Apple government affairs VP Cynthia Hogan leaves for Biden campaign

Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s vice president for public policy and government affairs, has resigned from the company to join Joe Biden’s 2020 U.S. presidential campaign.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Previously, Hogan served as the Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs for the National Football League, and prior as the Counsel to the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden.


Hogan intends to leave Apple next month.

Hogan was recently tapped by the Biden campaign as one of four leaders of its vice presidential selection committee.

MacDailyNews Note: Hogan’s Wikipedia entry states, “Hogan began her legal career as an associate at Williams & Connolly. She later worked as Chief Counsel to Biden during his time in the United States Senate and through the duration of his tenure as Vice President.”

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  1. Sexually assaulting Tara Reade. (Don’t forget to “Believe all Women” now, ya hear?) Weaponizing the FBI against political opponents. Selling access to the highest bidders for decades, which includes Ukraine and, of course, China. Owned by the credit card companies, lock, stock, and barrel.

    Joe certainly needs as many lawyers on the payroll as he can get.

      1. As Lindsey Graham said, “Supporting Donald Trump is like buying a ticket on Titanic after you watched the movie.”

        I don’t notice anybody rushing into this discussion to claim that politics is inappropriate on MDN.

            1. The departure is relevant to Apple. The “dementia Joe” comments aren’t. My point is that pro-Trump comments are seen as non political here, while critical comments are not.

            2. I wasn’t suggesting that MDN should ignore this bit of news. It’s just the right-wing political insults that I would prefer to see less of.

        1. “No one, NO ONE, has soiled the office as much as Trump.”

          Bill Clinton actually literally “soiled the office,” sweetie.

          And, in case you missed it on CNN/MSNBC, Obama is a traitor who weaponized the both IRS and FBI against his political opponents. With Biden by his side. 100X worse than Watergate.

            1. And, if you’re going to spread propaganda that Trump is a traitor, please be factually accurate and provide proof. Real proof. Not speculation or talking points. Because all of the collusion accusations have debunked at this point and what we really see is a man who has gained nothing but grief to be President, but did so because he truly wanted to re-establish the US as a world leader in trade, jobs, and military dominance.

              Look, I don’t like Trump personally. I wish he’s tweet less and be more tactful. But, his impact has been meaningful to my business and my families employment. What Trump suffers from the media on a daily basis is unfair, dishonest, and slanderous. Imagine what our country could be if our politicians (and their marketing wing, the media) stopped with the partisan attacks.

              We actually have Democrats who want to keep Americans from getting back to work just to potentially cause harm to Trump in the upcoming election. They are willing to penalize the citizens of this country in order to try and grasp power. It’s frightening.

            2. @Pirate

              To prove something, congressionally subpoenaed witnesses must be permitted to testify.

              To prove something evidence must be allowed to be acquired.

              Calling the Constitution stupid (as in emoluments) is treasonous.

              Dispensing tit for tat is treasonous.

              Calling in “second amendment friends” is treasonous.

              Trump IS propaganda.

        2. You do realize that Obama’s administration surveilled an incoming President and his administration in what will be the biggest political debacle in US history. They intentionally used a dossier they knew was bogus to obtain (and renew) a FISA warrant to surveil a duly elected President. They spread false information and lied about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia – a claim they knew at the time was false.
          You want to talk about soiling an office… Obama wrote the book.

            1. The Russian informed dossier that was obviously nothing more than sloppy political counter intelligence? De Nile is not just a river in Egypt.

            1. @applecynic

              Lol, right, his mouth 🙄

              You don’t have an legitimate answer; bc there are none. Yet your cognitive dissonance is so strong you can’t even consider the fact that you’re wrong.

            2. @Patchy

              The discord, the fraud (yes lies are a fraud from his position), the Constitutional crises…

              Please. He’s inexcusable.

          1. Proof, Pirate? Did you forget yours on the way back from the Con Don rally?

            This admin has had years to lock up all the scapegoats Don cited in his Lie Across America tour. Is ge too incompetent to put them behind bars or was he lying all along ? Do tell us.

            By the way, dozens of Don’s associates have been proscecuted. Don himself lies nonstop, has dozens of lawsuits against him, is under investigation for tax fraud, and has abused bankruptcy law 6 times. More would have been prosecuted if it wasn’t for executive protection from Barr and other party-before-country idiots.

            You know very well that the swamp is nastier bow than ever before. Is this the best candidate the formerly competent GOP can find?

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