Apple, other U.S. tech giants face curbs on app stores, data sharing under draft EU rules

Apple, Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other U.S. tech giants could be banned from favoring their apps and services under draft EU rules aimed at reining in their power. One clause would ban app store proprietors from blocking rivals offering their products to customers outside of the gatekeeper’s platform or services, a move which would affect Apple’s and Google’s app store and in-app payment rules.

Apple App Store on Apple devices
Apple’s App Store

Foo Yun Chee for Reuters:

The draft rules, known as the Digital Services Act, aim to set the ground rules for data-sharing and how digital marketplaces operate. They are expected to come into force by the end of the year.

Gatekeepers, such as companies with bottleneck power or strategic market status, will not be allowed to use data collected on their platforms to target users unless this data is shared with rivals, according to the document seen by Reuters.

“Gatekeepers shall not pre-install exclusively their own applications nor require from any third party operating system developers or hardware manufacturers to pre-install exclusively gatekeepers’ own application,” the paper said.

The rules would also subject gatekeepers to annual audits of their advertising metrics and reporting practices.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll see how the EU Digital Services Act affects Apple (which does not have a dominant position in any market and face strong competition in every category) and many other companies, businesses, and markets – negatively and positively – in due time.


    1. Agreed. See how long customers accept that scenario before the EU bureaucrats cave to public pressure. Customers have no issues with the walled garden, only developers that want to piggyback on the iOS platform completely free of charge while simultaneously having Apple’s hands tied on their own bloody platform.

      The world has lost its collective mind.

      1. Customers have issue with the walled garden. That’s why jailbreaking is a thing.

        Also, if the developer feels they aren’t getting sufficient value from the App Store, why should they be required to use it? For Apps not allowed in the App Store, there should be other stores or the developer directly.

          1. And teenagers with free time are not legitimate customers?

            The one time I jailbroke was when a botched firmware upgrade semi-bricked my iphone 3GS. Done on a Mac no less. Made store appointment, and was immediately blamed for water damage with the bogus water sensors. Recourse none.

            Long story short… a jailbreak fixed the problem. Also got $304 from class action lawsuit on bogus water sensors.

      1. With this set of rules, there is no reason to make any device or a OS (brain) to control it, the E stupid U doesn’t plan on being apart of AI or better computing devices in the future.

        What they should focusing on is the Google/Apple billion dollar deal (and any others like it) to put Google or any other company on as a default on iOS.

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