Apple looks set to soon launch AirTags trackers

Apple seems much closer to the launch of the long-awaited AirTags which which will be able to track hardware, devices, vehicles – you name it.

Apple looks set to soon launch AirTags trackers
Apple referenced ‘AirTags’ item trackers in an April 2020 support video

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

We first began to anticipate introduction of these products after WWDC 2019. Later, we thought they may show up even before the iPhone 12, or even as part of the company’s holiday season launches…

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently claimed they will appear this year, but even he couldn’t say precisely when, though if they happen at all I’d speculate on a March introduction.

At WWDC 2020, Apple told developers it was preparing to open up its Find My system to third party accessory developers via the Find My Accessory Program. Information concerning the first third party products to support the scheme has begun to appear… News that Belkin’s Find My earbuds won’t ship until March or April seems to be a strong hint at the window in which Apple may finally ship its own tracking devices.

MacDailyNews Take: As Evans writes in his full article, AirTags won’t just be for consumers, they’ll also be great for enterprise as Apple has probably developed a way for businesses to sidestep using Apple IDs in favor of some sort of fleet-capable MDM solutions from the likes of Jamf.


  1. Up until the Parler ban, I thought these were a great idea and a great product. Now, I wouldn’t touch them. Who knows what Apple might find objectionable next? Apple has undermined the trust of millions. Hmmm. I wonder if elegant engineering and design can compensate for a lack of trust… We’ll see.

  2. Mr. Rufus, please…it’s for your own good. Please collect your thoughts and coalesce in the name of Progress…for your family, your neighbors and your country.

    In-spite of your hesitancy, I wish you would purchase at least one Home Pod (new and small sku ok) for future Social Education and Information. Apple is somewhat behind in the Social Education and Information arena, but from Apple’s recent display of Authority, we can expect more instruction from Apple that will help each person reach their potential as a proper citizen. So you know, the current functionality of “personal assistants,” will transform soon…they will help us think properly as we assume our progressive citizenship. The Home Pod is one such device supremely positioned for our needed Instruction and Correction.

    In the meantime, you may want to buy one of the Amazon Education and Information devices that do a fine job already. Google’s related device performs well, but I recommend the Amazon Echo because they are linked to the main System of Information that controls and decimates.

    Be Good and Trust. For Our Progress.

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