Dow futures rocket over 1,700 points on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine news

On Monday, U.S. stock-index futures rocketed after Pfizer and BioNTech SE said their COVID-19 vaccine candidate achieved “success” in the first interim analysis from a Phase 3 study.

Mark DeCambre and Sunny Oh report for MarketWatch:

COVID-19Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average were up 1,537, or 5.5%, at 29,741, those for the S&P 500 index up 146.55 points, or 4.2%, at 3,647.25, while Nasdaq-100 futures advanced 146.55 points to reach 12,148.50, a gain of 0.6%.

Markets were ebullient early Monday after Pfizer PFE, +0.02% and BioNTech BNTX, said their BNT162b2 vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in trial participants without previous evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The companies said they are planning to submit for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Food and Drug Administration soon after the safety milestones are met, which is currently expected in the third week of November.

MacDailyNews Note: In pre-market trading, Apple is up marginally (+$1.38) to $120.07, (+1.16%).


    1. Pre election every market uptick was because of Trump, and every downtick because of covid. Now it seems post election, we get to just swap the two factors—every downtick will be Biden’s fault and every uptick will be because of covid research.

      1. Morning after the Market was stoked, and by then it was clear that Trump did not get the support he’d hoped for, while every race was drifting ever closer to Biden. China trade war has been an economic disaster. Covid has been an economic disaster. Divided Senate will ensure no major tax increases happen without a balanced approach. So yeah, I think it’s the election. Vaccines being successful have been expected for months.

      2. Once it becomes clear to all, the leftists – unlike the Republicans – will riot and Trump, having terminated the weak-kneed Secretary of Defense Esper, will be able to invoke the Insurrection Act.

        Expect curfews in the U.S. for awhile in major cities and expect those who defy the curfews to face harsh, possibly terminal consequences.

        The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255; prior to 2016, 10 U.S.C. §§ 331–335; amended 2006, 2007) that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.

    2. What “election results?” There aren’t any certified legal election results yet.

      1. Biden has been declared the UNOFFICAL President Elect based on the available voting data, just as has occurred many times in the past.

        IF a substantial number of votes in multiple states are declared invalid for various reasons, then it is remotely possible that the elector counts could changes. But any corrections from court cases or recounts are not likely to give Trump 270 electoral votes. Thus the unofficial declaration of Biden as President Elect.

        The person who rushed to declare victory is Trump! He declared victory almost right away and wanted to stop the vote count. In contrast, everyone else waited until the vote counts neared or reached 100% in key states and assessed the vote differential and estimated outstanding provisional ballots and late arrivals from the military.

        Better get your circuits checked, “TruthDetector,” because you sound rather misleading in your defense of Trump. The is no indication of significant voter fraud. The biggest fraudulent moves were the gutting of the USPS prior to the election, Trump’s preemptive claims of a rigged election and massive voter fraud, and his post-election claims of voter fraud combined with very weak lawsuits that are quickly being tossed out due to their lack of merit.

        Remember, you need EVIDENCE to make such assertions. That is why Trump has always hidden his documentation, gagged his associates with NDAs, refused to respond to lawful subpoenas, and thrown his associates to the wolves to protect himself.

        Please respond, TruthDetector. How can you possibly logically refute any portion of my post?

        You lost.

        1. “The is no indication of significant voter fraud.”

          You keep telling yourself that, okay? Let’s see what you think a couple of weeks from now.

          Regarding SHADOW, DOMINION, HAMMER, and SCORECARD, the SCOTUS justices are going to love the demos. Well, the majority of the justices will.


          And that’s just one aspect of the fraud.

          All will be revealed in due time.

          No matter how hard you wish, no matter how many times you type it, nobody’s lost a thing. The President didn’t even lose a single golf ball this weekend.

          TDS drove them to distraction. This much is very evident. Big mistakes were made.

          Stay tuned.

          1. You’re an idiot. Every one of your stupid fraud allegations is laid bare here…


            Actually I’m not talking to you, why would I bother? You’ll dismiss the evidence however conclusive. But you’re a good coat hanger for anyone interested in debunking your nonsense.
            It’s a long thread of stupidity, incompetence and desperation fuelled by Facebook and Twitter.
            Trump operatives and his legal shenanigans shot down one by one.

          2. You’re done flailing and fuming at last First Then. Put a fork in it. “We have had enough of YOU!” And from the beginning you were on the wrong side of history supporting a sociopathic self-serving egotistical child-moron using the White House as a business opportunity. Trump was clearly mentally unhinged but then maybe you relate all too closely to that.

            Joe Biden is our next president end of story – watch how the adults responsibly fix the problems and mess left behind by Trump. Please go back to your van down by the river and stay there sulking. Maybe contemplate why you’re such a political loser while you’re at it. Goodbye!

    1. Once it is officially over, if Mr. Trump loses, do you predict he will be a graceful loser? Will he admit that he lost, and accept personal responsibility for the loss? Or will he continue his petulant child act: “It’s not fair! Everybody’s mean to me! They’re cheaters! It was broke when I found it! I didn’t do it. It’s not my fault! Waaah!!!”

    2. Of course, that didn’t stop Trump supporters from celebrating in 2016, did it? Where you then, “Truth Detector”? The election is over. Your guy lost. Joe Biden is the President-elect. That’s the truth.

      1. Trump won the 2016 election. Clinton conceded that fact.

        Decisively. 304-227 certified electoral votes.

        So, yeah, Trump supporters celebrated his actual victory.

        1. And Trump’s loss relative to the popular vote…you always forget that fact.

          In contrast, Joe will likely end up with 306 electoral votes AS WELL AS a popular vote lead well in excess of 4M votes. So Joe will have won EVEN MORE STRONGLY THAN TRUMP by your own standards.

          You can either get on board to promote unity and get this country back on track, or you can get out of the way.

          1. Popular vote is like “total yards gained” in a football game – meaningless as to winning or losing. It’s the electoral score that matters for the U.S. Presidency. Something of which you’ll soon be reminded once again.

            “There is only one party that opposes voter ID, verifying signatures, citizenship, residency eligibility. There’s only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room. You don’t take these positions because you want an honest election.” — White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, November 9, 2020

            1. Kayleigh’s Press Room tirade today was so unhinged that Fox News cut away from it, saying that they didn’t have time to correct all the unsubstantiated dubious claims.

            2. 306 > 304. Simple math for your to study for the next four years. The contested state vote totals will be certified soon.

              And you appeared to overlook the “AS WELL AS” in your response. Besides, if the popular votes doesn’t matter, then why has Trump been whining about it for the past four years. You guys are the real snowflake victim whiners. Get a pacifier and climb in your crib. You lost.

    3. Neither does the Supreme Court. There is no credible evidence to support a judicial coup d’etat that would cost Biden 36 electoral votes. Most of the justices are smart enough to do the math: 75 million votes > 71 million votes. The Court, and the courts generally, understand that they rely on the perception that they decide cases on the law and facts, not on who you know. Frustrating the will of that large a majority would destroy that trust.

      1. Nice try, but you cannot have a coup d’etat if Biden has ten thousand illegal votes here, 20,000 illegal votes there and it swings the actual electoral votes so that Trump gets 270 – which, of course, is how U.S. Presidents are elected (as you know but pretend not to because your argument is weak, facile, and baseless).

        Note: I am an actual U.S. presidential elector.

        1. And the big word in your post is IF.

          IF there are tens of thousands of fraudulent votes and IF those alleged fraudulent votes are in favor of Biden and IF those alleged fraudulent votes occurred in key states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, etc., and IF the number of invalidated votes were sufficient to reverse the outcome in multiple states, then you might have a point.

          But multiple studies, including hyper-partisan Republican studies, have never found anywhere close to that degree of fraud or error. I am not saying that it never happens. But the evidence is that is almost never happens, certainly not in the tens of thousands in a single election. Trump’s much touted voter fraud study disappeared without even a whimper.

          Logic trumps your gut feelings.

          1. In decades of watching election recounts, I have never seen one that resulted in shifting the final outcome more than a few hundred votes. To alter the outcome of this election, multiple states would have to change by upwards of 10,000. There is simply no credible evidence of fraud on that scale. Allegations are not evidence. Most of the “examples” of fraud that have been offered have been debunked quite quickly, although that hasn’t stopped the stories from continuing to circulate. I’m sure we will have the usual cases of Granny dropping her husband’s ballot in the mail after he died and felons who thought they could vote when they got off parole, maybe even cases of somebody trying to fiddle a local election, but those cases will not amount to more than a few hundred in any given state.

      2. Let’s see all of the evidence first, before we decide the case, m’kay?

        I’m sure you agree that if some votes are proven to be illegal, they should not count.

        Illegal votes should not count in an election, if you want the outcome to be legitimate, right?

        If counting only the legal votes happens to change the outcome very closely-contested states one way or the other, so be it, as the results would then be based on the actual legal vote totals.

        Certainly, we want the legitimate winner to be elected and agreed upon as legitimate by both parties, right?

        1. You post statements about reason and patience, then include highly inflammatory and downright false statements? That is a classic modern GOP move!

          I am extremely confident that the vote will be certified with Biden confirmed as the President Elect. Not even the corruptly stuffed SCOTUS will be willing to go against the law in favor of Trump, as there is not evidence to back his irrational claims.

          Biden will become President on Inauguration Day. Even 70M deluded people cannot change that.

          1. “I am extremely confident that the vote will be certified with Biden confirmed as the President Elect.”

            Then, brace yourself, because you’re in for a huge disappointment.

            Notice that the Republicans are not rioting. We all know the Democrats would be if the roles were reversed.

            Of course, I fully expect there to be mass leftist riots when Trump’s re-election is made clear. I expect that’s Soros’ ultimate plan. I hope they are quelled without any innocent deaths.

            1. I’m afraid your the one who needs to brace himself against a delusional Trump victory from behind Dorkbawl. Your dark hopes will be dashed on the rocks of an honest vote. Biden will be sworn in on Jan. 20th and no fraud will be found.

              The only fraud committed was by Trump (crippling the post office, trying to stop the vote count, calling mail-in ballots fraudulent despite a long history of no-fraud, etc.). The chief fraud in our midst has always been Donald Trump, a man with no scruples. Once out of office his legal troubles from malfeasance, white collar crime and rape will only be beginning. I would guess your own morals probably line right up with his immoral ones.

            2. Forkball, I think it is pretty clear that your show has jumped the shark when you start trotting out Soros, the Rothchilds, and the Elders of Zion as an explanation for current events. Next, I assume will come a reference to all the kidnapped Christian children who are being abused and cannibalized by the Democrats, Hollywood, and “those people.”

        1. Because Alaska is a huge state with hundreds of tiny polling places and nearly half the ballots remain unreported. Why? Ask the Republicans that run the state.

          North Carolina? The state is closely divided and there are more ballots still uncounted than the difference between the candidates. Same applies to Arizona.

  1. Stock markets in the Far East and Europe had already surged this morning following Biden’s victory. They then surged further after the Pfizer announcement was made.

  2. Trump warned for many months that unsolicited mail-in ballots would be a fiasco ripe for fraud.

    And – ta-da! – here we are.

    If it cannot be proven that Democrats cheated to steal the election, then Biden will be declared and installed as president, but, remember – and this is important – not being able to prove something doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened or that people will believe it hasn’t happened.

    There will be many questionable voting irregularities exposed in multiple states before this election is certified.

    Democrats, in their manic fervor to get rid of Trump by whatever means possible have likely exposed their illegal vote stealing/generating mechanisms in their haste to fix what they thought was a “blue wave.” When it didn’t happen, they panicked. Froze vote counts, etc. Not normal and highly suspicious to those not willing to suspend belief of everything due to severe TDS. These mistakes leave trails that will interest judges, including SCOTUS Justices.

    Democrats may have crippled their ability to use the dead, unsolicited mail-in ballots, machine “glitches” and “errors” (that always seem to err to Democrat advantage) in all future elections.

    Was Trump worth destroying your vote fraud methods, Dems? Especially after Trump already got us all of the judges and justices we need for decades? Was it worth it to install a feckless old man who will be hamstrung if he does weasel his way in for his one term (he’s far too old for two)?

    Sure, you’ll get back into crap like the Paris Treaty so you can transfer U.S. wealth to other countries and accomplish nothing else except to make you “feel” good. But it will be a largely do-nothing admin thanks to divided gov’t. Plus, Biden passed his sell by date at least a decade ago and he was never the sharpest tack in the box.

    Those who oppose voter-ID and secure voting mechanisms do so because they want to cheat. They are afraid of the actual votes. We are not afraid of counting all legal votes.

    We have no problem losing legitimately, but this election will be proven to have many illegitimate and highly suspect issues.

    Yes, we do have a problem losing illegitimately, as would any candidate of any party.

    So, Trump and 71+ million of his voters would consider Biden illegitimate with far greater basis than Democrats had with their phony Clinton campaign-financed “Russia, Russia, Russia” pussy-hatted “resistance” throughout Trump’s first term.

    If certified, Biden would be a severely damaged president with at least half of the voting country believing him to be illegitimate throughout his term (if they don’t get rid of him to install Kamala using the 25th Amendment or via “another method”). And McConnell would stop much of the crazy leftist agenda (barring further Democrat fraud in Georgia’s Senate runoffs). I assume (pray) that by that time, some new legal and procedural barriers would be in place by then to prevent further election fraud in Georgia.

    Looking ahead 24 months, the midterms of 2022 very highly favor the Republicans taking back the House and increasing the Senate. A Biden admin would be highly ineffective and unsatisfying to leftist democrat socialists, further splintering the Democrat party.

    Democrats resist Trump because he’s extremely effective in implementing his ideas along with a conservative judiciary that will be in place for decades. The leftist “historians” who rushed to bestow a ridiculous top three, five, or even ten rank on the below-average Obama, will never give Trump his due, but the Trump presidency is a much more consequential and effective presidency than most others, despite four years of unprecedented attacks by a rabidly hostile biased media that failed miserably to do their rather simple job: report the facts unbiasedly.

    As the years go by, one term or two, historians will recognize Trump’s accomplishments.

    If Biden is certified, Trump will have great influence to criticize Biden’s moves and play GOP kingmaker for the duration of Biden’s term and beyond.

    However, we have a long way to go before Biden is certified.

    I’ve found it’s a good idea to not count your chickens before they hatch – and, even if those eggs do hatch, you might not expect or even like what emerges.

    1. Bwah ha haaa ha haa haaaa haaaaa ha haaa haa haaaa! This is the most delicious thing you’ve posted so far. It’s AWESOME! Keep it coming! More! More! More!

      Let me summarize for you. Biden and the democrats have sophisticated vote fraud methods, which they did not use to win the Senate or stop GOP gains in Congress or to beat Trump in 2016. It doesn’t matter if Trump doesn’t get a second term because history will eventually recognize him as The Greatest President Ever Oh Wow He’s So Great. Trump doesn’t need to be President ‘cuz now he’ll be a Kingmaker and an Influencer which is probably better anyway so there.

      OMG. This is DELICIOUS!!!

      Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. #OneTermTrump

        1. I also got that Firsty is delusional. Maybe you are too? Biden won. It. Is. Over. No amount of Trump whining and crying is going to change that. I don’t even live in America. I just find Firsty’s comeuppance DELICIOUS! Nom nom nom… so tasty nom nom nom!

          He went on for soooooo long about Trump’s impending landslide victory and how delicious it was going to be to watch the Dems cry when Biden lost. I tried to explain to him the hard data that clearly pointed to Fisty being so so so wrong but he wouldn’t listen. Typical arrogant Trumpet I guess? But now it’s time to eat that delicious Fisty comeuppance. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom! Yum!

          Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye! #OneTermTrump

          1. I get that you’re not American, but even a Canadian or whatever you are should be able to grasp that Biden doesn’t actually “win” until he survives multiple court challenges and is formally voted in by members of the Electoral College.

            Also, you sound like a petulant child. AOC?

            Trump already did what he needed to do in his first term, cut taxes and remade the judiciary. Anything else would be gravy, but unneeded.

            Biden will be an ineffective stopgap if he survives the lawsuits and recounts.

            1. Bwah haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaa!!!!! IF Biden survives lawsuits and recounts? He will. Mark my words. Take it to the bank. Trump has NOTHING because there is NOTHING. Other than the normal amount of mistakes and the odd shenanigan, which would amount to a few hundred votes either way. Not gonna change the result. So sorry (not sorry).

              I watched a bunch of the ballot counting process online because a lot of it was livestreamed AND there were Republican observers in every counting room. OMG! You people are so delusional. You really think Trump can somehow win this. Mmmmmmmm that is DELICIOUS!!!!!

              Now your line is Trump got everything done in his first term anyway so he doesn’t need a second term anyway, heck he probably didn’t even want to win in the first place because he wouldn’t have anything to do because he got sooooooooo much done in his first term. Who needs that second term gravy anyway? Not Trump, that’s who. Mmmmmmm, gravy AND sour grapes. More deliciousness, nom nom nom nom nom!

              Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. #OneTermTrump

            2. “ Trump already did what he needed to do in his first term, cut taxes and remade the judiciary. Anything else would be gravy, but unneeded.
              So no infrastructure improvements, not even a plan.
              No healthcare improvements, not even a plan.
              No coordinated pandemic response, not even a plan.
              …that sort of ‘unneeded?
              Which is why plan_less Trump has been rejected and voters reached out to Biden and his stated policies that offer some hope for the future.
              Oh…and you can be sure that the febrile divisive and antagonistic White House tweeting cracked the foundations of any possible re-election. iow folk were disgusted to the core and wanted less demonizing and more conciliation.
              I’ll never understand how you and the other Trump surrogates seem to believe that a divided nation can get anything important done at all. Your failure to see this is bizarre.

      1. You mean the M A G A hats? Tinfoil lining was always a popular option. Lots of conspiracy theory idiots on the right. I have some fence to sell you – it will keep you from falling off of the edge of the flat Earth.

    2. My last response on this topic goes to Fwhatever.

      You have the gall to post, “… but, remember – and this is important – not being able to prove something doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened or that people will believe it hasn’t happened.” That is the story of Trump’s entire life, doubly so with his administration. The ONLY reason that Trump remained in office to LOSE the election is that the Republican Senate refused to even spend a day listening to testimony. Without Trump’s toadies repeating his lies and covering up his crimes, Trump would never even have become President. And he is a failed businessman multiple times over, despite his claims of massive success and genius. He did not receive just $1M dollars from his father, then pay it back quickly with interest as he turned it into a large fortune. No, Trump received close to $400M fro his father over the years, some in the form of illegal bailouts of his casinos to avoid bankruptcy,, and it does not appear that he paid any of it back. He cheated his family. He cheated subcontractors. He has failed to pay his campaign bills to cities and states across our nation over the past four years. He had refurbished a fair bit of wall, although at very high cost through corrupt procurement practices. But he has built very little new wall, and Mexico has not payed for any of it. Trump has not cowed North Korea or China. Trump has not confronted Putin and Russia for their illegal activities. And Trump has certainly not replaced the ACA with a new plan that covers everyone with better benefits and at lower cost while still protecting for pre-existing conditions. Trump couldn’t even fight a virus – pretty much every country in the world has done better than the U.S. in controlling the pandemic.

      So spare me your long, meaningless posts. You lost your misguided battle.

      Once the vote is certified in favor of Biden, I think that you owe everyone on this forum an apology for your partisan aggression and blatant misrepresentations over the past 12 years or more. But, of course, you won’t because of the “fraud.” You and Trump are never wrong are you? Just victims.

    3. First Then you are as shamelessly gullible as they come and it’s that gullible quality that makes you ripe to be a unquestioning cultist. In this case the Cult of Trump. Nobody takes you the least bit seriously here so “begone! Before another house falls on you!”

      Forgive me a cruel chuckle as your hopes of a wrecked America under Trump in a second term are halted by the sane vote that makes Biden our next president. Please take your fascist delusions elsewhere.

    1. It has started… Cuomo is worried that Trump has facilitated an effective vaccine TOO SOON. Cuomo “is talking to other governors” about how to delay the distribution until Biden is in office (same goes for WA, OR, CA). What a great idea, Governor Send Infected Patients to Nursing Homes Cuomo! Just lovely! Miss you Grandma and Grandpa, but glad you aren’t here to live through this $hi# a second time. Once was enough. Once was all it took.

    2. “Don” did not create a vaccine. American taxpayer money and dedicated scientists created multiple vaccine candidates which are still under going trials. At least a couple appear promising.

      As soon as the scientists declare that the vaccine(s) are safe and effective, I will be first in line. I could not care less what loser Don says.

      1. Hey Mel, did I say Trump created a vaccine? Did Cuomo say he is in talks with other governors about delaying the distribution of the vaccine? Did Biden and Harris say they won’t accept the vaccine if Trump endorses it? You want to be first in line? I hope you live in a republican controlled state. My brother and sister-in-law who live outside of Seattle are already planning to drive to Idaho for the vaccine since WA, OR and CA are also planning to delay the vaccine. Where should my elderly parents go for their vaccine? They live in communist California. Maybe they should drive to Arizona.

        My point is that Trump reduced significant red tape to speed up the vaccine process. Seems Pfizer has created a promising vaccine candidate in, what… just ten months. That’s great! How long to vaccines usually take? Three, four, five years? So Pfizer has one, should we connive to delay its distribution? Or maybe… get it out there for people who want it. Just askin

  3. Donald’s optimistic lying is a positive for Wall St., the latter going up. To wit, stocks rose after Donald lied that he won. They also went up today after he lied that the Pfizer vaccine was a result of partnership between gov. and Pfizer. No. Trump did not partner with Pfizer’s vaccine development, but this surprised me. I am sure that the company, who is a fake Capitalist, will soon demand some form of Socialist, ledger-entry, free money from big gub’mnt.
    But markets generally go down during political uncertainties, going up when uncertainties are resolved such as with Biden’s win. Expect volatility, however, while bad Donald stirs the cauldron with litigations.
    Rightwingers should not expect much change with NeoLib Joe presiding so things will resume as during pre-Trump. A NeoLib has affinities with NeoCons: Regime changer, pro-bad unions such as prison and police unions, Wall St. coddler, pig pharma lover, anti-M4A, polluter, corporate paramountcy, worker inferiority, and anti-GND.

  4. A Biden presidency would be illegitimate, but it’s not going to happen.

    So, good luck with your impending temper tantrum / riots and looting, Libs.

    Stay safe, ya hear?

    1. Is that your next prediction, after “the internal polls are showing a Trump landslide?” Or was your last prediction about Arizona (15,020 for Biden, so far)? A wildly successful recount might close the gaps in the swing states by 10%, which still nets Biden about as many electoral votes as the 2016 Trump campaign.

      1. Yeah the landslide for Trump never happened. What a surprise!
        Never mind first then, you will be able to make your delusional claims again in two years time.
        I hope the Republican Party spend a lot of money chasing the hopeless task of convincing the judiciary that there is smoke without fire. Please pour more money down the drain.

        1. There is no true Republican Party anymore. The rational conservatives split away from the radical Trumpians. If Trumpist populism survives beyond his administration, then we will continue to battle and win until the stain of white supremacy is confronted and unmasked and the lies and conspiracy theories are exposed and debunked.

          America has been roused from its citizen slumber and the moderate and rational majority have spoken loudly. We are tired of the ridiculous way in which this country is being run. Trump is out. McConnell is next. Eventually, Trumpism is going to become one of those dark and frightening sections in the history books like McCarthyism. Republicans went way too far and the country said, no more!

          1. There is no true Democratic Party anymore. The rational moderates split away from the radical socialists and Marxists (see Portland where they vandalized Biden’s campaign headquarters just last night). McCarthyism? I thought it was the radical Democrats threatening to makes lists of those who support Trump… so that “they can never work again” (see Democrat AOC).

            1. The Republican party is morally an intellectually bankrupt. It no longer exists. Trump destroyed it. Furthermore long term demographics is against them. The best thing that could have happened to the party is if they were crushed in the last election so that the rebuilding could begin. Unfortunately that did not happen.

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