shut up and…”. That’s it. Just. Shut. Up.

    1. If a mob gathers on your front lawn, erects a gallows, starts chanting calls for your death, breaks out all your front windows, and starts to enter your home after killing someone who was guarding it, do you (a) shoot them and then call the police to arrest everybody who knowingly or negligently facilitated the attack, or (b) congratulate them and their facilitators for exercising their freedom of expression?

      1. ANTIFA & BLM been doing that ALLLLLL SUMMER LONG, WTF were you?

        The only killing I saw on video was of an unarmed female demonstrator practicing her Constitutional rights! Her job was defending this nation by serving first in the US Air Force and then National Guard, who was shot by the murdering Capitol police, better known as a step below rent a cop mall security guards and who is now maligned by the Gutless Cowardly Politicians and Masturbating Media #MeToobin


        Without looking it up, do you even know it?

        1. So, your answer to my question is that you would not shoot Ashli Babbit as she invaded your home, but would praise her as a patriot and free speech advocate as she and her friends dragged you to the gallows and strung you up.

          I don’t think so.

        2. “ANTIFA & BLM been doing that ALLLLLL SUMMER LONG, WTF were you?”

          Yes, indeed!

          Also, ahem, the peaceful protesters for months used social media to repeatedly form mobs and ROUTINELY PRACTICED the Big Media favorite new word lately “incite” violence.

          Meanwhile, the Big Media reporting of the march in Washington, let’s review. Probably zero CNN reporters standing in front of minor Capitol broken windows saying “mostly peaceful protesters” as they did in Portland and other cities, reporting with a straight face as businesses burned in the background, government buildings breached, police and citizens attacked. The media double standard wants us to believe all marchers were 100% Trump supporters in a riotous mob carrying out a presidential directive of insurrection. What a boatload of 🐂💩!

          Pelosi when asked about the protesters by a reporter on national TV infamously said,

          Hey Tim, how about the Gangsta offensive rap lyric songs inciting violence that you’ve been selling for decades to make huge profits. Do they fall under the same review, of course NOT, its leftist free speech while you patrol and silence rightest free speech.

          The biased hypocrisy of Big Tech, Cook and his apologists are a major part of the problem, while their arrogance repeatedly proclaims objectivity and they are saviors of the solution.

          NOT! Liars and double standard hypocrites all…

          1. As I understand your argument, anybody who did not condemn Stalin had a duty to support Hitler.

            Again, the issue here is not censoring free speech protected by the First Amendment, but assisting criminal conspiracies imminently threatening illegal force against the United States government.

      2. Yes, and Apple and BLM and Twitter are the mob, raping the wife and the children and burning down the house. Then they yell at the homeowner for bringing down the neighborhood. TXUSER – go to hell.

  6. I’ve been an Apple customer and fan since 1982.
    Get that? I’ve been an Apple customer and fan since before the Mac.
    Before the famous 1984 ad.
    When Apple was the upstart challenging Big Brother.
    I remained an Apple fan through the lean years, when rumors of bankruptcy and/or buyout were prevalent. As the number sticker on my car says: “I Was a Mac User When Apple Was Doomed.”
    And now, look where we are.
    Apple survived, and succeeded, only to lose its soul and become big brother.
    Apple asked us to “think different.”
    What bullshit.
    Apple ended up being no better than the “don’t be evil” people.

    1. Frankly, I wonder if they care anymore. Apple grew because Steve didn’t put the almighty dollar first. He cared about free expression, innovation, and making great products first, trusting that the financial success would come. Now, where is the tech voice for tech freedom today, for free expression, for diversity, and the “challenging of the status quo”? Apple was wrong to collude with Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon to block Parler. If you dispassionately read Parler’s court case against Amazon, it’s devastating. Amazon was required by their contract to give Parler 30 days to remedy any “defects.” Instead, Amazon simply guillotined Parler after 30 hours. Read it. Apple could have stopped it. Tim could have stopped it. (Frankly, Tim could stop it now, with one phone call.) Remember when Steve stood up against Flash? Controversial. Challenging. However, the peer pressure, the media pressure, the pressure of the moment proved too much and Apple threw in with the tyranny. It almost makes me weep. People loved Apple and bought Apple gear, well, just because it was Apple. However, when the love and trust fades, people will realize they just don’t need all the gadgets or all the services. I mean do we really NEED Airtags, Home Pods, and Air Pods? We lived just fine without them, well, forever. Something else will come along to challenge the current big tech monopoly. It always does. Linux is lurking. It’s free. People will realize that they can have their own “servers” both for media and data, and without the risk that Apple might shut them off, like they did with Parler. Trust is key to any relationship, even one between a company and its fans. It is a very fragile thing, and once it begins to drain away, it is almost impossible to get back. How many people does it take losing trust before it becomes critical mass? There are already three Apple products that I intended to buy, but now will not simply because of this one corporate decision. Remember, this is not about right or left, it’s about the abuse of corporate power. Liberals used to understand this. I had come to hold Tim Cook in as high regard as Steve Jobs. Now, not. Sigh.

      1. Steve Jobs had well defined ideas about what was allowed on Apple’s platform. He famously said that there would be ‘freedom’ like “freedom from porn” on the iOS platform. Porn is allowed anywhere on the internet, just not on apple’s platform. He went on to say,

        “Microsoft had (has) every right to enforce whatever rules for their platform they want. If people don’t like it, they can write for another platform, which some did. Or they can buy another platform, which some did.

        As for us, we’re just doing what we can to try and make (and preserve) the user experience we envision. You can disagree with us, but our motives are pure.

        By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?”

        The same applies to Parler.

          1. I wasn’t referring to you, that part is in Steve’s quote, he said that within the context of being criticized.

            I take you at your word that you’ve done great things. It’s in your name so it must be true.

        1. “Steve Jobs had well defined ideas about what was allowed on Apple’s platform. He famously said that there would be ‘freedom’ like “freedom from porn” on the iOS platform. Porn is allowed anywhere on the internet, just not on apple’s platform. He went on to say,”

          Hmm, just used my Apple iPhone running Apple’s iOS and Apple’s Safari app for the iPhone running iOS, and found free porn in 10 seconds. Are you sure about that ‘freedom of porn’ quote, it might have been free porn like the kind I found and you just didn’t hear correctly. And sure it was the iinternet, but the internet gotten there all by Apple.

          “As for us, we’re just doing what we can to try and make (and preserve) the user experience we envision. You can disagree with us, but our motives are pure.”

          Who is the “us”, “we”, and “our” you talk about in your quote above. Damn if you don’t sound like a Democrat when they want power back, by hook or by crook. This election it was “by crook”, but now that the balance of power belongs to them, all is right with the country they rule and the peons best mind themselves to their criminal overlords. It’s their country now, we just rent space, if allowed. “Pure”, yeah right.

          1. Again, those words you quote are not mine they are STEVE JOBS’s words. Getting to a site through a browser is not Apple’s concern because you are not doing it through an app on their platform. Jobs understood the difference.

            You can access Parler just like you access all that porn you watch in the future if they get back online and decide not to fix their issues to get back on the app store.

        2. Jobs steered remarkably clear from meddling in politics.

          My guess : He would have made companies clarify whether they were a publisher or a platform and set limits / build systems based on that. It probably would have revolutionized the news app, etc.

          He would have dealt with ideas and not individuals.

    2. Obviously Tim Cook is in full damage control. Why else would he stoop to Fox News, the largest MSM outlet with a conservative audience.

      … Open source phone platforms available soon, Apple can build that garden wall as high as they want. They are a private business. If they want to show millions of customers to the door then that is there right. It’s also someone else’s right to provide solutions to an underserved market. To much money to be made to let that size of audience go. Thus Tim runs to fox to make his case and ask Parler to take a shower and come down for dinner; kiss and make up …..

      I bet the day Parler servers are back online, Apple allows them back. It’s Amazon and Google that will be hurt the most. Apple is smart, and all ways focused on making money, thus Tim was the first to try and make up. Twitter, Amazon, Google and FB are “standing on principle” which will cost them billions. Parler will surge to be the number 1 app …. only available on the IOS store.

      Once again Apple plays both sides and slams it for the win

  7. FOXNEWS should have Tim Cook on screen but disable his mike. And then they should say they will consider turning his mic on when he agrees to endorse all their political views.

      1. No, sort of like what Apple is doing since it became an open source of Communist Approved Propaganda. You are what Lenin called a “useful idiot”. Except you aren’t useful.

          1. The Russia Hoax was a pure lie which was all revealed during the first impeachment. But then, you don’t know any facts – just Democrat lies. Did you attend the Biden campaign rallies?

            1. We Progressive, especially those who know how to use Apple products to get the most reliable news, know that Russiagate was fabricated by the DNC.

            2. I think about 75 people, in total, attended his rallies. Good luck finding anyone that attended. At a couple of “parked car” rallies, some were even empty.

  8. Tim Cook and Apple can shove it. I switched from Windows to Mac over 10 years ago. I’m now in progress of migrating off Mac to Linux. I’ve been a Linux user since Slackware in the 90’s but never as my primary desktop. It’s not for everybody yet, but maybe current events will increase desktop development.

    Have not used my macbook in about a month. Hoping I can get my hands on a pine phone to test drive soon.

  9. I have delisted Apple as a supplier of any of my computer needs, though I love their products, until they stop violating my Terms of Acceptance. Their “violations” have become very egregious and more frequent in the past two weeks, so for each week the violations continue, I will extend the delist of Apple purchases an additional 60 days. I won’t tolerate a company that violates my Terms of Acceptance.

  10. Notice how Tim Cook wouldn’t go on Mark Levin’s show, “Life, Liberty, and Levin”, nor appear on his radio show. Cook doesn’t really want to discuss the free speech issue, he just wants to justify his blatant disregard of free speech.
    I am amazed at all the comments that support removal of free speech. If you don’t agree with someone, then either tune them out or turn them off, but silencing anyone for their opinion is never right. The statist need to understand that this is contrary to liberty. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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