Apple One iCloud subscribers can get up to 4TB storage

Using the new Apple One subscription service that the company launched on Friday, iCloud storage subscribers can get a maximum of 4TB of storage to use, up from the 2TB maximum available without the ‌Apple One‌ bundle.

Apple One plans
Apple One plans

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

According to an Apple support document, those who need more storage than is provided through ‌Apple One‌ can purchase additional ‌iCloud‌ storage separately, which means with the most expensive ‌Apple One‌ bundle, a maximum of 4TB is available.

After you subscribe to ‌Apple One‌, you can buy more ‌iCloud‌ storage if you need more. With both ‌Apple One‌ and an ‌iCloud‌ storage plan, you can have up to 4TB of total ‌iCloud‌ storage.

Customers who subscribe to ‌Apple One‌ can also choose other storage amounts for a different mix, such as 50GB with ‌Apple One‌ and 200GB through a separate ‌iCloud‌ purchase, but a total of 4TB is available. That would cost $29.95 for the ‌Apple One‌ plan with 2TB storage and then an additional $9.99 for the 2TB ‌iCloud‌ plan.

MacDailyNews Take: So, for those of us who are bumping up against 2TB of iCloud storage, the option to double it to 4TB is certainly a welcome option! (Also, clean out your iCloud storage, it’s probably full of junk.)


  1. That’s good to know. I might go for the “Individual” option, but I use more than 50GB of iCloud. Don’t need 4TB! 50 plus 50 more (add $0.99) would be about right. I currently pay $2.99 monthly for 200GB.

    1. I currently have:

      TV+ (Not sure why)

      iCloud (200GB)

      $39 per month.

      I could cut that in half with the individual plan though I’d have to give up 150GB of iCloud Storage, and get rid of News+.

      I could go for the Family Plan, share with broke and cheap friends, and save $10 per month over what I’m paying now, and gain back my 200GB of iCloud Storage. And get rid of News+.

      It probably makes most sense to go with Premier for $30 and get my News+ and iCloud storage back, as well as the ability to share.

      Or I could just dump News+, Arcade, and Tv+ because truth be told, I wouldn’t miss them. Basically wait for Foundation to premiere and show, then fire it up, binge foundation, and dump it again. There has honestly been nothing of interest to me on Apple TV + and every announcement is about as exciting as something on the LifeTime or Oprah network.

      Yup. After careful consideration, that’s the plan. Dump News+, Arcade, and TV+.

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