Apple’s Siri accounts for 25% of voice assistant use worldwide

People like to rag on Apple’s Siri with near constant precision, but the fact of the matter is that the voice assistant has improved significantly in recent years (if you’ve given up on Siri and haven’t tried it in recent years, give it another chance). And, Siri is everywhere – in a billion+ pockets, Macs, AirPods, and HomePods around the world.

HomePod mini features the powerful intelligence of Siri to get things done.
HomePod mini features the powerful intelligence of Siri to get things done.

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

For Apple people, what’s interesting here is Futuresource’s observation that Apple’s Siri holds 25% share of the voice assistant market worldwide.Futuresource predicts that four out of every five consumer electronics products sold will exhibit some form of virtual assistant capability by 2024.

Fresh research from Futuresource Consulting also claims:

• Shipments of products with built-in voice assistant technology will double to 3 billion units in 2024.
• This represents a CAGR of 19%.
• There was a 9% increase in shipments of solutions equipped with voice assistants in 2020.
• Google Assistant holds 22% share, primarily due to its integration in Android.
• Baidu hold 14% market share overall.

MacDailyNews Take: Siri’s was originally released on iPhone 4S in 2011 and seems to have had a rough early life as it was neglected, but in recent years, Apple seems to have focused more on Siri, making it impressively accurate, notably strong on Apple Watch and HomePod in our experience, and bestowing Siri with more abilities to answer a wider range of questions, understand nuance, and deliver useful results.


  1. I constantly use Siri and find it delightful. My software engineer son has moved from Alexia home control to almost entirely Siri based control as he believes it to be superior. It is great to send a HomePod intercom message to a room in my house from miles away with no problem. The other day, while driving Siri suggested a shortcut for CarPlay that was very useful. I am continually impressed.

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