Google Stadia is now available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad

A few weeks after announcing that iOS and iPadOS support was on the way, Google’s cloud gaming Stadia service now supports the iPhone and iPad. Google is using a web app and says users will need to update to iOS 14.3, the latest iOS update that was released earlier this week.

Google's Stadia game-streaming service
Google’s Stadia game-streaming service

Romain Dillet for TechCrunch:

If you want to try it out with a free or paid Stadia account, you can head over to from your iOS device. Log in to your Google account, add a shortcut to your home screen and open the web app.

After that, you can launch a game and start playing. Most games will require a gamepad, so you might want to pair a gamepad with your iPhone or iPad as well.

Stadia works a bit like a console that runs in the cloud. You have to buy games for the platform specifically and you can then stream them from a data center near you… While you don’t have to pay an additional subscription to play those games, you can optionally become a Stadia Pro subscribers. In addition to games you bought on the platform, it lets you access a library of games and it unlocks 4K video. Stadia Pro costs $9.99 per month.

MacDailyNews Note: For Stadia and other gaming, Apple explains how to pair a DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac here.

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