Apple CEO Cook to make a ‘big announcement’ Wed., calls for accountability over storming of Capitol Building

Apple removed the social media app “Parler” from its App Store over the weekend. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the platform violated Apple’s terms of service by not adequately monitoring posts that incite violence. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King spoke with Cook about the storming of Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 and asked him what he thinks needs to happen next. She also teased a “big announcement” coming Wednesday morning from Apple.

CBS News:

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Cook: I think it’s key that people be held accountable for it. This is not something that should skate. This is something that we’ve got to be very serious about and understand and then we need to move forward.

King: Do you think the president, President Trump, should be held accountable for it?

Cook: I think no one is above the law. I mean that’s a great thing about our country. And we’re a rule of law country. I think that everyone that had a part in it needs to be held accountable.

King: We’re all told as little kids, “There are consequences to your actions,” but I don’t know how we just let this go.

Cook: I would agree. I don’t think we should let it go. Holding people accountable is important.

King: And you can see more of our exclusive interview with Tim Cook on CBS This Morning. He didn’t sit and say, “I want to talk to CBS about this.” This was an interview that was scheduled because they have a big announcement that they want to announce tomorrow. It’s not a new product, we should say it is not a new product. It’s something, I think, bigger and better than that so… he agreed to answer other questions but that wasn’t the purpose of the interview. It’s very exciting… what we’re going to tell you tomorrow is very exciting.

MacDailyNews Take: First off: Would that King’s and Cook’s words of concern applied uniformly to every act of public violence, looting, vandalism, arson, and murder and that every app, platform, and service that failed to stop or facilitated such fomenting were held accountable and received the same treatment under an equal standard.

Apply the standard equally or you risk undermining your legitimacy, making your actions look capricious and ill-considered.

Anyone who commits violence against another, loots, vandalizes, and/or commits arson or murder should be held accountable under the law.

It’s simple: Apply “liberty and justice for all.”

Again, as we’ve consistently said, Apple’s stated reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

Yet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. remain available on Apple’s App Store.

Anyone who claims that Twitter and/or Facebook have robust content moderation in place that effectively removes harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity is either ignorant or lying.

Now, what is this “big announcement” coming Wednesday morning from Apple that’s “not a new product,” but is something that King thinks is “bigger and better” and “very exciting?”


    1. So, you don’t think that the people who invaded our national Capitol, trashed the building, suspended the operation of Congress, threatened to kill the members, actually did kill a Capitol Police officer (and contributed to five other deaths), and made America look no better than a banana republic should be held responsible? Or is it that you don’t think everyone, including the social media companies, should be expected to at least promise to up their game to prevent a repetition?

      1. After a violent mob pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore, an actual journalist (a rarity to be sure) asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “Shouldn’t that be done by a commission or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it into the harbor?”

        Pelosi’s response: “People will do what they do.”

        Proverbs 22:8: “Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail.”

        1. TxRacist daily posts his HYPOCRISY. He has no problem with Democrat domestic terrorism in half a dozen Democrat controlled cities for six months causing millions of dollars in damage and people beaten and killed. His liberal outrage is only directed at President Trump who never said to incite violence, he said a “peaceful demonstration” but Democrat liars don’t care, they have no conscience and they are not fair and balanced…

          1. No, that’s a false equivalency attempt.

            Between Misdemeanors/Felonies …

            … and attempted Kidnap/Murder & Sedition/Treason.

            In the meantime, do not forget that there’s been many, many more “Say their Names” wrongful deaths by the hands of LEO’s (42) than the number of actual instances of Election Fraud found in the 2020 election (2) …

          1. Better than I would in a pussyhat, you limp-wristed Tim Cook-esque beta.

            One side is well-armed. The other side isn’t at all.

            Keep poking the bear. I like how this movie ends.

            1. Looks like Parler is alive and well here in the MDN comments.

              I can guarantee you that the CEO of the greatest capitalist enterprise on earth is a super ALPHA.

              How about trying to make a rational, well thought out, rebuttal as opposed to threatening violence.

        1. what on earth are you even talking about. He’s the same CEO that turned the company into the trillion dollar enterprise that has rewarded stockholder handsomely. stop clutching your pearls because of an opinion he expressed. It’s almost like you’re a snowflake libtard.

          1. Riding first class in the iPhone gravy train Cook did not develop the iPhone. But what he did do is move manufacturing OUT of the USA to a communist country with slave labor to reap high profits. How noble of the supposed SJW that lectures us on human rights. Wait, NO, not in China. Cook, please resign you are a hypocrite and no different from the greedy Republican big business your friends and party rail against…

        1. How about Nance? She’s got a twat — granted, it’s nasty, 80 years old, and bone dry — still, she scores a token-hire point, right?

          Apple’s board of overpaid retards would cream their Brook’s Bros. slacks. Double-shots if only she were black.

          Crazy Nancy’s at least as stupid and soulless as Cookie the obviously damaged and therefore wildly over-compensating raised-a-Baptist self-hating queer.

          Surely, she’d be just fine with riding to a cool billion on the backs of Chinese slave labor, too.

    2. If you could convert Tim Cook’s hypocrisy into fuel, the planet would have unlimited sustainable energy for the remainder of human existence. We’d just have to learn to live with the smell.

      His actions are once again so egregious that one can only assume that he is laying the groundwork for a future presidential bid.

      Otherwise, who the bloody hell does this disingenuous, prayer hands wielding, flimflammer think he is?

      Consider that black men commit over 50% of the violent crime in this country. 50% of the murders while being around 6% of the population. Gangster rap, the background music for this criminal activity, is proudly carried on the Apple Music Store. In other words, Tim Cook is pimping the blood-drenched degenerate soundtrack to murder, drug dealing, drug abuse, violent property crime, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, and racism and cheerfully taking a cut. The only thing he is missing is a grill in his teeth, and giant Apple logo rings as he punches at the camera.

      How would he take it if public decency groups pushed the largest Internet service providers to block Apple as well as ban Apple devices from the Internet? That’s right, kick Apple off the Internet until Apple weeds out the cultural filth that has for so long hampered advancement in the black community by putting our lowest common denominator to a snazzy beat? I’m sure he would think it somewhat unfair.

      This is not about fairness, though. If it were, Apple would have exercised its great power during the nationwide insurrection of violence, intimidation, destruction, and death during 2020. Instead, they responded with super virtue signaling in the form of massive cause-related donations.

      This is 100% politics. This time around, Apple is not just sanctioning an individual as they have done in the past. This time Apple is placing an entire corporation into abeyance and watching it die. Jobs included. Why is it that leftists just don’t care about jobs?

      Make no mistake; Cook has pressed Apple’s powerful knee into the throat of PARLER, righteousness be damned, to gain favor with the all-new all Democrat all the time climate in Washington.

      Effectively Tim Cook is saying, “I’ve got the world’s largest corporation, with more money and power than God. We are uniformly indoctrinated and ready to spread the gospel. President Biden, I’m your Huckleberry.”

      Authoritarianism is here in America.
      When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots.It will be in Nike sneakers.
      — George Carlin

      1. Agreed about the importance of Freedom of Speech. You can and should be able to express any opinion you want. Left, Right, whatever. Parler was on all these platforms for a long time until it lead to incitement of violence. If they were against the speech in Parler it would would have booted the app a week into its release. They didn’t.

        Love the George Carlin quote. Likely that he’d have a few choice words for the idiots that attacked the capital.

        1. If Parler is guilty of allowing incitement of violence, so is FAGAT!


          All those career Federal Political Cucks should resign tonight, and their sorry asses having benefited from Insurection over 240 plus years ago, instead of giving the country back to indigenous people, let’s give America back to England and let them deal with it.

          And for every politician, since even before Trump’s inauguration that said one thing that egged on incitement, let them be impeached also.

          Oh Tim, don’t you think you and Apple have done enough harm already. Just sit this one out as you’ve done enough incitement!

        2. We all do. They are idiots. You just want to line them up and scream what the f@#$& were you thinking? What did you think was going to happen? Did you think they would suddenly say, “Gee, there really is lots of evidence here, maybe we should investigate since these fine people sacked the Capitol building.”

      2. In the same lunatic vein – ban Apple from the internet, we could…
        Ban anti masker COVID-19 deniers from hospital treatment. Soon to be 500k deaths.
        Ban cars from the roads ~ 40k deaths per year.
        Ban sugar and high fat products that result in ~ 400k coronary heart disease deaths per year.
        And so on…
        Strangely Apple has not been accused of domestic terrorism or being complicit in undermining the very seat of US governance.
        Parler on the other hand…
        Being a medic, I could make a case for banning all three, but swearing an oath to save lives in my profession means something, unlike the unprincipled Trump mob at the Capital, intent on murdering those who have sworn an oath to protect and serve America and ‘all’ Americans.
        Your ‘I’m alright Jack’ but FU to your fellow countrymen is anathema to all rational folk who dedicate themselves to either picking up the pieces of human fallibility or protecting them from harmful anti American actors.

        One last thing…for everyone. The Covid-19 variant first detected in England over two months ago and resulting in a third emergency lockdown, is already breaking out across the US. If Americans do not bend to the inevitable need for harsher restrictions to reduce the rate of infection, the death rate is projected to reach 12 – 15k PER DAY. ‘Your’ healthcare system cannot endure such an onslaught of unprincipled non-compliance with established good practice.
        Twixt now and November, when vaccination should be becoming effective at suppressing the viral load in the whole population, there is much to be done by every single one of us.
        Time to take a side. Only one of which does not result in utter chaos.

    3. Why a douchebag? Sounds like you think the people that stormed our capital and killed a hero cop should not be accountable?

      Because all that he has said here is that people who commit crimes or incite the crime should be held accountable. That is literally all that is said in this clip.

    4. Yes, Tim Cook is a liberal douchebag and hides behind Section 230 and uses slave labor in China to reap obscene corporate profits.

      Shut up Tim, just shut up President Trump has worked with you in the past and now you are joining the media moment cabal and betraying his help and support of Apple. So sad…

    5. This has to be said…most of the people posting on this forum are misguided, far-right lunatics with delusions of intelligence. There is no reasoning with a right-wing nut who treats politics like a religion. To a modern Republican, what you believe MUST be the truth and it is your duty as a Republican disciple to ram it down everyone else’s throat by any means including lying, threats, and sedition.

      You guys can lick each other’s twisted egos all you want, but you lost and you do not have a political future. The majority will ensure that your political, social, and economic poisons are returned to the cesspool from whence they came.

      Y O U L O S T A N D T R U M P A N D H I S D E V I L S P A W N A R E E V I C T E D I N A W E E K !

  1. Why are Tim Cook and Gayle King claiming to be so concerned about mobs breaking the law now, but not when mobs broke the law, and far worse, for most of last year?

    Cook’s double-standard is laughable. That’s why thinking people consider him to be a joke.

    If he said, and did, the same things during all of the previous public rioting, looting, arson and murders, he’d have a leg to stand on, but, of course he didn’t, so he doesn’t.

    Cook is among the many on the left who are responsible for normalizing public riots and criminal acts. Then they act surprised when it happens to them for a change.

    “Wait, you can’t do that! Only we can do those things! Now, where are those police we wanted defunded to arrest you?”

    Cook is what he’s always been: a sanctimonious hypocrite.

    1. Trump supporters are what they’ve always been, sanctimonious hypocrites. I mean, it starts with voting a lifelong racist democrat as your Presidential candidate and just goes downhill from there.

    2. What was “far worse” than attacking THE CAPITAL OF THE GREATEST DEMOCRACY THE WORLD HAS EVERY CREATED? Y’all were crunching your pearls when flip flop wearing tree huggers were protesting but traitors attacking the capital and killing cops? Snowflakes.

      1. Im equal against both acts of violence! Both should face accountably. But in symbolism and fact the Capital is no more important than a private business. Its called the people house for a reason. Both should be protected equally. Many small business called their local police for help but the police where told to stand down.

        Its important to be fair regardless of political party. Im an American before Im a Democrat or Republican.

        1. I agree with you about being an American before a democrat or republican but attacking the capital is fact is not the same as a private business. It’s a federal offence.

          1. It is a federal offense just like attacking the Federal Courthouse in Portland. When left-leaning anarchists scrawled some graffiti on that building, Mr. Trump ordered the Justice Department to seek ten-year sentences. He threw combat troops into a situation that was cooling down before they arrived. He also sent in anonymized “federal officers” in unmarked vehicles to abduct random citizens off the street without probable cause for extended questioning before being released without charges. He praised a right-wing vigilante who shot two people to death while celebrating the fatal shooting of a leftist accused of the same crime and making the same claim of self defense.

            In short, he made a very big deal out of the Portland situation, almost as big as the peaceful demonstration in Lafayette Park that he had his minions attack so that he could have a blasphemous photo-op with an inverted Bible.

            Last Wednesday, the FBI knew that extremists planned something, but the Justice Department did not warn the Capitol Police, which declined support from the DC Metro Police (the former Capitol police chief says he was following orders from the Sergeants-at-Arms). The Capitol Police did not request backup until they were being overrun. The Defense Department delayed the deployment of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia National Guard for roughly two hours after they were requested.

            Most of the membership of the Senate and House, including the individuals standing #1, #2, and #3 in the presidential line of succession, were placed in mortal danger by a mob calling for their deaths. At least five people died, another officer committed suicide the next day, and we will probably never know how many others were harmed or exposed to the novel coronavirus.

            The US Capitol was subjected to more physical damage and vastly more injuries than any federal facility in Oregon. However, rather than demand that the rioters have the book thrown at them, the President told them that he sympathized with them, and that “We love you. You’re very special.”

            Those are the inexcusable facts behind Tim Cook’s comments.

            1. Oh, by the way:

            2. According to the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, Trump’s approval went “up” from 50 to 44%, with approval among Republicans going “up” from 87 to 77%. A Politico poll posted Monday shows almost “almost nobody” supports impeachment—just 48%, as opposed to 44% who oppose it.

              On the other hand, Biden will have a smaller crowd at his inauguration than at Obama’s, as I expect his press secretary will admit, rather than lying about it.

            3. You Bigot. The capital riot lasted for hours , Portland lasted weeks. Gail King has been inciting violence constantly on the airwaves. Her snarky comments are exactly like trump sound bites. Hearing her talk about how many times Jacob Blake was shot, yet never having a balistics expert explain what an individual bullet does to someone running on adrenaline.

            4. Tx. So where is the ‘communication’ problem rooted? Is it agency squabbling? Ego related? Bureaucratic dead weight? Failure at every level to do the job they are paid for? Hubris? Political interference? Partisan squabbling? Inevitable in a kakistocracy? Wilful ignorance?…the list is long.
              That any agency could deny knowledge of the likelihood of violence on the 6th, is mystifying and terrifying given their access to all the internet’s dark corners.
              While absent here, I had the time to delve. With my IT co-worker it took zero effort to find open planning of armed conflict going back to November ‘specifically’ aimed at the 6th. We could access Facebook dens with laughably lax security, find names, addresses, phone numbers, location metadata – all in plain view. But even that level of forensic work is unnecessary given what is planned in some website forums. Take Epoch Times. Fairly straight reporting but the comments!….next level insanity, ranging from immature 14yr old wannabes to full throated terrorism threats that subsequently transpired as were posted. Vitriol fuelled like there is no tomorrow.
              To me, that so many actually thought they could achieve their criminal anti-democratic enterprise, defying the scale and might of the combined forces of law enforcement, the national guard, the Feds, the constitution, institutional history, the military and perhaps most importantly – Wall Street!
              Biden has a lot on his plate, but the aforementioned institutions are surely squarely behind him now.

  2. Let’s see, what would Cook do that King would think is “bigger and better” than a product and “very exciting?

    You have to think like bleeding heart leftists like Cook and King, so:

    Free college paid for by Apple for anyone who’s “black” or who claims to be “black?”

    Apple to cover the U.S. Capitol dome with solar panels to power D.C soup kitchens?

    Apple CEO Cook to step down immediately in favor of “person of color?”

    1. So all I have to do is identify as a person of color (colored person?) and my college is free??
      Or do I also have to claim my sex as Adüd?

      Liberalism is so confusing…

      1. Attack the capital – I’m a patriot
        Kill a cop – I’m a free speech trailblazer

        Conservatism is so confusing…

        Also, no one should get free college because of the color of their skin or whatever their gender may be.

    2. All of those are bad ideas. Also, I don’t think Cook is a bleeding heart leftist because you can’t be a bleeding heart leftist and run the greatest company capitalism every created.

    1. Yes.

      Let’s pretend nothing led up to the weak sauce “storming” of the Capitol. Let’s also pretend this was the worst thing ever.

      Any groups that lead an armed insurrection on multiple American cities over an addict dying from stupidly swallowing fentanyl to hide it from the cops* should be lauded and arsonists, looters, and/or murderers who claim to be “protestors” should be let off scot-free.

      *A lethal overdose of fentanyl killed George Floyd, not a knee on his neck. Hundreds of people were injured, local business were set ablaze (many black-owned), people were even killed, yet the “peaceful protestors” – cough – bullshit – cough – were lauded by the leftist like Cook and King.

  3. Cook will announce that IOS/OSX “open mic” has been recording all speech for the last 4years. He will release transcripts and location data of all IOS/OSX users. Apple will turn over all collected info to the Biden Administration. Reeducation/Work camps will be opened. Apple beta tested the program in China but it was engineered for USA.

  4. seriously? after 4+yrs of the most reprehensible and persistent lies, accusations, spin and duplicity from political leaders and professional media toward the president and his family with not even a word of protest or challenge from mr cook. seriously? without a quarrel at all with his california counterparts or his california political leadership, with xavier becerra, adam schiff, jerry brown, gavin newsom, with jack dorsey? are you fkg serious? mr cook knows as well as every other thinking citizen and foreign observer that the left’s antifa faction, their friends in high office and, now, it seems, even some complicit capitol hill police have been playing by saul alinsky’s rulebook. infiltrate the trump supporters, encourage a few idiots and sully the entire group.

  5. Kudos to MDN for telling it like it is throughout this fiasco.

    You’ll notice the other “Apple News” sites clam up and close their comment sections. Whistling in the dark.

    Not MDN.

    There’s no substitute for independent voices or for an “Apple News” site that is not beholden to Apple.

    You don’t have to agree with everything MDN says, but you should be damn thankful that such sites exist.

    Thank you, MDN. I just upped my contribution.

        1. Here here!

          And with your comment I would add if there were no liberals or left voices here it would be much less interesting.

          Glad for the many conversations and contrasting views

        2. “Kudos for not blocking?”

          Are you not aware that MDN blocks and deletes posts on a regular basis? I’m not complaining. It is their site and they can control the content, just like Apple can in the App Store, but this is not an unmoderated forum or an uncurated news source.

    1. Other Apple News sites stick to reporting apple news and related tech news. MDN is more a political site than an Apple site. In the Obama days there was flagrant racist nonsense infecting this site and it was left barely monitored. Please.

      1. so why are you here. Why would you entertain a “flagrant racist” site. Oh i see your the great truth defender.

        Jarhead the justice. We are so thankful you grace us with your self-important moral standing. You should reach out to Super Hero Tim Cook. I hear he needs a self righteous side kick.

        together you two can SAVE THE WORLD

  6. People should be held accountable? no one is above the law Tim????? YES…..How about those who systematically trample the first amendment on their own whim .. the 1st Amendment, much more critical to foundation of United states… than a on off event by a bunch of rogue people..
    High Tech has their heads in the freaking clouds.. and they consider themselves above the law and the constitution TIM!
    What do we do about them?????!!

    1. “the 1st Amendment, much more critical to foundation of United states… than a on off event by a bunch of rogue people..”
      If everyone that ever spoke of the 1st Amendment would just simply READ the 1st Amendment (it’s not very long) they would know that it refers to the government, not private entities.

      Unfortunately, that’s one of the facts conSnowflakes have decided is not true. One day, they will decide to come partway back into the real world, but until then… I mean, what kind of discussion you can have about the 1st Amendment when one side clearly has no idea what it relates to?

      1. I have made a fundamental error/slip in my comment as brought to my attention above.. Though i agree technically, i dont in Sirit.
        Please let me rephrase:
        People should be held accountable? no one is above the law ????? YES…..How about those who systematically trample Free Speech on their own whim, who act as Judge, Jury and Executioner?…. Free Speech much more critical to foundation of United states… than a one off event by a bunch of rogue people..
        High Tech has their heads in the freaking clouds.. and they consider themselves above all else and the Spirit of the constitution and the law TIM!
        What do we do about them?????!!

        The Line between Government and Corporations is getting ever more blurry! Corporations that trample Free Speech based on their own idiosyncratic interpretations or priorities and act on their own whim MANIPULATING WHOLE POPULATIONS, including you, and governments, THROUGH CONTROL OF INFORMATION!
        Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, not worried about this… is not seeing things past their nose.

    2. I suppose that they amended the First Amendment to read “Big corporations shall adopt no policy abridging the freedom of others to use the corporation’s assets to promote their own opinions over the corporation’s objections.”

      Perhaps that happened when the Twelfth Amendment was amended to read, “The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates before throwing them away and announcing the person who, in his sole discretion, shall be President.”

    3. this is a short clip. you don’t know what he thinks about ‘THEM’ because he wasn’t asked about that. Also, the first amendment doesn’t protect inciting violence. Killing a Capitol Hill cop has nothing to do with free speech. Trump has been on Twitter and Facebook for years saying all kinds of crazy things and was not banned. His free speech was in tact. Inciting violence is the line he crossed.

  7. Also, poor Gab. It’s being slammed with 20,000 new users per hour now and is barely functional.

    More servers for Gab required – and Parler when they come back online!

    Overbearing Twitter destroyed their monopoly. May Facebook be next!

  8. seriously? Where is your outrage on Tim’s use of slave labor? I guess because you can’t use your manufactured outage to score political points you dont care.

    Trump is bad but he is nothing compared to what Tims number one business parter (CCP) does. Tim moral highness is total BULLSHIT. He dose not give a rats ass for human rights or suffering that threatens the AAP P/E ratio. At least narcissistic Trump dose not pretend to be something he is not. Tim acts like he is the second coming, but based on oppression and body count Apple is NO defender of human rights, Apple may actual be the worse enabler of crimes against humanity of all Time. Apples worlds largest market cap is second only to the lives its has destroyed to reach that valuation at all cost.

    But maybe Tim is blind or ignorant to his choices. We can only hope he wakes up and puts as much energy in condemning PRC China as he dose canceling Parler and Trump.

    For over a decade the People’s Republic of China has stood publicly accused of acts of cruelty and wickedness that match the cruelty and wickedness of medieval torturers and executioners.

    Those innocents were killed by doctors simply because they believed, for example, in truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance and lived lives of healthy exercise and meditation and because the way they lived was seen as dangerous to the interests and objectives of the totalitarian state of the People’s Republic of China.

    but victim for victim and death for death, the gassing of the Jews by the Nazis, the massacre by the Khmer Rouge or the butchery to death of the Rwanda Tutsis may not be worse than cutting out the hearts, other organs and the very souls of living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people.

    Any person or organisation that interacts in any substantial way with the PRC – the People’s Republic of China – should recognise that they are interacting with a criminal state.

    Seriously Solomé do a little research and get back with me. Trying putting Tims outrage in context. Ask yourself why is apple continues to do business with the PRC.

  9. I miss Steve Jobs! Why don’t we worry about products being made better, even in the US. I’ve been Apple fan since Steve and quality so disappointing. Mind the store!

    1. attacking free speech? that’s what you got from that clip? all he said is that the people that caused and attacked the CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY should be held accountable. They didn’t loot your local Best Buy. You can’t see the difference?

    2. How do you know this? Do you work for the CIA? If you do, you better take a break from this comment section and figure out what to do about it. We can’t have the leader of the greatest capitalist enterprise on earth be a Chinese spy.

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