Apple shares hit new all-time closing high

In Nasdaq trading today, shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) rose $0.95, or 0.25%, to $383.68, a new all-time closing high. Apple’s all-time intraday high stands at $385.27, set yesterday.

Apple logoApple’s 52-week low is $192.58.

Today’s trading volume for AAPL shares was 21,827,181 versus Apple’s average trading volume of 35,502,338 shares. Apple’s PE Ratio currently stands at 30.14.

Apple currently has a market value of $1.663 trillion.

The top five U.S. publicly-traded companies, based on market value:

1. Apple (AAPL) – $1.663T
2. Microsoft (MSFT) – $1.620T
3. Amazon (AMZN) – $1.596T
4. Alphabet (GOOGL) – $1.048T
5. Facebook (FB) – $699.190B

Selected companies’ current market values:

• Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) – $451.423B
• Walmart (WMT) – $370.079B
• Tesla (TSLA) – $286.494B
• Intel (INTC) – $252.050B
• Netflix (NFLX) – $241.334B
• Adobe (ADBE) – $223.620B
• Disney (DIS) – $215.560B
• Cisco (CSCO) – $197.013B
• IBM (IBM) – $105.082B
• SoftBank (SFTBF) – $118.957B
• Sony (SNE) – $90.19B
• Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – $65.446B
• Spotify (SPOT) – $51.740B
• Dell (DELL) – $39.582B
• Twitter (TWTR) – $27.776B
• Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) – $24.295B
• Nokia (NOK) – $22.825B
• BlackBerry (BB) – $2.648B
• Fitbit (FIT) – $1.818B
• Sonos (SONO) – $1.646B
• RealNetworks (RNWK) – $49.706M

Apple all-time high (AAPL) via NASDAQ here.

MacDailyNews Take: Onward and upward!

[UPDTAE 11:53pm EDT: Fixed Google market value as per silverwarloc.]


  1. And in other news, Tesla went up $150 today, but is still considered undervalued. Hmmm… I did see some more Teslas the other day, but that’s because I rode past a SuperCharger station. I saw two Teslas being charged out of twelve stations. That alone certainly warrants a huge share gain.

    1. So are you saying that the #1 car company in the world isn’t selling enough cars or are you just doing dumb math and calling the network of super chargers over done. The vast majority of Tesla owners charge at home. I’m no great fan of Elon Musk, but, like Apple, he’s building an ecosystem, not a car company. They sell cars, solar and batteries that can run houses and charge cars. I have a BMW, and it’s a great city car, far inferior to every model of Tesla currently available.

      1. Well duh, BMWs are terrible cars, horribly built and unreliable. You’d be better off buying a cheap Toyota Corolla. It drives better and lasts forever. BMWs are for people who don’t know anything about cars but want to brag about their beemer.

      2. Tesla, like Dodge Demons and most American muscle cars, have terrible fit and finish with bad handling always have, engineering/design half done like a Android phone or Microsoft PC. Former owner of a 5.0 Mustang.

        Aside from the stock market, is there any quarterly profit made byTesla? Time is running out.

      3. The hell with cars and now back to reality with Apple’s Record stock price! WooHoo!

        Thank you beancounter Cook for removing valuable features from many popular Apple products, shaving millimeters here and there to save money and after the takeaways the price either remains the same, or increases leading to record profits. Back-handed compliment — INTENDED!

        Thank you President Trump for your Pro Business experience finally brought to the Oval office displacing NUMEROUS preaching ideologues like Obama and tool fools of the oil cartel like Bush (Dubya). Despite differing political views with CEO Cook, both of you respect each other and forged a working relationship. Certainly, we need much more of that in the TOXIC Washington Swap! No back-hand required.

        Despite reservations — congrats, Apple…👍🏻

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