‘Apple Car’ said to debut in September 2021

According to Taiwanese supply chain sources cited by Economic Daily News, Apple plans to release the Apple Car in September 2021, at least two years earlier than the original plan.

'Apple Car' said to debut in September 2021. Image: vehicle under wraps

Economic Daily News:

The key supply chain in Taiwan confirmed that Apple expects to release the Apple Car in September next year, at least two years earlier than the original plan. Its prototype has been tested on the roads in California, USA.

Although the Taiwanese factories named are quite low-key, many domestic auto parts factories have recently begun to “move up”, revealing the news of the upcoming Apple Car order. Among them, Heda’s new plant in Dapu Meiyuan, Chiayi is accelerating the deployment of AI intelligent production lines, and six new production lines will be put into operation in the second quarter of next year.

Heqin is also actively expanding production across the strait. Taiwan’s Quanxing plant is expected to complete the relocation and mass production by the end of the year, and the expansion of the fifth workshop of the Jiaxing Hexin plant is scheduled to complete the relocation in the second quarter of next year.

Futian’s second phase plant in Tongluo is expected to be put into operation next year. The production capacity of electric vehicle power motor components for the first and second phase plants can be increased from the current 400,000 sets per year to 1 million sets in one fell swoop, and the power integration system will increase to more than 400,000 sets.

According to the executives of a major electric vehicle supply chain manufacturer, with the order shipment and assembly completed, dozens of Apple Car’s first prototype cars have been secretly tested on the road in California.

MacDailyNews Take: If we see an “Apple Car” in 2021, that would certainly be a huge surprise as we would’ve expected far more leaks by now. It takes years to develop a new vehicle, even for seasoned automakers, which provides a huge amount of time over which leaks are guaranteed to occur.


  1. This is a far cry from making computers and phones…….
    I worry about Apple getting too big and not buiding as solid a project as they usually do…..I still own a Cube computer…..and an articulating arm (grapefruit) computer….

    1. At the time Jobs was considering entering the mobile phone business, the void between computers and mobile phones, at the time dominated by Nokia, was considered huge. Remember …. ‘computer/software guys aren’t going to just walk in the mobile phone space’. That gap is on a scale as what Apple does today and the electric, driving-assisted car market. I would NEVER count Apple out of making this move. They know one thing better than anyone else … how to disrupt markets and maneuver around sleepy, stale and entitled incumbents. Car manufacturers are already deceiving themselves into believing Apple will only take a small ‘niche’, and that they will ‘never understand’ the car market. We have seen this before … just ask Clay Christensen.

  2. What product has Apple released in the last 10 yrs that’s been a dog? Anecdotally, I’m not a fan of the subscription focus—at all—but answering the question purely on “hardware” terms, I’d say “zero.” In fact, all releases have maintained an upward trajectory and some have actively propelled upwardly…per industry reviews and popularity.

    With this in mind, if this report is true, I think there’s little concern the car (whatever than means) will not be a “solid project.” Apple currently has top in class, or top of class with iPhone, tablet, ear buds/phone, Watch and chips that will soon populate the entire CPU line-up. Per the chips…it’s at the front end of what’s possible.

    All this to say, trading/selling AAPL anytime soon is WAY MORE of a gamble than holding (seems needless to say). I’ve read more than a few times the S & P is setting up for 10-20% gains in the next couple of yrs and will this kind of news and activity from Apple, 10-20% seems conservative.

    1. I think I can help you out here Ronner. I’m currently typing this out on my second iPad Pro that’s suffering from light leakage down the left hand side after just a few months of use – just like the first one Apple had to replace when I complained. £800 for a unit that they won’t replace a second time due to a fault that’s apparently common on this model.

      I used to be a huge fan of Apple products but my loyalty has slowly drained over the years as their unit build qualities have gone down. I couldn’t possibly contemplate spending around thirty grand (probably a base price too) on a car that has the potential to have expensive problems.

      1. Yet they have the highest satisfaction levels in the industry so one presumes they are producing products of higher quality than the opposition in many or most cases so while I sympathise with your experience it’s difficult to see the overall evidence for your argument as I equally have not seen from my own experience since 1988, with only one product, an early iMac not living up to my expectations in terms of reliability.

      2. I never said there aren’t anecdotal experiences that would say otherwise. I’d have to say, I’ve seen quality become slightly compromised in the last few yrs. With that said, I asked “what product” has been a loser. The answer remains as stated above. Another way to determine, what Apple product has the tech sphere determined to be a failure? The answer is clear…no such mentions have been noted in the press.

        Spy’s rely sums it up better.

  3. Yep, I can’t wait to spend 70K+ for a vehicle that is totally sealed, with a glued in battery pack and only has one seat for the driver. It will cost another 10K for each additional seat and 20K for a “storage” area. The electrical connector will of course be proprietary and will be different with every new model year. And its anodized aluminum body is only available in silver, space gray or rose gold.

    1. Right on with sentiment. I will never buy current tech, but the deluded mentality that thinks EV cars are so much more ecological will prevail. Just plug it in and “forget” that most are powered by coal, miles of copper wire and battery minerals rip the earth and challenge it when spent.

      Have fun going far anywhere remote and, or cold. With that said, maybe Apple will challenge the current EV deficiencies.

      1. Look as things stand you are on point though no coal fired electricity here any longer and that# a governmental choice not a car industry choice and in much, almost all indeed, of the world electrical production at a power station is far less damaging than gas guzzling at the vehicle level. However having followed much of the developments taking place there is great hope that much improved technology with far lower levels of unwanted battery based waste is achievable and particularly by the time the electric vehicle is the overwhelming road vehicle. There is a way ahead to reducing environmental and human damage with electric there is little to none with ICE.

  4. I don’t believe Apple will ever actually manufacture and sell a car. Apple Car will be more like Car Play, technology that Apple develops and makes available to car manufacturers. Building an entire car would be crazy (for Apple).

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