Apple lobbies White House for lower taxes to boost U.S. chip production

Apple has been lobbying the U.S. government on tax breaks to support domestic chip production.

In second- and third-quarter disclosure reports, the company said it lobbied officials from the Treasury Department, Congress and the White House on tax topics including “issues related to tax credits for domestic semiconductor production.”

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

Apple’s recent lobbying coincides with a push by the company and its partners to move some production away from China and even back to the U.S. in a few cases. There’s also a broader effort by the U.S. semiconductor industry to get government support for increased domestic production.

Apple’s U.S. lobbying efforts are now mostly led by company veteran Tim Powderly, who was promoted around the time Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s prior top U.S. lobbyist, left to join former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign.

In June, TSMC secured government subsidies for a planned $12 billion U.S. chip plant to be built in Arizona. The new plant is designed to allay U.S. national security concerns and shift high-tech manufacturing to America. The decision to situate a plant in Arizona came after White House officials warned about the threat inherent in having much of the world’s electronics made outside of the U.S.

MacDailyNews Take: Better to spread your eggs out than to entrust them to just a single basket.


  1. Not a good idea but I am not surprised that some wealthy Capitalists want big gun’mnt to step in with a helping hand when they can’t handle the threat posed by robust and healthy market forces on their own. Instead, they should voluntarily step up to pay more taxes to fund for the upkeep and development of all of the public infrastructure that they wear out and that they don’t want to pay for.

    1. “robust and healthy market forces”? Pull your head out of the sand. Are you honestly claiming that China engages in “robust and healthy market forces”? If so, you have been inhaling too much paint thinner, and should properly educate yourself.

      1. Yes agreed, that’s the problem with one size fits all stereotypes “imagine all the people.”

        Absolutely ridiculous to assume an even playing field dealing with Communist and rouge nations.

        Typically, I am opposed to big guvmint subsidies and loss of tax revenue granted companies that are highly profitable, recent example Apple in North Carolina or was it Texas.

        But certainly for reasons of national security, bring it on…

  2. Apple knows they are going to be dealing with the Trump administration for another four years, with Pence / Noem on deck for the next four years after that.

    This 2020 race is over. The internals are getting even stronger for Trump and the GOP.

    President Trump will be re-elected and the Senate majority will likely increase by at least a seat.

    Really, the only question in 2020 is how long are Trump’s coattails and will they sweep through a sea change in the House, too.

      1. U.S. President’s don’t usually become lame ducks until later in their second terms. So, for example, President Trump has a way to go before he hits that status – it’s years away, in fact.

        1. “Lame duck” refers to an elected official who has lost an election, but has not yet left office. It’s that time between the election and the replacement being sworn in. It’s not something someone “usually becomes.”

          1. Lame duck status can be due to a term limit which prevents the official from running for that particular office again. That is what I was referring to in the case of President Trump who will enter lame duck status at some point in the second half of his second term.

            1. @AC, Duck a L’orange on the Autumn culinary scale is a notch higher than turkey and stuffing. They will be serving that hot dish in the White House the night President Trump wins re-election…🇺🇸

    1. You seriously think Mr. Trump’s chances of reelection are that good? Remember, he just squeaked by the first time, losing by almost 3 million votes. In at least 4 states, he won by only a few thousand votes. My sense is that Mr. Trump has lost far more votes than he’s gained in the past 4 years. Also, I predict that virtually no one will vote for a 3rd party candidate this time around, probably will be the worst year for independents ever. Then there’s Mr. Trump thinning his own herd of voters by encouraging them to be careless about Covid. I’m pretty sure Herman Cain’s isn’t the only vote Mr. Trump will lose because of his downplaying the threat and his followers believing everything he says. If I were him, I’d be doing everything I could to keep every last one of my supporters safe and healthy, at least till after the election. And it’s not like he’s trying to attract new voters to his side. He preaches strictly to his choir, not the losers who are so mean and unfair to him. Waaahhh!!! I think the president’s chance of winning this time around is far from certain. And when he does lose, the fun begins. No more absolute authority nor absolute immunity. The subpoenas will be flying.

      1. This is a done deal.

        This 2020 race is over. The internals are getting even stronger for Trump and the GOP.

        President Trump will be re-elected and the Senate majority will likely increase by at least a seat.

        Really, the only question in 2020 is how long are Trump’s coattails and will they sweep through a sea change in the House, too.

          1. These numbers are actually behind the numbers to which I am privy.

            Joe Biden is toast.

            1. The Rasmussen numbers have fairly consistently been running about 17% more Trump-friendly than any other poll. The Republican candidates who comprise most of Rasmussen’s clients prefer good news.

    2. Agreed.

      Let the indictments of corrupt government officials and politicians in several Democrat enrichment schemes during the Obama administration specifically in Russia, China and Ukraine — BEGIN.

      Lock them up!…

        1. Well, well, well… the clueless political child who cannot refute facts or handle REALITY and as usual has nothing constructive to offer the party he continually LIES about belonging to, only denigrates, is once again reduced to SNIDE DEFLECTION comments to make himself feel superior and help him sleep at night.

          You’re a total joke TxUseless, and BTW, the gloves are off…

        2. Smart people use all legal means to pay as little as tax as possible. Not being aware of options to pay less tax is ignorance, or laziness. Paying a little extra is an option…if you desire. It’s a personal choice to do so, or not.

          It seems like you may have something on your shoulder that’s causing you repeated pain and anguish. Some would advise having a professional check it out for your health and well-being.

  3. They should step up to pay more taxes to fund an environment that is safe, has good schools, health care, infrastructure and good pay to afford their fancy devices most of world 3/4’s can’t.

    The GIG (piecemeal) economy isn’t going work.

      1. You mean like Trump (II Duce), the worse president since Warren Harding. Who paid less federal tax than a Starbucks barista.

        My total income tax for 2019 as a nine to five worker was 750 dollars times 56 which like most Americans, I paid more than that creature in the White House.

        But I’m long Apple since 2005 and I’m now worth more than Trump now he’s 200 million dollars in the RED… So much for the Art of the Deal.

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