CNET’s Best High-End Streaming Device for 2020: Apple TV 4K

Introduced way back in September 2017, the Apple TV 4K has been named CNET’s Best High-End Streaming Device for 2020.

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple’s current Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

Apple TV 4K is designed to deliver a stunning cinematic experience at home. With support for both 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR), Apple TV 4K features unbelievably sharp, crisp images, richer, more true-to-life colors, and far greater detail in both dark and bright scenes. With Apple TV 4K, viewers can enjoy a growing selection of 4K HDR movies on iTunes. iTunes users will get automatic upgrades of HD titles in their existing iTunes library to 4K HDR versions when they become available.

Ty Pendlebury and David Katzmaier for CNET:

We’ve reviewed every major smart TV system and most streaming media devices on the market today, including Amazon, Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV. With the exception of smart TVs that actually run Amazon’s or Roku’s streaming app software, TV streaming devices have more apps, simpler remotes, better search and more frequent updates than the smarts built into your set.

The Apple TV costs $180 but is the better choice for people who want to check every feature box — or who just want an Apple device. Unlike the others on this list it’s compatible with every major streaming service — Roku is missing HBO Max, Chromecast doesn’t have Apple TV Plus — as well as Apple Arcade gaming and Apple One subscription bundles. Video purists will appreciate its flexible HDR while Siri fans will dig its voice extras. For most people, however, Apple’s venerable streamer just isn’t worth the money, especially now that Roku has AirPlay.

MacDailyNews Take: Only Apple is so far ahead of the times that they can win Best High-End Streaming Device for 2020 with a device released over three years ago!

Also of note, from the rumor mill, circa May 2020: New Apple TV 4K with A12X Bionic chip ready to ship.


  1. I have more Roku TVs than I care to admit, but my preferred device on the Home Theater is my AppleTV 4K, because it allows my home theater 5.1.2 to use the Dolby Atmos settings, where the AppleTV app and Roku do not. Gotta have the box in order to work.

  2. It runs A10X Fusion, like my older model iPad Pro (10.5-inch), which still feels quite fast. The only other current product with A10 (no X) is the little iPod Touch. Seems like tv is due for a refresh in 2021.

    I think new Mac mini with Apple Silicon will be size of current tv box. And its low end configuration will be sold as the next tv box, that can also work as a Mac. It’ll have setting for booting either to the Mac Desktop or directly into the tv app.

    In fact, any Apple Silicon Mac running the tv app at full screen IS an tv box. It’ll run all the Apple TV apps and games, and access all the content, like an tv box. Remote control optional. 😉

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