U.S. House ‘Big Tech’ antitrust report likely to come out as soon as October 5th

The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee is expected to release a much-anticipated report into antitrust allegations against four of America’s largest “Big Tech” companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google (Alphabet) — as soon as Monday, according to Reuters, which cites “a source with direct knowledge of the matter.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook (image: CBS News)
Apple CEO Tim Cook in June 2020 (image: CBS News)
Nandita Bose for Reuters:

The chief executives of four of the world’s largest tech companies, Amazon.com Inc, Facebook Inc, Apple and Alphabet’s Google, testified before the panel in July.

During the hearing, the four CEOs parried a range of accusations that they crippled smaller rivals in their quest for market share. The four companies have a combined market value of about $5 trillion.

The House antitrust subcommittee plans to hold a hearing on Friday on proposals to strengthen antitrust laws and restore online competition as it nears the release of this long-awaited report on Big Tech.

MacDailyNews Take: In July the four executives faced questions over a wide array of issues including fair competition, the digital marketplace, influence on public opinion, political agendas, and privacy.

Of all four who testified, Apple CEO Cook and Amazon’s Bezos seemed most comfortable while Alphabet (Google)’s Pichai looked out of his depth.


  1. It would be a nice surprise, but honestly, I don’t have any confidence in the House. Zero. Guaranteed they will slip in a bunch of unrelated crap, too, thereby actually promoting part of tech’s agenda – those two groups are thick as thieves (and actually thieves!). It has to be bi-partisan or it’s worthless. I do not have high hopes.

  2. Washington is in the back pocket of corporations, they can’t seem to do anything for the 80% of population that work for a pay check. (make laws that are tough but FAIR) And guy in the White House? well II DUCE is even further down the road, a teenager working at Starbucks gives/does more to support the troops out of their pay check.

    1. President Trump’s salary is $400,000 per year. President Trump does not accept a penny of his salary. He’s what he does with it, $100,000 per quarter:

      Q1 National Parks Service
      Q2 Department of Education
      Q3 Health and Human Services
      Q4 Department of Transportation

      Q1 Department of Veterans Affairs
      Q2 Small Business Administration
      Q3 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
      Q4 Department of Homeland Security

      Q1 Department of Agriculture
      Q2 U.S. Surgeon General’s Office
      Q3 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health
      Q4 Department of Health and Human Services to combat COVID-19

      Q1 Department of Health and Human Services to combat COVID-19
      Q2 National Park Service

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