Apple exec: Apple Watch will congratulate you on getting enough sleep

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of Technologies, discusses the company’s newest Apple Watch feature, sleep tracking.

With watchOS 7, Apple Watch users will set sleep-duration goals
With watchOS 7, Apple Watch users will set sleep-duration goals and will get congratulated for achieving their goals

David Phelan for The Independent:

It’s widely acknowledged that sleep is one of the main pillars of health, so anything that can encourage you to get enough sleep is a potentially important benefit.

I’ve been asking Apple executives about sleep tracking on the Watch for years now, ever since the company bought Beddit, a company that makes sleep tracking devices which slide under the mattress, back in 2017. Now, it’s a reality, and it works just from your wrist. The new Sleep app will arrive with the next Watch operating software, watchOS 7, this autumn. It will work on Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

But where other sleep tracking apps concentrate just on the sleep part, Apple’s involvement begins before that. Lynch explains that the focus, “Is really about getting enough sleep and the main thing about that is the difficulty of going to bed. There are so many things in the world to distract us and occupy our attention. Supporting people in managing that transition is where the magic is.”

Apple’s approach, he says, “In terms of measuring your sleep, and this is a philosophy that we’ve used across Apple Watch, is to reinforce positive behaviour. For example, we congratulate people on meeting their sleep goals, so if you’ve set a goal of sleeping for some number of hours and you keep hitting that goal or exceeding it, Apple Watch will congratulate you on that. If you don’t meet your sleep goals, then it doesn’t say anything.”

MacDailyNews Take: We can certainly use this feature!


  1. What a ridiculous “feature”. Why would you need Apple to encourage you to breathe, stand up, take steps, meet various goals and now sleep? Do people really have that little to worry about that these are the goals they are setting for themselves?, who wears a watch to bed and when do they charge it?

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