Google’s game-streaming service Stadia coming to Apple’s iOS soon

Alphabet Inc. unit Google said on Thursday that Stadia, its game-streaming service, will be available for iOS, at least in beta form, in the coming weeks. The company is working on a progressive web app version of Stadia that will run in the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser.

Google's Stadia game-streaming service
Google’s Stadia game-streaming service

Google has added more than 100 new features to the platform in the last 12 months, including family sharing for the first time earlier this month.


Alphabet’s Google introduced over 80 games to its Stadia service platform over the past year and added over 100 new features including family sharing, according to The Verge.

Stadia was previously limited to Android phones, computers, and TVs due to Apple App Store restrictions.

The platform also includes over 65 Stadia Pro games that were launched for free since Stadia was first released in 2019.

MacDailyNews Take: The progressive web app method is also how Microsoft plans to deliver its xCloud game-streaming service to iOS users sometime next year, after Apple’s App Store allowed game-streaming services but required companies to submit individual games for App Store review.

As we already have Apple Arcade on iOS via Apple One, there’s only so much time in the day and we’d rather not be tracked like prey via Stadia, Google, so, no thanks.


  1. So this service is coming to the web? Misleading article, much?

    MDN, if you can show me a genuine receipt that you (beyond the free-trial) are subscribed to, and use Apple Arcade, I will personally pay for and tap your kegs for all of 2021.


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