Apple TV+ releases official trailer for ‘Tehran’

An Israeli Mossad agent infiltrates Iran. But when her mission goes wrong, there’s no way out. Watch the series premiere of “Tehran” September 25 on Apple TV+:

Niv Sultan stars in “Tehran,” a new series from writer Moshe Zonder.
Niv Sultan stars in “Tehran,” a new series from writer Moshe Zonder.

A new espionage thriller from “Fauda” writer Moshe Zonder that tells the thrilling story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places her and everyone around her in dire jeopardy.

The series is created by Moshe Zonder, Dana Eden and Maor Kohn, and directed by Daniel Syrkin. Omri Shenhar serves as writer alongside Zonder. The series is executive produced by Moshe Zonder, Dana Eden, Shula Spiegel, Alon Aranya, Julien Leroux, Peter Emerson and Eldad Koblenz; and produced by Donna and Shula Productions in association with Paper Plane Productions, with the participation of Cineflix Rights and Cosmote TV.

“Tehran” will premiere globally on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes on September 25, and new episodes will premiere weekly, every Friday.

Apple TV+ is available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices, as well as at, for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. The Apple TV app will be available on Sony and VIZIO smart TVs later this year. For a limited time, customers who purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. This special offer is good for three months after the first activation of the eligible device.

MacDailyNews Take: Can’t wait to see it!


  1. This is all about anti-Iran to make the US public hate Iran even though the US was the clear aggressor when it toppled a democratically elected president Mosadeh and continues to be the aggressor now. The series is likely financed by the Pentagon because the US is still pissed that it did not get its way in the end and that Iran is an independent nation, not becoming a US satrap like many others.

    1. I think it may be a little late to relitigate something that was planned by Winston Churchill in 1952 and executed with CIA assistance in the seventh month of President Eisenhower’s first term.

  2. I really don’t want to have anything to do with either side of the Middle East as it’s such a mess. However I do recommend “Sisters in Arms” (Soeurs d’armes) which is a cracker of a war movie about a unit of the Kurdish international women’s brigade in the fight against Islamic State.

    You will need subtitles for this movie and there is a small section of French where there are NO subs. However, it really is an eye-opener and a good view to while away a couple of hours during the pandemic.

    1. Yes, people are surprised by the uplifting effort and results achieved by the Kurdish YPG militia and especially its Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) against ISIS in Rojava, Syria. The contrast to Iraqi’s Kurds who are corrupt and conservative and even in bed with Islamo-Fascist president Erdogan in Turkey is stark. The Rojavans are egalitarian, environmental, secular, gender-neutral, and truly democratic operating on the down-up principle.
      I had hoped that Russia and the US would have protected and nurtured the Rojavan form of governance and its hard-won territory but, no.
      I see lots of iPhone use there because of its heightened privacy.

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