Apple soon to debut a lower-cost ‘Apple Watch SE?’

The Apple Watch may be about to become a product family in its own right with an “Apple Watch SE.” Jonny Evans, writing for Computerworld, wonders if Apple is about to ‘iPod mini’ the Apple Watch?

watchOS 7 brings new personalization, health, and fitness features to Apple Watch this fall.
watchOS 7 brings new personalization, health, and fitness features to Apple Watch this fall.

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

Decoding the latest Apple announcement, it seems the Apple Watch may soon graduate from its status as a subordinate accessory for iPhones into a full-weight product family in its own right.

Think back and you may recall when the iPod was the world’s biggest-selling MP3 player. Did Apple rest on its laurels milking that product for all it was worth?

No. It did not.

Instead, it diversified and expanded the iPod market with the iPod mini… This I think may be the big news at the event. Bloomberg recently reported that Apple plans to introduce a lower-cost Apple Watch SE (that name is a guess) that competes with lower-cost fitness trackers. Reports claim this will be available in aluminium, with 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0 and the same S6 and W4 processors that will also power the Apple Watch 6.

…How will Apple turn what could be dismissed as little more than a low-cost version of an existing product into something that everyone suddenly feels they need?

A new service for fitness…

MacDailyNews Take: Even if an “Apple Watch SE” doesn’t appear, or merely take the form of the continued sales of Series 3 (and Series 5) at reduced prices alongside the expected new Apple Watch Series 6, the “Apple Fitness” service is the most important element. Last month, Bloomberg News‘ Mark Gurman reported that Apple is working on a new subscription for virtual fitness classes that can be used via an app for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Of course, an Apple Watch would be on hand, er… wrist, to record the user’s movements. Peloton et al. should be concerned.


  1. Agreed. Remember the iPhone 5c (I had to google it). You don’t want people to know that you got the cheap version. If you want an Apple Watch 3 or 4, go for it. I don’t really see the point of this ‘rumour’. :/

  2. The challenge for Apple will be trio deliver a product that meets consumer exceptions. For the Watch that includes ECG and, if added to the next version of the mainline Watch it needs to include PulseOx. Savings can be made on the case and memory. Toss in using a previous generation processor and be willing ti accept a lower gross margin. The lower gross margin can be made up with service sales and volume.

    Issues like PulseOx opens up new markets. Take kids with asthma and parents who cannot afford a mainline Watch. They could be a major market for Apple.

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