Apple No.1 in survey of most-loved brands

The 2020 Brand Intimacy COVID Study, by branding agency MBLM, looks at companies and their brands that have established an emotional connection with consumers. Apple ranks No.1.

Apple logoDanny Vena for The Motley Fool:

It isn’t too surprising that Apple is the brand consumers feel the strongest connection to. Apple customers have long been fiercely loyal. When it comes to technology, consumers just want their devices to work, and no smartphone maker gets higher marks for customer satisfaction than Apple.

A recent survey found that Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction, at 82 out of 100, according to data compiled by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. It isn’t just the iPhone, either: The company gets top scores for its iPad notebooks [recte tablets] and Mac computers as well.

Unparalleled customer satisfaction and a strong emotional connection have helped make Apple the most valuable U.S. public company, currently clocking in at $1.93 trillion. And even as other companies slumped into the red during the pandemic, Apple generated double-digit year-over-year growth.

MBLM’s managing partner, Mario Natarelli, gave additional insight into the iPhone maker’s performance: “Apple is a powerhouse and leads in many measures, top for fulfillment, enhancement, ritual, highest fusing score, the highest ranked brand for ‘Can’t live without,'” Natarelli noted. “Almost 40% of Apple users said their emotional connection to the brand increased during COVID, and 55% of customers said they used Apple more during the pandemic.”

MacDailyNews Take: No surprise whatsoever. Apple has no equal.

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