Ming-Chi Kuo pumps the brakes: Apple Car arriving in 2025 at the earliest

Apple Car rumors resurfaced last week, first with a report from Economic Daily News saying it was due as soon as 2021, and shortly thereafter, a Reuters report about production possibly starting by 2024. Sources told Reuters that Apple has a breakthrough monocell battery that will be a game-changer. Now, though, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the market is “too bullish about Apple Car” and that 2025 would be the very earliest we could see the vehicle launch and says realistically, 2028 or later is possible.

Apple reportedly has a new battery design that could radically reduce the cost of batteries and increase the vehicle’s range.

vehicle under wraps

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

The note from Kuo highlights that he previously predicted that Apple Car could have launched in 2023-2025 but that his latest research shows that pushed back, maybe even significantly. The latest survey done by Kuo indicates that even if development gets going this year and everything “goes well” a launch could happen between 2025-2027. However, based on Apple’s standards, the fast-moving changes in the EV and self-driving car industry, Kuo “would not be surprised” if Apple Car doesn’t arrive until “2028 or later.”

MacDailyNews Take: Suffice to say, the Apple Car timeline is in a deep state of flux.


  1. When talking about the future of electric cars, I think prognosticators make the mistake of viewing it in today’s context of “Individual car owners purchasing electric cars” instead of the more likely scenario: “a network of self-driving taxis” . . . If the latter wins out, the type of cars that will be produced in volume will be more utilitarian.

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