U.S. job growth stronger than expected in October, unemployment rate slides to 6.9%

U.S. job growth posted a stronger than expected gain in October. U.S. nonfarm payrolls increased by 638,000 for the month and the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 6.9%. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had forecast an increase of 530,000 and an unemployment rate of 7.7% for the month.

Jeff Cox for CNBC:

U.S. Job growth stronger than expected in October, unemployment rate slides to 6.9%The jobless rate decline was positive as it came with a labor force participation rate that rose 0.3 percentage points to 61.7%. An alternative measure that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons also declined, to 12.1% from 12.8% a month ago.

The survey of households showed an even stronger level of job growth, with the total employment level rising by 2.24 million and the employment to population ratio increasing by 0.8 percentage points to 57.4%. The household survey also showed a decline of 1.52 million in the total unemployed level and a drop of 541,000 in those considered not in the labor force.

October’s gains would have been even better were it not for the loss of 147,000 Census workers that contributed to an overall decline of 268,000 in government jobs. In all, private job creation came to 906,000, better than September’s 892,000.

Previous months’ gains saw slight upward revisions, with August increasing by 4,000 to 1.493 million and September increasing by 11,000 to 672,000.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news in U.S. job growth is good news for Apple!


  1. No president has been re-elected with an unemployment number 8% or more if I remember correctly. A day before the Obama reelection the government announced 7.9%. What’s the problem this election…

    1. In addition, has CNN, NYT and all the alphabet nightly news channels reported on the Republican Women Wave winning house seats and narrowing Pelosi’s majority?

      Of course not, the media is as corrupt as the Democrat magic finds of boxes of uncounted ballots all favoring Biden…

      1. The corruption is with Trump and the Republicans. I used to be Republican, but their moral compass is in the garbage. What happened with the polls? Most likely a lot of Trump supporters were too embarrassed to admit it, as a friend of mine who voted for him in 2015 said then.

        1. Anecdotal perception: the country is stuck in some deep sh_t.

          A poster above says the corruption is with T and the Rs. It’s no stretch AT ALL to say the statement would be completely flipped by the other team.

          In addition, there’s notable internal division within EACH team as to what their orientation should be. It’s long known that there’s the “Never-Trump’rs” on the R and there’s a fairly new awareness the socialist/defund/re-imagine squad is causing dissension within the D’s.

          This leads to specifics being hard to settle but, more importantly, consensus on what was once deemed fundamental is lacking.

          1. There’s a difference between one side saying it in trying to throw it back. But facts are facts. Check the percentage of corrupt Republican officials to democratic ones in any recent history. Compare the number of states that do well known voter suppression of the other side. Overwhelmingly Republican. Which side constantly tries to bring lawsuits to PREVENT people from voting. Again, Republican.

            Look at this President. A more corrupt one you can’t find. Even Grant wasn’t accused of being corrupt while those around him were. And his admin was the worst, until now. Trump himself said, just a couple of weeks ago, that he may have to leave (flee) the country if Biden is elected. Why? Because of numerous civil cases against him, and the possibility of at least three indictments, which are criminal suits.

            Obviously, he thinks he could be ruled guilty in some.

      2. GoeB, has it ever penetrated into that. Microscopic brain that you are wrong, have always been wrong and will always be wrong. Ever notice that you are always downvoted? That means people disagree with you and think you are wrong.
        Wonder what it must feel like to never wonder if I am wrong…..

        1. You believe the votes are 100% FAIR, and further do you think I CARE?!?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. They have all reported on it. You weren’t listening.

      There is no—none, zero, zilch, nada—evidence of election fraud on a scale that would affect any 2020 election’s outcome. The Republican US Senator from Pennsylvania agrees. So do the Republicans who run elections in Georgia and Arizona. The last votes to be counted were overwhelmingly for Biden because Trump repeatedly told his supporters not to vote by mail.

      1. I’ve been following this closely, and I’ve been amazed that this election has had the least fraud and mischief of any election I’ve ever seen, and I’m 71, so I’ve seen more than a few.

        What we’re seeing, is that because of the many eyes on this election, all over the world, both democratic and Republican officials have been extra careful to make sure everything is working properly.

        The baseless accusations of this president are to be discounted and denounced, as many Republican officials themselves are doing.

          1. The same thing did happen the other way around in Texas and Ohio, where the mail ballots were counted first. The Biden people shrugged and accepted loss as a part of elected government.

      2. “there is no—none, zero, zilch, nada—evidence of election fraud “


        I’m not going to waste my time and spend the better part of an hour explaining fraud state by state ALL run by Democrats in tedious detail.

        The gold standard example: PA Governor and changed voting law in PA unilaterally bypassing the legislative process and state law allowing votes to be counted three days after Election Day. This is illegal under state law and it went to PA Supreme Court dominated by Democrats and lost — gee, what a surprise. Oh sorry, CNN/MSNDC/NYT did not tell you that.

        I expect the Trump lawyers to take this all the way to the US Supreme Court for the sake of citizens in the state. Whether it changes the outcome of the presidential race is irrelevant to fair voting in the future.

        Let’s not forget corrupt Philadelphia in past presidential elections where 6-12 voting precincts in uptown Philadelphia voted 100% for Democrats.

        But we will never know since they are defying court orders to allow poll watchers from the Republican Party.

        So no fraud you say, then what are they afraid of while breaking the law?…

            1. “The harsh language may be regrettable”

              May be??? Playing politics again TxLiar with some jerk off that supports your side.

              NO! It is totally offensive, childish and should NOT be tolerated!.

              Nuff said…

            2. The efforts to paint what appears to have been a remarkably clean election as fraudulent by spreading easily disproven lies like the 104-year-old dead voter (who turns out to be his son with the same name and address), the non-resident Nevada voters (who turn out to be largely from deployed military families), the software that switched votes (which turns out to be human error by a Republican county clerk), the Sharpies that don’t register votes (except they do), and so forth, are totally childish, offensive, and should not be tolerated. You trolls, including the Troll-in-Chief, are attacking our republic, and the principles for which it stands, as blatantly as any foreign enemy in American history.

          1. The gem here is that your example of fraud DID NOT HAPPEN. It was a simple mix up with a father and son’s name and was quickly caught and corrected. Trump’s legal challenges are weak and pathetic. He has nothing. None of his legal challenges will amount to anything. Biden doesn’t even need late arriving ballots to win by healthy margins but those ballots ARE LEGAL and WILL BE COUNTED.

            The delicious reaction of you Trumpets is sooooooo satisfying. Trump lost fair and square. That result isn’t going to magically change. There won’t be any civil war or uprising. It. Is. Over.

            Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. #OneTermTrump

        1. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the three-day extension was not only lawful, but was necessary under the state constitution. Historically, the federal courts would not touch a case that involved state constitutional principles embodied in a ruling of that state’s highest court. That’s why the US Supreme Court declined to stay the PA court order. With a new activist judge on the High Court, the outcome might be different when it comes to granting review on the merits. Three justices have already expounded the notion that when state legislatures regulate federal elections, they are not bound by their own state constitutions.

          In practical terms, it doesn’t matter, since there were not enough late PA ballots to materially affect the outcome, even if they went 100% for Trump… which they didn’t, of course.

            1. Sorry. Thought it would just post the URL. The relevant passage in the [J-96-2020] opinion from Sept.17 is the last paragraph on page 37 continuing onto 38. In his dissenting SCOTUS opinion, Justice Gorsuch characterized the PA opinion just as I have.

          1. “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the three-day extension was not only lawful, but was necessary under the state constitution.”

            As I expected — only you would twist and defend a violation of state law passed by the Democrats because it fits your political outcome. Pay attention, only the state legislature is allowed to change election law. This is ILLEGAL.

            The Pennsylvania Supreme Court lurched LEFT in the 2015 election now dominated by liberal Democrats and rubber stamped this executive power grab.


            Glad you agree with the decision. Perfectly illustrates your support for mob rule by party DICTATORSHIP breaking the rules because they are the enlightened know it alls, forcing their will and power OVER the people. Biden is going to speak and work for all people? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            The Democrat MSM media once again is SILENT in compliance
            witnessing Democrat corruption winning AGAIN…

            1. You might want to read Marbury v. Madison. Since 1803, it has been established law in the United States that a legislative body cannot adopt a law that conflicts with an applicable constitutional provision. The existence of a conflict is not left up to the legislative body itself, because that would give the body absolute power with no check or balance. The courts have provided that essential limit for 217 years now.

              That is LEGAL because the alternative is DICTATORSHIP.

            2. The illegal PA power grab by the Democrat GUV and the Democrat PA Supreme Court upholding it is DISGRACEFUL!!! Now under legal scrutiny. You only agree with it because you have ZERO fair and balanced standards when it affects your preferred candidate Biden.

              I forget who posted it but they were absolutely correct in describing you: “win at all costs”…

            3. As far as I can understand your side’s novel legal argument, you are claiming that state legislatures have the exclusive power to regulate elections and their decisions cannot be reviewed by the courts for compliance with federal law or applicable constitutional provisions.

              That simply is not the truth; state election statutes are reviewed all the time. Otherwise, a state could pass a law allowing only white male taxpayers over the age of 21 to vote, and the courts could not point out the violations of the 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments. If the courts can do that, they can craft a remedy that requires constitutional voting procedures.


              What alternative do you suggest when a Legislature adopts rules that are either flatly illegal or factually impossible? Your alternative seems to be that certain citizens are just not allowed to cast a ballot that will be counted. If that’s not what you are saying, explain what you are saying.

        2. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. Bye bye to One Term Trump.

          Listen dum dum, Biden is going to win just based on legal ballots that arrived by the day of the election. If all you have to pin your hopes in is trying to throw out late ballots, well prepare to be disappointed. Biden doesn’t need any of those votes even though they are perfectly legal ballots. He’ll win without them.

          This is soooooooo delicious watching you Trumpets flail around as your precious leader goes down in flames. Take the loss like a man. Have some dignity!

          What are you talking about with poll watchers? There are observers from BOTH parties in every single room where ballots are being counted. This has been the case from the start. Trump just wanted more from his side only for some crazy reason. Many of the vote counts are being livestreamed fer chrissake! This has been the most transparent election in US history. You have Trump to thank for that by the way, after he went on and on for months about election fraud and mail in ballots. Trump has no one to blame but himself. He told his voters not to use mail in ballots and to only vote on election day. So that’s what they did. The in person vote gets counted first in most states and the mail in ballots get counted after that and they take longer. Democrats overwhelming used mail in ballots so 80 percent of the votes being counted now are breaking for Biden. There’s no conspiracy. This is exactly what Trump asked for. Talk about being hoisted with your own petard!

          Please please oh please reply with more nonsense. Your flailing and failing is just so delicious. Can I have some more please? Yum! Yum! Yum! #onetermtrump

            1. I, for one, have not forgotten what Joe Biden did to Clarence Thomas when he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was one of the 13-1 majority that voted for confirmation. After the sexual harassment allegations emerged and the Commitee was asked to reopen its hearing, he was widely criticized by liberals and feminists for perceived bias towards confirmation. Ultimately, Thomas was confirmed with 11 Democratic votes for and two Republicans against.

            2. This is your response? You can’t seriously believe Biden didn’t really win. There is zero evidence of any election fraud. Observers from both parties were in every room where ballots were being counted. Or didn’t you know that? This just keeps getting better and more delicious.

              Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. #onetermtrump

            3. The really frightening thing is that they expect “their” judges to overturn an election as payback without any evidence. As Justice Roberts told President Trump, we do not have Republican or Democratic federal judges. We have judges with sharply differing judicial philosophies doing their best to decide cases on the law and facts before them. Even if they were to set aside the PA votes received after Nov. 3 by a 6-3 opinion, that would not change the outcome by even one electoral vote. Every other challenge filed so far appears to be a nuisance suit attacking our electoral system as if it were hopelessly corrupt. That cynicism is itself hopelessly corrupt.

    3. What happened to the landslide in favor of Trump that “First,Then” was predicting? I guess it’s the fault of the unemployment rate… It’s definitely not things like an entire state turning blue because he mocked McCain and called him a loser. I’m glad at least one thing has come back to haunt this guy. Trump has do so much terrible stuff and it almost never seemed to matter.

      I think I’ve finally realized that there is a split down the middle of the country. Not of values, or political views, but of who we want for our leader. One group wants to elect someone we resepect, look up to. The other group wants to elect someone that validates their own prejudices and jingoism.

      It feels like half of the US just wants to feel better about themselves by electing a president that reflects their own issues and shortcomings. Let’s not forget that Trump is a known racist. He still thinks the Central Park 5 is guilty (when DNA evidence proves otherwise), was a major player in the Obama “birther” conspiracy, and operated apartment buildings in NYC under his father who was known to discriminate against blacks.

    4. It is Saturday morning at 11:45am and I just heard the sweetest phrase in the English language…President-Elect Joe Biden.
      So long GoeB, FT, Hal and those female impersonators who are too ditzy to even mention their names…..it was nice knowing you….not.

      1. @theloniusmac It doesn’t. But the fact that bad economic news so often happens during right wing rule does tend to drive people to become leftist.

        Look, a low tax, low regulated economy is like a powerful car. But power alone doesn’t get you around the track, you need good tires, suspension, etc. to keep from going into the wall when something unexpected happens.

        Not every leftist will agree, but we mostly just want the social programs in place that ensure people won’t lose EVERYTHING when the economy tanks. Losing SOME is expected. And yes! We want it paid for by taxes! We pay them when the economy is good, we want to benefit when the economy is bad.

  2. “Good news in U.S. job growth is good news for Apple!”

    Not really. Besides only 40% of Apple’s revenue being state-side, Apple has done just fine weathering swings in the job market. You just need to look at the booms in unemployment during the Great Recession and the Trump recession of 2020, with accompanying fine performance by Apple to refute MDNs claim.

    So I guess that not only does MDN think it needs to be political, to watch the stock market for proofs of Apple’s worth, it needs to analyze (not) the unemployment stats to find Apple’s success.

    Stick to products, services and marketshare guys. It’s where the real story of Apple resides.

  3. They have not all reported on it. Your news gathering sources apparently are limited and are too narrow in scope. Try expanding and broadening your horizons.

    Why was there a pause in vote counting by certain politically affiliated governors of certain states and afterwards, the count renews again after new ballots for Biden were “found”?

    “There is no—none, zero, zilch, nada—evidence of election fraud on a scale that would affect any 2020 election’s outcome.” – WRONG! Mail in ballot thanks to Covid-19… no verification, easy fraud and Biden vote dumps.

    Biden underperforms more than Hillary and Obama everywhere in America in this election of 2020, except Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia, the states Biden needs and where the counting is still going on. Vote counts stopped by Governors, observers having been denied access, overnight mail dumps, but nothing strange going on here. If the vote is on the up and up as you and “others” seem to say, then why is the political chicanery behind closed doors necessary?

    None of you can convince me the lack of fraud after seeing the last attempt in 2016 to cash in on the “insurance policy” by despicable acts from a variety of detestable characters in governmental bureaucracies! None of you!!

    There is more evidence of fraud than there ever was for Russian Collusion. Where are the media? There is no media, just Democratic Operatives. They have no interest in journalistic investigation on the charge of election fraud. Well, not as much as they showed in the 2000 election when it was their guy.

    And if I hear one more time from some useless idiot that Trump needs to concede to unify the nation, I hope they choke on their cock. To the asses out there, show me during the last four years where this nation congealed, unified and worked for the betterment of America by working with the duly elected president of the 2016 election. You know where you can go and what you can do to yourself.

    Trump and lawyers keep gathering the evidence and have SCOTUS judge.

    1. Oh give up the BS. We know exactly why they let people go home at night to get some sleep. We also know that some ballots couldn’t be counted until a later time, so when they reached those, they had to stop for a time.

      This Trump crap is just that. He, and his followers can’t imagine him losing, and are desperate to do something that makes him feel good, so they make up problems that don’t exist.

    2. I love how every Trumpite who says there is mail in fraud automatically assumes it is 100% Democrat and that Republicans are incapable of fraud. Hilarious. Just like Trump’s claim that the 3 million votes he lost by the first time around were all fraudulent, but no others. Delusional.

  4. There’s the Biden vote.
    There’s the Trump vote.

    Then there’s the No Confidence vote and it’s at 100%! As Mrs. Slocombe would say, “And I am unanimous in that.” Thanks BBC.

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