Leaker: ‘iPhone 12’ starts at 64GB, ships to sellers on October 5th

A new leak from Jon Prosser claims that the two lower-end “iPhone 12” models will come with the option for 64GB, instead of beginning at 128GB for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models.

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

As expectation increases that Apple will unveil its new “iPhone 12” range on October 13, a new leak says that the company will be shipping phones to vendors from next week. The same leak also claims to confirm the capacities of the two lower-end models, the “iPhone 12 mini,” and the “iPhone 12.”

Regular leaker Jon Prosser goes on to say that both the “iPhone 12 Pro” and the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will start at 128GB.

As well as expectation that Apple’s announcement of the “iPhone 12” will be on October 13, it’s also being rumored that pre-orders will begin shortly afterwards on October 16.

MacDailyNews Take: 64GB base storage not only keeps the iPhone 12 entry-price down, it’s a strong enticement for upselling buyers to the higher storage models. The 64GB price, as with every starting price, gets them in the proverbial door. Many will then upsell themselves (or be upsold by a carrier or Apple store salesperson) to 128GB, at least. If they decide they can make due with 64GB, more power to them. As long as they sign up for sufficient iCloud storage, have good connectivity, and Offload Unused Apps (Settings > General > iPhone Storage) and they’ll be fine. Varied storage options are a good thing for both Apple and customers.


    1. Why? Not criticizing… genuinely curious.

      Utilizing cloud storage and allowing the phone to offload unused apps, I use less than 50GB. And, I run my business from my iOS devices & Cloud… storing huge construction files. By no means am I a light storage user.

      What on earth would you need 1TB for?

  1. We may see that $649 price for the iPhone 12 mini that Kuo published a few months ago. The 128GB version may be $699, the 256GB version will be $799. So the entry price for the latest iPhone will drop $50. So for the same $699 users can get 128GB iPhone 12. The 6.1 inch iPhone 12 will likely start at $749, and go to $799 for 128GB. Lower entry price, but price increase for 6.1 inch version. The mix will drive the average selling price higher. Apple knows exactly what it is doing.

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