Trump administration presses tech supply chain to cut ties with China

What began as Trump administration pressure on American companies to boycott specific Chinese entities has since become a concerted effort to press non-U.S. suppliers to move production out of China.

TSMC secures government subsidies and picks site for $12 billion U.S. plant

Lauly Li and Cheng Ting-Fang for Nikkei:

The idea of unpicking the sophisticated tech supply chain that has grown up in China over the last two decades would have been unthinkable just two years ago. But pressure from the Trump administration has made this a reality, with companies from Apple to Google decamping from China to Vietnam, India, Thailand and Malaysia in the last 36 months…

A number of the biggest companies are doing their best to straddle the widening chasm between Beijing and Washington, in an effort to avoid picking a side. Apple, for one, has adopted a two-sided strategy to balance itself from the tech war. While it has been pushing suppliers to accelerate their shift away from China since late 2018, it has also been aggressively cultivating Chinese homegrown suppliers to play a more important role inside China, and secure continuous access to the 1.4 billion strong market.

With Apple’s consent, Taiwan’s Wistron sold its iPhone-assembly factory in the Chinese city of Kunshan this summer to local rival Luxshare Precision Industry. The handover was significant: It paved the way for the Chinese supplier to move up the Apple supply chain, fueling hopes that it could become China’s equivalent of the Taiwanese Foxconn, a giant of tech manufacturing. China’s Lens Technology also bought iPhone casing factories from Taiwan’s Catcher Technology, a longtime Apple metal casing provider, in the city of Taizhou in August.

“Apple has always been cultivating Chinese suppliers. The rationale behind this used to be that it gave Apple more price bargaining power against the existing suppliers, but now it has also become a strategy to diversify geopolitical risks,” said an executive-level source familiar with Apple’s thinking.

MacDailyNews Take: As Confucius said:

Study the past if you would define the future.

To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.

An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger.

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      1. No. “Cons” are the fairest and most progressive minds with their feet on the ground, not in their mouth like the Left. Incredible great move by the the Trump administration.

    1. “ Perspective?… All I know about perspective is an elevator smells a lot different when you’re a midget.“

      Case-in-point that you just talk s&£t all of the time? Maybe it’s a matter of perspective? Maybe you have little-man syndrome?

      (No midgets were harmed in the making of this comment.)

      Can’t MDN just block this “reader” already. Yes or no? If I have to read more of this s&£y…

  1. Lots of money involved here. Billions upon billions of dollars.

    No wonder Goldman Sachs, the bankers, the CCP, and the like are lined up behind Sleepy Joe.

    The want things to go back to the way they were, with China running roughshod over the world, unimpeded, even aided, by feckless U.S. career politicians.

  2. “But pressure from the Trump administration has made this a reality, with companies from Apple to Google decamping from China to Vietnam, India, Thailand and Malaysia in the last 36 months…”

    Trump is the greatest economy president in history and will do much more good in his second term!…

    1. Read the “Hundred Year War” to help formulate how the US should interact with China. There’s only one person in 5 decades that has challenged the status quo in Sino/American relationship…which is truly an existential sovereign threat.

      The author was “there” in the beginning and an advocate for the relationship that defined the 1st few decades. Then he observed what had been happening from the beginning, which resulted in a 180 paradigm shift.

    2. Ypu do know that the US economy is in the dumpster, many people are unemployed and may not get stimulus money to buy food for the table and that your deficit spending in the ast few years is so bad that everyone’s kids will spend their lives paying for it.
      Yep….He is the greatest economy president in history….for wrecking it….
      Man I amazed how blind you are……but doesn’t matter, this nightmare is ending soon…..

      1. Irresponsible to say the president wrecked the economy, guess you never heard of Covid-19. Before the pandemic, the president engineered the greatest economic turnaround of all time. Your posts are always Left partisan and not factual. Thankfully, your words cannot change relaity.

        1. Yes, we’ve all heard of Covid-19. I’m surprised you have, since President Trump has been avoiding any serious conversation about it since he first heard how serious it was last January. By lying about it, he enormously magnified its human and economic impacts. Your words do not change reality, either, including the reality that there was no “turnaround,” since the economy in Trump’s first three years just continued the trend lines established under Obama.

          1. I don’t appreciate snarky personal insults from someone who is better at partisan deflection than telling the full truth.

            You seem to forget history when the president closed the borders immediately after filtering out the initial confusion learning of the full threat. Biden called it racist and xenophobic and Nancy, hey no big deal come down and party in Chinatown. Also, Dr. Fauci said at the time wearing a mask was not a priority. Lying by omission of complete facts is a partisan move.

            Attempts to rewrite the Obama economy and by some stretch of the imagination claim credit for the Trump economy is just wrong. Obama GDP average was 2.0% and Trump GDP beat expectations and grew at at 2.5%.

            A direct result of the President’s swift action in economic policies, repealing onerous regulations, tax cuts and confidence from big business and the stock market. Had absolutely nothing to do with Obama. History shows the Obama recovery was most anemic after a Great Recession. You have been making this false claim for over a year and I expect you to continue.

            1. Seven lies in your main post and another in your postscript. I won’t bother to list them because they are obvious to anybody who keeps up with current events. You would just ignore me like you did the truth originally. Last time I checked, Trump had a PolitiFact record of 26% from True to Half True and 74% from Mostly False to Pants on Fire. The NYT has tracked something over 20,000 falsehoods. You are well along the same path.

          2. Forgot to mention the Trump economy before pandemic the unemployment rate hit a 50 year low. Also, government records indicate the lowest unemployment rate for Blacks, Hispanics and women. Please spare us more deflection and stick to verifiable facts.

    1. Bur don”t you see? This is what Trump has done. Divided everyone. Us vs them. Black vs white. Rich vs poor. KKK and Proud boys and QAnon vs normal people….etc.
      Economy is crap, people losing their homes….yet he still has support?
      Do you not yearn for normalcy? Do you thrive on hatred? Indifference to the plight of your fellow citizen? It’s all over in 4 weeks….thank God.

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