Apple to give employees paid time off to vote in U.S. election

Apple has informed U.S. employees that they can take as many as four hours off with pay on Election Day in the United States (Tuesday, November 3, 2020) to vote or volunteer at a polling place.

Apple to give employees paid time off to vote in U.S. election. Image: apple logoMark Gurman for Bloomberg:

The policy applies to retail employees and hourly workers and is similar to moves made by other companies, including Twitter Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc.

It was announced in a memo to Apple employees seen by Bloomberg News.

For retail team members and hourly workers across the company, if you’re scheduled to work this Election Day, we’ll be providing up to four hours of paid time off if you need it to get to the polls. If they choose, our teams can also use this time to volunteer as an election worker at one of your local polling stations.Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people, in a note to Apple employees

MacDailyNews Take: Good news for Apple retail employees and hourly workers who are planning to vote this election day.


  1. I wonder how many 4 hour payouts Apple will have to give? Reminds me of a story done a few decades back about unemployment in one of those Utopia “Socialist” countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, some country in Europe. Anyway, unemployed recipients were given X amount of years before the benefit would end and we’re talking about 5 years if memory serves me and researchers noticed people would enjoy the benefit and only look for a job near the end of their benefit. So, they reduced the time allotted for those benefits to two years, I believe. Again, researchers found that people waited until nearly the end of the benefit before getting off their butt and job searched. I don’t know what the government untimately did to provide assistance for those in need, but at the same time, made sure people on it were not abusing and taking advantage of the program. But, just take note Apple.

    Give an inch, take a mile. Just human nature I guess. So, how many will take advantage of 4 hour pay to vote, even though they got it done in one or two hours.

  2. Welcome to Canada!
    Under the Canada Elections Act (Act), all employees who are “electors”, meaning Canadian citizens who are 18 years of age or older, are entitled to three consecutive hours on Election Day during voting hours to cast their vote.

    An employer’s obligations under the Act are triggered where an employee’s hours of work prevent them from having three consecutive hours to vote. In this case, an employer must “allow the time for voting that is necessary to provide those three consecutive hours.” This time off, which is paid, can be provided at the convenience of the employer.

    1. If America did this, the Republican Party would cease to exist. We already saw Trump lament that voting by mail might mean the end of the GOP winning elections. Republicans suppress the vote because the more Americans at the ballot box, the more they lose.

    2. Welcome to Australia!

      Voting in Australia is compulsory, but in reality all that entails is getting your name marked off at the polling station. You can submit a blank ballot if you don’t want to vote for anyone.

      Because of compulsory voting, the independent electoral commission makes it as easy as possible to vote. If you live in a city or town, there are usually several polling places open within a 5 minute drive on Election Day (a Saturday).

      Most of the polling places are schools and people tend to grab a BBQ sausage and a coffee while they wait. If you’re in line more than half an hour, you’ve waited a long time.

      And if you’re working? There’s usually no paid time off to vote because it’s common to vote before the election. Pre-polling stations usually open a couple of weeks beforehand, and postal ballots can be mailed if you won’t be able to vote in person on the day.

      Voting and electoral procedures are the same across the country for federal elections, as they’re set by the federal electoral commission. There are separate commissions for state elections and can be a bit different, but the same principles generally apply for making voting as easy as possible.

    1. Fingers crossed indeed, and cross your toes, and utter some prayers and wishes too. Trump is going down in what will be one of the largest defeats in modern US political history. I wonder what all the trumpets will say when it happens? What will be the rationale to save face? Rigged! Stupid voters made the wrong choice! The pandemic made too many Trump voters stay home! It will be some excuse because there’s no way any of you will accept defeat graciously or with any class.

        1. Yes we shall see… how right I am. Pal, if your only comeback is “We shall see…” that tells me even you know in your heart an epic defeat is coming for Trump. Keep blustering on though if that makes you feel good.

            1. I’ve bookmarked this article. I’ll be back after Trump loses to check what your excuses are. Try to lose with some grace and class okay?

    2. That’s questionable however what he has done is make sure the rich benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else. For the sake of your country, and many others around the world, he needs to lose, and lose big so he can’t deny it. Moderates need to rise up, on both sides, so we can get things done for once.

      Thankfully at this point it looks like he will be given a real beating.

  3. There are some things about America I will never understand. The way elections are carried out is one.

    Why not change the day to Saturday?
    Why are the electoral processes not consistent across the country for a federal election?
    Why is it so difficult to open pre-polling stations?
    Postal voting is a thing across the democratic world and doesn’t seem to run into the same controversies.

    1. Couldn’t agree more on consistent federal rules for federal seats.
      Currently, I believe 48 states give their electors in a winner take all scheme, while 2 assign them by congressional district. This is how the Electoral College can sometimes not reflect the popular vote which is the will of the people.

      Day of the week, much less important.

      1. The electoral college is the will of both the people and the Constitution by design preventing tyranny of one or two large populated liberal states, negating the will of the people in 48 other states, winning every election. Our framers, absolutely brilliant…

        1. The Electoral College was the will of the Founders, because they did not envision partisan or popular elections for President. The 13 state legislatures were to appoint electors who would use their indedendent judgment to select the best candidate. It hasn’t worked that way since 1796.

          I do not think that they imagined that the effect of the Electoral College would be to give liberal urban voters in Wyoming four times as much influence on naming our President than that enjoyed by conservative rural voters in California.

          1. What, the founders are not people?

            The electoral college worked perfectly in the last election when five liberal precincts in New York and California combined awarded 2.7 million more popular votes to Crooked Clinton and hence, popular vote tyranny.

            So, I stand by my post while you once again pretend to be the expert at meaningless deflection.

            You are irrelevant, got it?…

            1. So you think that there was not just one election precinct in America where 540,000 people voted in total on November 8, 2016, but five precincts that each delivered a net margin that size to one candidate. How long was the wait to vote with a million people standing in line?

            2. It’s looking like after the next election, the GOP will be irrelevant, and likely for a generation if the current Senate races come out as polls suggest.

              Young progressive Liberals are the future of your country and people with dinosaur thinking like you, already in the minority, are rightfully going to be pushed out. And wow will you be mad. Love it! You’ll be wandering around in circles drooling “but but Hillary! Emails! Benghazi!” 🙂

            3. As usual, your numbers are false, TxUseless.

              I read you did not disagree with the reason Democrats oppose the wall and as usual your irrelevant DEFLECTIONS…

          2. BTW, I have read news articles that allege the majority of those votes for Crooked Clinton were delivered by illegal aliens. No wonder the Democrats oppose the wall and constantly pander to illegals. I’m sure you have no problem with that…

            1. I have read news articles that allege the world is flat and surrounded by an Antarctic ice wall. I find that just as likely as the notion that 2.7 million ineligible voters cast undetected illegal presidential ballots in 2016 and all of them were for just one candidate. Perhaps Mr. Trump can simply move the wall from the alleged South Pole to the Mexican border.

  4. Who the hell actually has their elections on a Tuesday? Sorry USA, but it’s the dumbest idea ever.
    Voting in Australia might be compulsory (which I don’t agree with) but at least we have all day Saturday to do it, usually takes only 10-15 minutes max. and we get a free sausage in bread at the end. You can mail in a postal vote if necessary, but they won’t mail out the sausage in bread back. That’s about the only thing wrong with the system 😉

    1. The elections were set in early November between harvest and the onset of winter weather. They were set on Tuesdays because that allowed farmers (the majority of the population then) the ability to make the long trip into town to vote with the least disruption to Sunday church and Wednesday market days.

  5. Paid time to volunteer at a polling place?
    What a wonderful idea for companies to support America!
    Never before has it been more needed with the current fear of a shortage of polling volunteers for the upcoming election.

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